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Ultimate GFE very loving sex shared. Superb best sex ever Minx truly made love. Thank you Minx xx

I met this wonderful Lady while on business in the West Midlands.  Wanted a real GFE Escort which Minx gave me an amazing loving experienced making love. Dressed in beautiful lingerie high heels and stockings certainly set the scene for a good time. We made love slowly and passionately on the bed by cock rock hard inside her pussy. On top Minx kissed non-stop using full tongues together all the time my cock sliding in and out her soaking wet pussy. Minx gasped and whispered in me ear kissing it licking it and sticking her tongue in, her hot breath and gentle moans were such a turn. We were both getting in the love making and her nipples were rock hard as she sat upright then pushing my cock deep inside her then back to kissing as we held each other the paced heated up, Minx made me feel truly wanted as indeed she was. It does not get better than this I ejaculated her holding me tight then kissing me as it pumped inside her pussy. Perfect timing for us both I filled her full to the brim it kept pumping out deep in her pussy I could feel her flinch in enjoyment as it entered. No doubt of it this is far more than an escort a thoroughly erotic afternoon for us both. Thank you Love Mark xx


WOW Had the full PSE has to be tops marks all areas. Minx has lovely big boobs and fabulous ass a beauty to behold for sure.

I asked for the full Porn Star Experience and Minx delivered
beyond my wildest expectations. I gave her loads of oral she rimmed me and tongued
my arse deep. I took the lead Minx was happy to follow doing all I wanted made
me a very happy chap.Fucked her hard in lots of positions taking my cock all the
way in both pussy, arse and deep throat. I throat fucked her fast while on her
knees, then took her doggy style Minx was envying herself as I just kept
pounding rounds into her squealing with delight for more. I lay her on her back cock in pussy we kissed and fucked
same time until I erupted into her lovely wet pussy. We had a lovely time together
you get back what you give this woman.


Had the full PSE has to be tops marks . Minx has lovely big boobs
and fabulous ass a beauty to behold for sure.

Top Class

2nd meet with this lovely lady.. she is the complete package .. absolutely no disappointments, just an hour of pure fun and frolics !
Minx arrived at the arranged time, looking delectable but more importantly was clean, fresh and as always very friendly, down to earth and genuinely ensuring that my satisfaction was her priority. Will be booking Minx again soon for another 5* experience

Definite 5 star Minx from me .OMG Best ever PSE I have ever had. Top class escort.

From the minute Minx arrived her appeal was alluring, I could not have asked for nothing better than this stunning curvy MILF, her appearance immaculate. I could not keep my hands off her we stood and kissed I fondled her arse through her tight dress then squeezing her enormous boobs. Got my hand under her skirt and fingers made their way into her pussy and arse, finger fucked her hard and decided to head to the bedroom. More great kissing deep tongues interwind as we snogged my cock now rock hard. Minx took it in her mouth all the way down effortless while fingering my arse. Got her in 69 position and tonged her sweet arse more as far could get in there. Minx deep throated me more her legs wide open over me I finger banged her arse with all four fingers really hard as she sucked me off. Then she straddled me and slipped my bursting cock into her arse and rode me very vigorous pushing it all the ways in. I switched to more fingering and oral this time my fist went all the way in her soaking wet pussy, and she kept asking for it. OMG it was so good. Doggy style anal followed and then pussy non-stop, my balls were giving it some slapping against her as I fucked Minx as hard, I possibly could clearly enjoy it as much as I was. Minx pulled her arse full open lay on the bed face down and I fucked it with fingers with my cock in there, then into her pussy while I finger banged the arse almost my entire hand in there now.  With just a few mins to go Minx had drained me completely I felt totally relaxed and chilled the amazing sex I have ever had.   Her reviews are brilliant but if anything, Minx is even more sexy, horny and naughtier than you can imagine. I have no choice to give her a glowing review as I had the time of my life with her. No GF will get even close to how great sex can really be I am spoiled for ever now I will always be thinking of Minx. Cannot wait to book her again very soon. Minx charged nothing extra for her entire services list and I did it all with her and a few extra this is a top escort easily the best PSE I have ever had. Ethan xxxxxxx

