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ESA Letter Doctor

I received very professional and efficient service. Everyone was considerate of my needs and I received my letter within a couple of days. I’ve traveled international with my ESA without a problem. I’m grateful to the whole team!

Fast and efficient.

Fast and efficient.

Thank You!

My doctor was very attentive. It was less anxious going through the process with her. Thank you for your help!

Exactly what I needed

The letter said exactly what I needed it to say. I was so happy that my little dog was able to fly with me so that I was not anxious. You are the best! Thanks so much.

Second to none

The service was fabulous! I needed it and I was flying out the next day. My doctor definitely worked VERY hard to get the letter to me VERY quickly. Their service is 2nd to none.

Great service !

I was skeptical at first because any online website could just be a scam but they were very patient with me and explained there process so I went for it and it was the best decision ever. They were so quick with everything and was no hassle at all. Will definitely recommend to friends and family

Great Service!

Great service! Will continue to use!

Highly Recommend!

I could not have asked for any better service!! I was actually surprised that we were able to get everything done in the short amount of time I had I really thought there was no way it could happen. But thanks to ESA letter doctor I was able to take my esa on my trip. I would recommend this service to anyone asking and if there was a way to show how real it is. I would but my letters have worked for air travel also housing not one issue. I actually had southwest airline make a copy of the letter because the attendant at the desk said that was the best most professional real letter she had seen and wanted a copy so she could show others what its supposed to look like. Sorry for such a long review but I cant say thank you enough to esa letter doctors you have helped make so many things much easier they way they should have been. From my experience you will be glad you made your purchase through them.


Thank you so much for going above and beyond to accommodate my needs during our correspondence. Thanks for putting up with my impatience. Your understanding and help meant so much to me. I truly appreciate it. I’ll be sure to recommend your service to friends and family.

Thank you

Service was quick and efficient. So far no issues with airlines and my ESA. Thank you for everything.

So Happy. Definitely Recommend.

I’m so happy with my ESA letter my doctor was the best!!! She replied super fast and helped me by filling out some paperwork for my apartment complex and was always so helpful. I was super skeptical when I first saw the site but I do not regret it, I now have a furry best friend all thanks to the doctor I worked with and this site. Would definitely recommend

Thank You!

I was highly skeptical of using an online service for an ESA letter. After reading reviews, I gained comfort and decided to move forward. And, I am so glad that I did! The online chat support was excellent and answered all my questions. And, the process was super easy and smooth. I also had to follow up with the doctor as a form needed adjustment, and she was super responsive. We were able to bring our little puppy with us on the plane and are so appreciative of this service. Thank you!

Thank You!

I appreciate the doctor’s diligence and the quick turnaround. Thanks so much! Happy Holidays. :)

Affordable and Easy

I was recommended by a friend to use this company for my ESA letter and I'm glad I did. Affordable and an easy process from start to finish.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! The doctor was so helpful in this process and answering my questions. I was worried about going through this process online and I'm so relieved I chose this service from all the others available.

Thank you very much

Very straight-forward process. I am very pleased and relieved!

Great Service

The letter was easy to get. They answered my questions in a timely manner. I was referred to this place by a friend. I highly recommend using them. If I could put more stars I would.


Very happy with your service! Thank you ! A++++