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Makes you remember sex is still fun in life.

I only wish my wife dressed as sexy what a gorgeous lovely lady Minx is, met her several times now and it's just getting better.   Minx makes sex fun in every way possible because she really enjoys it which makes for completely different experience.  Any married guys out there you have to try Minx to remember how good it can be with a woman . Be warned your be back for more I promise you.
Love Marston x

By far the best escort around.

Waited some time to see Minx and having seen numerous younger escorts in the past wanted to try a mature milf and see how the GFE would fair.

Hit it off right from the start with this gorgeous escort, what a fabulous arse minx has. After lots of heavy erotic passionate oral I repeated tonged that wonderful arse deep as I parted her peachy bum cheeks. Minx licked my balls and pushed her tongue in my arse as I delved with my two fingers’ deep inside her while doing 69 which she enjoyed immensely. Then after some time Minx turned around put on a condom and with ease guided my cock inside her as she lay on top. Once it started moving inside her welcoming pussy she came forward and holding my arms outstretched , our hands intertwined, Minx licking my ear and breathing heavily then she gasped as each time my cock slid all the way in, I could feel how hard it was getting inside her very receptive wet pussy. Minx’s gasped and hands clench as our bodies were joined as our tongues twisted on each other’s, within firmly clasped mouths pressing together within a slow loving embrace. I had to control my excitement I wanted to cum, but Minx slowed it down to savour out moment longer. My cock was aching to cum, out bodes rived in harmony her kissing grew more vigorous until my spunk flowed into her body as we kissed hardly drawing for breath. Minx gently bit my lip clamouring for my spunk to flow into her and with a final whimper of pleasure she orgasmed over my cock I could feel how we she had become, and she clearly enjoyed it as much as I did. For sure be seeing her as a regularly when I can organise things, we really hit it off sexually and both wanted more. This is one dirty woman just what you want in any wife or gf be in no doubt. Amazing escort.

Nov 25, 2019

Minx looks pure class in high heels and stockings they really suit her.

Bloody fantastic sex! Words do not do this lady justice. She looks even better inn real life than the photos and they look hot. Definitely a  high heels and stocking  lady she looks amazing in them. Great legs . Luv Tim xxx

Amazing experience

I met Minx for the first time, she is an amazing lady. Shall be seeing her again soon. Best escort experience i've ever had.

The Perfect GFE

A sexsational time with the Magnificant Minx. A great meet with lots of laughs, fun, and mindblowing sex delivered with pure class from this Elite escort. You will have the time of your life with this lovely lady , who is genuine , kind and extremely sexy. A joy to spend time with someone so gorgeous and insatiable, who ensures you leave smiling and totally satisfied. Until our next playtime, luv John.xx

This lady is bloody amazing a sex and truly loves it.

'Im mostly retired from the stress of life , with an occasional adventure from time to time, but recently I was lucky enough to discover Minx when she was in Solihull Thankfully, due to my past activity, she felt comfortable enough to see me back  once more, we have  had several mind-blowing experiences in the past .(each better than the last). Minx is a rare bread! She's the perfect blend of sexy, erotic and down-to-earth. Words really can't describe and do justice to the time her and I have had together. It just must be experienced. Like everyone says , I heavily suggest you run to Minx , Love Roy xxx

DP with Minx was out of this world sex. FANTASTIC SEX!

My friend and I met Minx at an incall . If you want to experience the ultimate sexual climax form a woman DP this Minx and your get rewarded with an exhilarating exciting time, truly memorable encounter. Something we will do again for a Christmas treat. Worth every penny and more. If you can grab a friend, then give DP a go with Minx your love it AND so will she!! Trust me.


BRILL BRILL BRILL BRILL BRILL BRILL BRILL BRILL BRILL BRIL still get hard thinking about it again.



Zeb and John xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Went at it none stop Minx gives you ultimate fun.

Had another outstanding dream with Minx the and as always she never disappoints from the moment you make contact and from the moment you leave she will have you in A state of mind you will never forget from her intoxicating appearance amazing personality memorizing GFE skills she truly is one of A kind, she has all her focus on you and only you she truly makes you feel like A King during your time together her GFE menu is truly elite and dangerously addictive you can never get enough she always has something up her sleeve that you will remember for days and waiting for your next visit, as you can see from her stellar r reviews she provides one of the best experiences you will ever have she always has, she screens for her safety and yours so be prepared for that after your cleared you are in for A treat you will never forget I can't wait for my next dream with this amazing lady always an outstanding time.

I'm feeling A double session coming soon. Love Ricky x


Sexy woman loves anal

WOW! Got to meet & see Minx twice and what a pleasant surprise. Minx is smoking hot! Beautiful face, blue eyes & the sweetest personality. Big tits with a nice tan all over, She gets my vote for the all-around hottest body girl for the West Midlands area. Everything was very professional with her, both times her appointments were prompt & on time. Good communication with text. She arrived per my request wearing her sexyclothes, booty short dress. She has some special booty sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Hygiene is excellent, service excellent, She is pure class so. Hell yea! I will keep seeing her.