GFE with tlc was just want I requested and perfect . Great massage too Minx thank you. xxxx

I asked Minx for a real GFE and I got the most love time with this wonderful lady. She was kind caring and patient it was not rushed at all it really did feel like a Girlfriend with me the entire time. What you don’t often read in the reviews is how utterly lovely a person Minx is just to be with a chat with kissing and cuddles.  We had a real laugh together Minx dispelled all my fears of been eaten alive. I cannot reamended this gorgeous lady enough and the massage I had afterwards was one of the very best from anyone.  If you asked for GFE you get just that a slow erotic seductive side to Minx put me completely at ease. A totally lovely lady in every regard and refreshingly honest, very worldly with who loves skiing, theatre and animals, not so hot on understanding Brexit but then again who does! Thoroughly enjoyable 3 hours spend with the attractive lady. Love Collin xxxx

High class very sexy escort does what it says in the can.

Stunning woman best Escort I have had the pleasure of seeing. Was very professional arrived stunning dress dripping in sex appeal. I cum in all right place’s pussy, arse and mouth. As long you can keep going Minx is up for fun, she does not try to rush you and you get the full booking time. Top escort because the sex was out of this world and loads of it, a genuinely nice all-round person too. Very up market woman and super sexy with it. You will not go wrong with her I promise you.

 Love Tim xxxxxxxx

Does it for me !

Bloody gorgeous escort the sex was full on we did it all and she kept at it. Had a brilliant evening. Logan xxx

Breath-taking experience Bi experience

I opted to take the plunge and book a bisexual female and see how it goes. I was delighted I booked Minx, a thoroughly thrilling evening was to evolve; far better than I could have ever wished for even. Minx was charismatic, sexy and really funny great to be with, I felt very relaxed by her very pleasant demeanour she made me feel very sexy and special indeed. I was keen to explore my bi-curious side fully and just have some fun and see where it goes. Minx certainly showed me how legitimately Bi-sexual she is and with the right chemistry how erotic sex with another woman can actually be. I will explore on a regular basis my new-found sexual confidence with Minx from now on.  Thank you for being my ultimate fantasy and doing so much with me, I had a fabulous time and will be having many more. You are so very sexy my babe. Love Kim xxx

PSE sex OMG it was fabulous . Did it all ! I had all the goes I wanted.

I booked 2 hours with Minx and wanted a full PSE OMG I got it. I read many of reviews left and Minx was every bit if not more so even sexier, hornier than words convey.  Arriving dressed in a stunning black dress and high heels. Everything about Minx is extraordinary even the professional way Minx handles bookings and communication is excellent making it feel ultra-reliable.  Minx arrive on the dot we kissed stood up and I could not wait to get my hand on her bum and in those knickers. I don’t know where to start Minx saying what we got up too Minx did every possible thing I could think of a lot more. Best of all Minx kept playing the entire two hours only resting if I needed it she is incredibly fit love sex and goes at it like no other woman I have ever known.  Pounding her arse all the way in with my cock then into her pussy, mouth and back for more. I cum in her mouth the first time Minx licked my cock clean snowballed it around and swallowed it all down licking he lips like a cat with cream. This woman is limitless, and no sex has ever come close to being so much fun because I genuinely believe Minx was loving it. At no time did she feel like an escort rushing me out the door, Minx wanted as much sex form me I could give her. I managed 3 times to cum mouth, pussy and arse all of which were beyond perfect.  I have to mention Minx’s tits they are truly massive and full, her thick rock-hard nipples lovely to suck on which I did for ages as she rode on top. If you want to be blown away make it clear to this lady, you wish a real ‘PSE’ meeting and you will get what it says on the can. It's far better than possible to describe Minx will go all the way for you.  Love Liam xxxx

Lovely true Girl Friend Experience with lots of fun.

