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I can’t imagine making love to anyone else.

Spend a lovely time with Minx we cuddled and made love for
ages slowly embracing each other my cock firm between her legs as we kissed.
Minx licked my ears and kissed my neck rolling me over so he she was on top my
cock never leaving deep her pussy. She lay down flat on top of me leg open her moth
pressed on mine as our tongues played inside together. This will be a regular GF encounter definitely booking lots
more.  xxx


Wow what can I say spend a couple of hours with minx she is full on from the start you will need load of energy and spunk she love it hard up the arse harder the better basically fuck the shit out of her more cocks the better she says. Best cock sucker ever and love licking ball and arse she will swallow all your spunk and be begging for more. She really know how to suck cock and lick ball and swallow the hole load and love it hard up the arse harder the better she says you will need load of energy and spunk.

Spice up sex lives

Where do we start firstly what a brilliant evening, we all had both my husband and I were blown away be how sexual Minx is and she made us both feel relaxed with her warmth and friendly nature. Minx did not take long to start the fun which helped out nerves because once we all started it just flowed easily. Minx and I kissed as my husband made love to us both switching form on to the other. Then Minx and I suck my husbands’ balls and cock together, Minx then tonged hubbies’ arse while I sucked his shaft. We had sex all three of us in loads of potions and ways some I never thought of.  To finish off Minx licked my hubbies’ cock as he made love with me when he massively ejaculated, creamed pied my pussy and Minx tongue worked it into my pussy while licking all around and inside. I sat upright on Minx face to drain every last drop from my pussy as she sucked and licked between my lips all the cum clean inside and out.  This is a regular thing for us going forward and I we are both so happy to have found this remarkable sexy and very naughty woman. More Minx were sold. 
Love Natalia and Gustav xx

Dazzling sex go for the PSE amazining woman.

Wanted the PSE and Minx went all out to give me just what I wanted. Taking my cock all the way down the entire length pressing her mouth at the base firmly down. More passionate kissing and her big boobs rubbing on my chest nipples rock hard. Minx worked her way down to my balls licking and sucking them fully, her nails tickling underneath them, her tong stroked down further, lifting my legs Minx rimmed and then tonged fuck me hard in my arse pulling my cheeks apart to get all the way in frantic actions in an out deeper she went for ages.

Later with Minx on her back I slipped one, two than four fingers in her pussy as she got wetter my thumb glided completely inside also, my entire hand was fucking her it was truly amazing experience. Minx was loving it which made it an amazing turn on.
Minx kept inspiring more. I then finger fucked her arse with fingers in her pussy at same time ,  thrusting it into her I  stretched everything out . Then I slid my rock-hard cock into her arse all the way in. Bent over the bed in high heels I was rock hard and pounding her hard non-stop for ages, riding her exceedingly vigorously.  I really gave it her hard, Minx kept asking for more and even harder, pouring in moisture form the work out I gave her are an exceptionally intense session until my balls emptied their entire load into her rewarding arse the best feeling ever, Minx is very stimulating woman.

Next round after a short break  I went for a repeat in her pussy it felt amazing as I entered her rock hard pushing all the way in quizzing her tits and snogging her fully with tongues as my cock when in and out sitting upright I put her legs on my shoulders and seriously fucked her pussy  shuddering  as I cum  inside again as she moaned in satisfaction. God she was amazing fuck best I ever had by a long way.

We finished face fucking and again rigid as she gulped on my cock thrusting it in those big lush lips , pulling her head to me. Once more Minx took it all down easily loving the sex as much as I was surly.

Chilled out and chatted smiling satisfied I had given her a good tremendously hard seeing to, which Minx lapped up in her stride and could have gone even for more.

100% preeminent woman I have had sex with ever don’t miss this your never get sex this good elsewhere I am dam sure of it. I would love a wife like this Minx was immaculately clean and dressed in classy sexy in lingerie heels and stockings just waiting for it. Adam xxxx

Exploring my Bi curious side

I had a lovely encounter with Minx to explore my bi-curios side more fully. Safe to say since meeting beautiful Minx for a wonderful erotic 2 hours I feel it’s something, I wish to explore a lot more offering my sex life a completely new perspective at home with my hubby. Though he did not take part this time and just watched. We are already arranging more meetings with us all next time which again brings another dynamic into our bedroom. We are both very eager for the next encounter. Amelia & Liam xxxx

Naughty , beautiful, sexy and really good fun and very nice person.