Jordan xxxxxx

The best you can experience

Minx is a phenomenal lady, attractive, engaging, intelligent and considerate. When it comes to the art of sex, she masters it, wonderful kissing, but tongues everywhere else as well. The more effort you manage, the more she responds. She loves anal - my favourite pastime, she eagerly took it as hard as I could give it, for as long as I could thrust and still encouraged me to go harder and faster. She clearly enjoys sex and is not shy to say what she wants. I don't think that there is a limit to her abilities. You just have to take the plunge, quite literally. She is the ideal partner for the PSE, your pulse will go sky high - trust me. Mark

Threesome sex

Married couple with family we wanted to expand out sex lives to boarded experiences and live a little. After taking a long time to find the perfect escort for us we decided on Minx and want an inspired choice it turned out to be. There are so many positive with Minx it’s hard to know where to start. Firstly, her professional way of working is amazing it’s not hit and miss you get just what you book and uplifted by both the communication when booking to get the booking just right everything was confirmed back reassuringly. We wanted a threesome and noting held back to be a naughty as possible. Minx not only did this but way more it was truly mind blowing how good the sex was. Minx took my hubbies cock all the way down her throat, rimmed both mine and his arse. When my hubby did cum in Minx mouth with a good fulling of his spunk, Minx then lay my on my back on the bed lifted my bum up to her then licked it all into my pussy Woking it all around with her tongue. After all, now inside me I straddled Minx on the bed and let it ooze back out into her out again swallowing it all down, gulp after gulp. If you do one thing in life is try a threesome with Minx it will be thrilling fun time.  Luv Lila and Aron xxx


I met with Minx at an incall and really wanted the full porn star service. Tight form the start Minx opened the door in a sexy black see thru dress full suspenders and sexy high heels which make for a drooling tempting start it could not have ben better. We went at it for the full hour deeply riming that wonderful arse in 69 and Minx took my cock entirely. After plenty of DFK I hammered home thundering rounds into her arse leg open hands against the wall. She really enjoys anal and love it with plenty of extremely fast pounding, not just halfway, but the entire shank and balls flattened out all the way rock hard. Did this is endless potions all around the room she is very game for it all if you suggest something Minx gives it her all. Now, I am fit, and I did give her arse a thumping believe me but still cried out for more she was really turned on by now. Wiggling her bottom to get the extra feel as I exploded inside pumping it felt like rivers into her as she gasped for my cum. It was utterly best sex ever by a long way.  Second one we went for in her pussy this time kissing and cuddling for ages then erupting my load between he legs as she pulled me into her and kissed me passionately as it flowed in. The 3rd time was from the most awesome blow job ever, Minx ravished cock for ages then loads of thick creamy spunk flung into her mouth, Minx opened to show me and gargled it around like mouth wash before pushing any spilt on her face in with her fingers then swallowing it all down. Like her fingers then my cock smiling she really enjoyed it. This chap is a staggering experienced escort that’s 100% naughty and creates sex to be something rather very special. WHAT A WOMAN!

Love Anonmous   xxxxx

Stuck my tongue up my arse for ages WOW!

 We fucked all over the room in every way possible I love this escort she is simply the best in every way. Love the sexy lingerie looks pure class in high heels.


Love N xxxxxxxxxx

Made love under the sheets Mins pussy was soaking wet xxx

Minx made love with me cuddled down in the bed sheets for a very long time we kissed and made love my cook wedges firmly in her wet pussy sliding in and out as we played. When we both climaxed, it was tremendous feeling you forget the escort and get lost in the arms of this beautiful lady. She genuinely loves make love a fantastic appetite for sex just want you want in any woman.  Love Rxxxx

What a body Minx has made for sex.

Minx loves a hard ride ad I was up for it That’s arise of hers is such a lovely feeling to have your cock rammed into it relentlessly she was screaming for more. We were both covered in perspiration as we fucked hard, I held her hips over the best as she bent over and pumped like a stream train to her request for more and harder. I was shoving my cock in so hard I was knackered, so Minx went on top, my long thick cock firmly all the way in her arse as she bounced fully all the way done on it for ages. Even putting her finger sin there with it

Then I could not constrain myself anymore I propelled cum in her arse it just kept flowing I was that excited. Amazing sex omg it was that good, you must try this,  Minx is very busy so good luck booking her but so worth it.


Daz xxxxxxxx


an Amazing PSE Session thanks Minx!

Minx gushed into my mouth

I got to meet this beautiful sexy woman recently and Minx wow! I have to say I appreciate anyone whom takes care of themselves and she does so very well Minx has perfect milf look , curves in the right places and lovely boobs. , She answered her door and I almost immediately felt like I was there for her to have fun with, which was a very nice change! For what seemed 30 minutes I felt like I was lying there letting her do all the work but she seemed to really be enjoying ravishing me! I was feeling guilty so we kind of switched so I felt like I was doing my part LOL. As I said she is firm, well figured, sexy, toned, classy, confident, just very good at making a man feel and experience the episode. So thanks to Minxfor the meet and I will see her again! And I love the watersports its tested divine as Minx peed into my mouth her lips clasped to mine as she gushed in.


Lee  xxxx

Great body goes wild really loves having sex

Got a chance to visit this beauty again at a 4-star hotel in Solihull. Awesome body with those amazing twin peaks (lick and suck on those babies and watch them grow to skyscraper status).

Very friendly and responsive. Minx is top shelf. My poor piggy bank will take a beating.

Catch her while you can gents.

Stuart x