Booked Minx for hotel visit while staying in the area with work. Wanted some come good company and conversation and GFE. I have to say Minx was perfect companion very classy and utterly charming. Making love slowly and tenderly with lovely intimate moments making the time a truly memorable one. I could not have hoped for a better evening had we had together. Even the restaurant Minx continued with a charming demure way about her making me feel very proud to be with her. Minx is well travelled has excellent conversation skills and it thoroughly interesting to talk with you forget completely the escort scenario. This made the evening back in the room a sexy tlc encounters with lots of kissing, cuddling and oral both ways. A true love making experience I will not forget.  Minx surly can be wild but has a really softer side for a true GFE if you want it as I did. Thank you, Minx, you’re an amazing woman I had a wonderful 4 hours with you and if I travel to the South West England one more, I promise to book again with no hesitation whatsoever. Thanks once again for being a lovely kind gentle person.  Fenston x

If you want the best sex your ever have , simply book Minx. 10/10

Ultimate sexy mature milf , extremely sexy absolutely gorgeous lingerie. Softest skin and juicy pussy, Minx was scrupulous clean all over and everything matched cloths nails and lipstick and her beautiful lingerie. Sexiest eyes your ever see and a veracious appetite for sex completely self-assured and the perfect teacher just what I need. Not hurried in anyway, Minx is in my opinion the sexiest woman I know and great sense of humour. How the last reviewer gave her 9 out of ten is smoking something they should not be. What a tosser. I can tell you without any doubt this was 10 out of 10 for meeting for me with the sexiest lady I ever met. Minx left nothing left to do in my bucket list what an awesome time I had with her. Everyone ignore the 9 out of 10 tosser and so-called ‘connoisseur’ . Minx you should review the clients it takes two to tango as no doubt you know. Your bloody amazing Minx it cannot get any better 10/10 for me. A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Abbs xxx

Escort Connoisseur Minx rates a 9 out of 10

What can you say I was blown away by Minx what an incredible woman? After seeing zillions of escorts this one takes some beating. Charming, sexy experienced and best of all real slutty with sex. This woman will do it all and drain your balls fully. Minx has the best sexy ass I have seen (and seen a few bent over in front of me) Loved the sex the company and the real GFE. Love Bob xxxxx


Gargled all my cum ,showed me then swallowed it all down.

Met with this Minx in a Hotel.  Looking sex in tight dress and suspenders. Straight to the fun she rode me hard and I love anal sex which was great because so does Minx. Had many escorts some good some bad Minx is top class and the best to date. Absolutely loves being fucked hard and I did just that on the sofas and bed even the floor. I fucked her as I fingered her pussy even fingered her arse with my cock in there. Stretched her right open and she gaped wide open on the bed wanting more. Then we had some loving sex kissing and cuddling my cock hard in her pussy. Minx mouth wide, I whipped of my condom and ejaculated torrents into her eager, loads almost filling it I to over flowing, she gargled it and played then swallowed it all down enjoying it very much, what a woman. It gets know better guys than this a definite must book again escort. 10 out 10 Minx. BigD xxxx

Very friendly and great fun . Gorgeous pussy , stunning figure, huge tits , high heels and stockings .

Ultimate woman , sexy , fun , charming and oh se very naughty. I booked for a hotel meeting arrived on time looking even better than I could of hoped for a mature Milf in her prime. Don't wish to repeat all we did but suffice to say Minx did it all and in full no half measure. Minx did not rush or hurry me any  any wayeven slowing it down asking me not to cum to quick so I could get more pleasure from her.  Minx is a lovely person you will not go wrong booking her. Sam xxxx

Give it her as hard you possibly can Minx loves hardest sex you can give her.