Amazing daytime meet with Minx my goodness the sex was magnificent I wanted the PSE meeting offered and undeniably I got it.  Arrived wearing tight dress and high heels as she undressed quickly revealing her awesome figure in stunning lingerie her breast heaving real eye poppers. I could not wait to delve in the treasures, Minx kissed making great use of her tongue while stood up at the end of the bed. As I lay backwards on the bed, she sat astride my already stiff cock tapping on her skimpy knickers. Minx worked her way down on to cock taking if fully in her mouth right to the end all in and slowly came back up. Her hands ticking my balls this rhythmic action was the best I ever had encountered, her fingers played with my arse still taking my cock all the way pushing her mouth hard down on me. Slowly she licked my balls and made her way down to me arse full rimming all around before pushing her tongue all the way in working it all around. As she came up and forward to sit over my face her pussy dripping wet and tasting delicious. Minx edge forward asking me to put my tongue up her arse I gave it a real good going at. When in 69 position we tonged each other’s arse and I finger banged her pussy at same time getting all four fingers inside and my thumb.  Minx wanted it as much as I did by now, grabbing my cock and pushed it in her arse and she sat down on me. She rode me hard for ages her massive boobs bouncing as she kept asking to be fucked hard, I gave her all I could we went at it ages, Minx is very fit. Got her into doggy style and thrust all I could my balls slapping her really hard. I pulled her hair and ride this woman’s arse hard for ages till I ejaculated a river it felt into her it just would not stop I wanted to give it her more than any other woman I think because she just was so into the sex you get lost in the moment. Minx sucked my cock clean licking everywhere fully. Round one was over, and we chatted for a short while and Minx was back for more. The next 3 rounds were even hotter and more sexier than I can even describe we fucked everywhere and filed pussy full and mouth before my energy deserted me and I lay completely worn out and chilled , I have read others say similar things but this was the best sex you could very had there was nothing left I have not done with her we went at it for 3 hours with just a few shortish breaks she kept me that excited I was soon back for more.  To end it all off, Minx gave me a massage which was perfects while good kissing my neck as she rubbed me down, I never imagined it would be this good booking a professional escort. I will book again I have to this is too good to miss, it was not hurried and made me feel very special, even slowing me down not to cum to quick at first many escort just want to get it all over once and that’s it! Not Minx this was such an erotic experience one I will never forget. Thank your Minx your 10 out 10 all round and not just the sex the whole experience. I even love your website.  Love Crayon xxx

Tasty woman who love sex.

Spent 3 hours with minx in Birmingham hotel and it zipped by will surly book again next time I am back down, Minx was worth the trip from Manchester to meet her under endorsement, certainly did not disappoint. I just wish I lived closer I would see her ever week.  Norman. x

Help me explore my Bi side fully and I want more xxx

Booked to Minx to experience my b-curious side more fully. What a Star she is the best GF you could hop for and loves kissing which I loved. We tried sex in many ways, and I completed fisted her twice which my husband relished watching immensely. I loved the anal play and how much Minx was into giving and receiving. I would love to see much more of Minx and hopefully become good friends over time as my sexy buddy to fore fill a desire to experience as much FF feasible with this lovely lady as true GF experience for sure.  Kisses Sharron xx


Hot as hell and fucks superb I loved everything about her you won’t get close to anything better. Thank you, Love Charlie x

F/F What a girlfriend & OMG the sex was awesome! I need you my love.

Lovely lady we had an evening of very sexy fun. Minx arrived smartly dressed on time and with a lovely smile. I could not wait to get my hands on her, and we were soon kissing. What a kisser Minx is a real turn on. We got up to all sort sorts things so many favourites, so many favourite bits.  Minx loves Female /Female clearly, I thoroughly enjoyed the sex we did 69 for ages me on top and then her swapping about throughout whilst we rimmed and tonged each other’s ass fully.  Minx got very deep in me when on all fours my bum pushed against her face it was totally amazing feeling one, I will never forget.  Certainly, will book again for more play best Girlfriend I have had.  Melony xxxx

F*ucking amazing no other words needed.

Minx wanted a good pounding and I gave her just that we at it for ages best sex I ever had this MINX is extremely naughty lady. Brilliant!  
Geoff x

Don't get any better than this guys.

Another meeting with Minx they keep getting better each time and they were extremely good to start off with. Arrived short skirt stoking’s and heels. I cum in her mouth and she gladly snowballed it around before swallowing then I had to taste that pussy it was so juicy.