Minx arrive for another long booking absolutely ravenous finger fucked her pussy and arse as we kissed Minx when ton all fours and tongue deep in her wonderful arse held open for me. I then fingered fucked gain with all four fingers thrusting deep into her.  Entered my cock in her pulverising her arse everything I could give her. Minx was asking for it harder and I even pushed two fingers in with my cock as she pushed back on me as I pulled her hair. I fucked her pussy just as hard and almost fiisted it which was mind blowing. Minx deep throat my cock then took all my balls, licking , rimming , then tonged deep in my arse all the way she could. We did 69 and lots of other oral her pussy was very wet and ready. I kept fucking arse atnd then pussy all over my house, Minx clearly enjoying every bit of it. Had lots of passionate French kissing she held me tight I sucked her tits and tounged deep her gaped arse she was holding fully open strectched wide with both hands on her bum. I toyed it and even got my cock in there with a vibrator with one in her pussy too smashing her arse all I could still wanted more. We then made slow love kissing my cock shafted up her arse we held each other as we move together her moans were very sexy, no faking her she was making love with me she forgot the moment and the time as the intensity picked up still kissing. I reached down and put all my finger in her pussy pulling her upwards arse we sieved I could feel her juice and here them squelching as I grab her pussy firmly pully up on the crotch all fingers in deep, Minx whispered private  things to me in my ear softly not to be heard how much she loved me fucking her. Minx was now going for it gasping and moaning as I fucked my rock-hard cock in her arse banging my finger in her pussy, no making this horny woman even more so as I exploded into her arse once again. As I did Minx kept asking me to fill her as I pumped my sperm inside her we kissed, and she smiled kissed again. This lady is staggering at sex you will not find any woman even close to how good she is it feels amazing and Minx will do all you ask and more and love it too. She doe like it hard very hard as she herself say so guys I suggest you book her up and fuck her for all you can. Don’t miss this experience your never get a girlfriend this good you be spoiled for ever it that’s amazing. Booking yes sure will very soon loads more in fact . I would  love thso lady with me every day if I could!    Vigo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gift form my lovely wife. OMG what a gift I got beautiful woman

I booked Minx for an hour for full PSE.  Minx arrived looking super hot upon arrival I could not wait to delve into her delights. We kissed and cuddles intensely my cock stiff inside her pussy. Minx tongue worked magic on mine as we kissed, I could feel sliding in and out of her juicy pussy. I got all four fingers in her arse and pussy finger banging her for all I was worth Minx clearly enjoys it. Back into 69  and face sitting licking that lovely inviting pussy deep with my tongue,  now dripping wet as Minx sucked all way down my rock hard cock.  We did various positions where I truly hammered wonderful her arse all the time asking for harder and more from me I pushed  in deep inside her my fingers as well , Minx still wanting more. I eventually spurted my spunk all into her arse Minx fully loving every minute of it. I can only thank my wife for the lovely early valentines gift with this stunning escort it was amazing sex  because Minx really does love sex as other have said. I can see a repeat booking with me and my wife both next time on the cards very soon. Moby A+++++++++++++ xxxxxxxxxWOW Fucking Awesome you will not get better.

Lovely evening , great sex, company and friend.

I booked a date with Minx for some extra tlc fun at my home. Had a lovely passionate entire evening with her until late. Very glad I booked this attractive lady not only the sex was fabulous; Minx’s friendly demeanour was refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed our appointment like many others I imagine, I am completely smitten and already booked again. Thank you Minx for our very intimate encounter you were just what I needed. Love Amie xxxx

Lovely woman 10 out of 10

Minx has it all the charm, the looks and is a complete professional and reliable service. Form the straight forward booking online to the knock at my door. Minx arrived looking superb incredibly sexy, high heels and gorgeous figure. As she slowly undressed in the most beautiful matching lingerie oozing confidence and true sex appeal. Elegant and stunning red & black lingerie with lace top stockings with massive full breasts what a sight to behold in my hotel rooms with me.  Absolutely lovely time with this lady it could not of got any better 10/10 sex Minx is one fun woman who without any doubt at all genuinely loves having sex.   Sound daft but a really lovely person to get along with, made me very relaxed and we had some good laughs. Booking every month with her from now on.  Lee xxx