I slipped all four fingers in her pussy and finger fucked her then doing the same in her arse she loved it. We had a great daytime meet and I was completely worn out. What a woman!

Marty xxx

Stylish Escort lots of sex appeal , looks hornier in real life believe it or

Very attractive sexy MILF that enjoys sex very extensively. We did everything all over my room lovely afternoon thank you Minx. Your insatiable. I wanted PSE and I got more than I ever could have asked for.  Amazing sex noting comes close You were on fire such naughty lady just how it should be. Minx takes her time and you can fuck her as much you want. No hurry to leave I really felt over the moon I booked her. Vip

Classy hot escort MILF super star loves sex loves anal and does it all. Which makes sex so much better.

Booked a longer appointment with Minx at my home and wanted the full PSE which Minx certainly gave in abundance. Looking ravishing in her tight dress boobs bursting out with a wonderful curvy figure, prefect for sex. We kissed passionately, Minx is an excellent kisser my hands all-over her amazing body.  Minx held nothing back and we fucked the entire time except for short breaks after each ejaculation.  Minx was utterly professional but also enjoying the sex as much as I was.  Rimmed and tonged my arse fully, 69 I finger banged her pussy and arse.  Fucked her arse and pussy very hard, Peral necklace and all over her face which she lapped up every drop and snowballed for me before gulping down licking her lips. Her arse was certainly fucked hard but takes it all you a give this absolutely gorgeous escort. What makes Minx the very best is her appetite for sex and willingness to be proactive doing all the things that have sex exhilarating. Gaping her arse wide open as I tongued inside and again fucked it with fingers all the way in at same time.  Every conceivable position we went at it, Minx in no hurry to finish or leave she just wanted a really good sort out. I highly recommend the PSE no holds barred and makes sure its frantic your get the rewards. Tops escort Minx is for sure you will be blown away how horny she can be. Definitely book her while you have the chance this is an escort not to miss out on.  Worth mentioning Minx is a  lovely in every regard in an out of cloths, a firm favourite of mine now, sure to book many more visits.  Whatever you read here Minx will surpass your expectations. Eman A-Lover.xx

Destined her arse Minx still needed more , amazing anal sex.


Arrived bang on time, hands up her skirt into her pussy and arse. Obviously take a lot of time to get ready before she arrives everything matched, I mean everything! Lovely full red shiny lips with matching nails, lingerie set, black stocking, high heels all made her look very feminine and sophisticated indeed. I could not wait to go at this amazing opportunity in my house ready to play. Really finer fucked her extremely hard. Then taking my long cock all the way down the shaft, not many women are able to do that fully. I fucked her mouth as she gobbled on my bell end.  Then Fucked her pussy before going into her arse again all the way in no problems at all. I destroyed Minx arse hard and I mean bloody hard she wanted more and more I just kept going. OMG this woman is such a good fuck.  I pounded for all I could thrusting all my cum into her it felt fantastic then we did it again and again three times until my balls were drained empty and could not cum anyone. Minx has it all and was still up for more. I love this escort never had better I fully intend to book her often I can. Lovely, lovely lady who really enjoys anal sex, it could not be any better the entire Porn Star Experience form the minute I clapped eyes on her. I have had many escorts nothing compares to the package you get with Minx, beautifully sexy and definitely, great fun, very high class as the website shows. Many more bookings for sure Thanks for a lovely evening. Xx

Pure class. Sex hot too. !

Met this stunning lady a few times now, we had lots of passionate kissing, oral and rimming, made love in the bedroom Minx clearly having a good time which made it even more exciting. Whispered in my ear as my cock slid slowly into her moist pussy.  Licking my ears and neck Minx rode me till I pumped my throbbing cock fully into her holding her tightly as I cum. Lovely afternoon together and a true GFE loving sex we share.  Brilliant as always thank you Minx lots more meeting needed, I feel. Lord N

Gangbang party


I arranged a Gangbang party with some friends Minx was highly efficient and reliable, arrived on time.  Got straight into the flow of things Minx made the party a truly brilliant one. Everyone left worn out except Minx who could have taken even more of us. Absolutely got to do this again very soon. Fantastic woman can fuck non-stop.  A xx

This lady is very horny and very sexual.

Lovely escort arrived black stockings high heels. Great sex, great company and great conversation. Definitely book again when back in England. Love Red Dragon xxx