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Balls emptied fully for days .

Spent one-hour incall with Minx; she is lovely; left very relaxed; she listens to you and take pride of delivering a great service; will come back!  Love Anon xxxxxx

10/10 all round

I enjoyed every moment we shared. Minx is beautiful,
very soft spoken and gentle. She is very good in what she does. Al xxxx

Awesome sex

What a mind blowing experience. I made her cum twice last time and twice again this time. What a superstar! I love this woman, If you want to experience amazing sex then you will get it here.  


 Misty xxx

Threesome deeam

My partner and I wanted to meet Minx to for fill some fantasies and share a wonderful time together. We were not disappointed. Minx is a wonderful sexy woman , friendly and will do anything you desire. I was so turned on by being with Minx while my partner watched . We played together , Minx gives the best oral sex I’ve ever had and drive me wild! It wasn’t long before my partner couldn’t wait and joined in. I loved watching Minx sit on my partners fave while I rode him hard. I also was so turned on by watching him enter her from behind while she gave me oral ! We got in all positions and had a wonderful! Sexy sensual , friendly time together. I was totally turned on by minx and I loved her fucking me with a strap on while my partner watched. He’s mind was blown and we will definitely be booking another visit when we can. Don’t hesitate just do! You will have a wonderful time with a wonderful woman xxx

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!

Minx is a very sexy and classy lady with only one purpose in mind! To fulfil your every need. Minx also has a great sense of humour and many, many talents. So many in fact, all I can say is, If you want to know anymore? I suggest you find out for yourself. You will not regret it!

Morning glory

All I can say is WOW. Minx is one classy lady who knows and understands how to treat a man.  

I’ve had the most fantastic evening with her. She is kind, considerate and one horny lady. 

Thank you Minx for this evening. See you soon.

Minx wanted a lot of sex, just what I wanted too

I wanted some dirty filthy sex and Minx gave me my every desire. Fingerbanging her arse with four fingers while I the other four in her with her pussy bend over.  Pounded hard her tight arse and round after round in her lovely juicy wet pussy crying out for more as I went for it.  Stretched her arse fully out wide with my cock and fingers in together as I rammed it home for absolutely ages. Minx rode me hard on top as I fondled her tits thrusting my cock in as she pushed down. Lay her on the bed face down flush opened her legs apart, holding her palms flat on the bed as I drilled home all the way in her lovely arse the bed bouncing in rhythm, Minx certainly take a lot and demanded more thrusting as I flattened her bum out pushing down into her deeply. What a night best sex I ever had with anyone. This woman is incredible words fail to convey how sexy, dirty and erotic she is. Seriously naughty woman a definite must have item on any bucket list. xx

My first time with an Escort

Top class escort, brilliant communication always replies promptly and courteous no matter how daft my questions were. My first time booking, and escort was a charming and sexually superb woman Minx is. Made me feel at ease quickly. I wanted a pornstar experience though very happily married but sex has vanished replaced with light out once a year I am lucky my wife prefers sex with women more these days. Minx put back the fire and lust in me reinvigorating myself belief that sex is a good thing something to enjoy and be proud of.

We did it all and then some, Minx was amazing in her love for sex and passion boundless. This is going to be a very regular booking from me now on.  Steve (Car man) xxxx

Evening fun

Great women, great fun had a blast. Would highly recommend

A fabulous first

After reading her feedback we decided to book some time with Minx for our first ffm 3some and we could not be more delighted. Minx made us feel at ease and was the perfect companion in every way.

Fabulous lady

Just spent the afternoon with Minx what a fabulous lady ,she is highly recommended anything goes!

Minx , me and Lionel Ritchie .......WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW

Minx A wonderful 8 hours. Thank you always a pleasure. I'd like to press your golden buzzer again and again.. .xxxxx

Bloody brilliant !

Beautiful sexy woman very professional and give the most amazing blow jobs your ever get. Met with Minx for 2 hours and had a lovely erotic evening of fun. This lady is very special and very much enjoys pleasing going the extra mile for you. It would be quicker to say what we did not get up to as we did a lot.  Pounded her arse for ages and flooded her mouth with cum which she enthusiastically gargled around like mouthwash foaming from her mouth before walling down every drop.  For sure will book again it was exhilarating experience making me realize how good sex can be with a genuine horny woman like Minx.


Bruce x


Wanted to book a girlfriend experience for some time finally plucked up the courage and was a choice I made. Minx made me feel special and put me straight away at ease with her relaxed calming demeanour and great sense of humour.  After lots of kissing I got lost in the moment and it just flowed as we did 69 for some time enjoying each other fully. I especially enjoyed the anal rimming we both gave each other my first time with a woman. The evening just kept getting better I could not have wished for a more perfect way to spend the end of the day. I certainly will not forget the intimacy we shared. Next time my husband is away I will certainly be booking more meetings with Minx. Thank you for being just lovely.


Lots of love Hailey xxxx


Top escort no doubt of it very professional escort

Did not take me long to bend this this beauty over the bed and tongue her wondaful arse. Pulling her cheeks apart I delved right inside then giving it a finger fuck like no other all four fingers pimple her arse stretching her right open ready. When nicely warned up I slipped my thick cock into her arse Minx taking it all the way right form the go. Minx like sit hard and I wanted to make sure I gave her a good going at which I did for some time. Dripping in sweat I kept it going hard and fast now guys I mean hard and I mean fast she loved it. I eventually yelled out as I pumped a load in there.  I wanted a full PSE and got far more that I imagined. After I earned a rest Minx lay me on my back feet lifted in the air and rimmed my arse deep lifting my balls up to really get fully inside me. I asked for a vibrator to be used on me and Minx eagerly obliged as she continued to lick my arse with the toy int here moving to my balls and cock. We finished off with some pussy sex and managed to cum again for a third time I was physically exhausted and happy at the same time. Three hours had passed in the blur of sex Minx gave me a rub down and I was completely chilled out as we said our goodbyes. I fell fast asleep after Minx left knowing I had given her a lot of sex pinching myself that this beautiful woman did so much to me I felt very lucky chap indeed. Eleven out ten, my god it was good. You must try her. Next time I am up here again, first thing I will fit around is making sure she is available and can see Minx again. Love xxxxxx


Marvellous deep french kisser  Incredible sexual desire   Never ever disappoints Xtraordinary in woman in every way

Over all score : OUTSTANDING WOMAN.

Marks out of 10 …..Sex 99, commutations 11, professionalism 11, reliability 11, friendly, 11, would I book again 100  Chris  xx

Nervous newbie

Nervous about meeting Minx? I certainly was, but not for long! Being a man of mature years - my 60th birthday has been and gone - I was concerned that I was losing my virility. I need not have worried, I was in excellent hands with Minx. As soon as she opened the door I knew I had made the right decision. She was very friendly and easy to be with, and she looked sensational in purple and red lingerie. Minx has a wonderful shapely body, which coupled with her lively, outgoing personality and maturity makes her irresistible. You just want to touch and explore her. We started kissing straightaway, which produced stirrings down below! It turned out that whilst I thought I had asked for the GFE, Minx thought I had asked for the PSE. As she had clearly made up her mind already, who was I to argue? More kissing soon led to her pushing me onto the bed and straddling me, then pulling her knickers aside to allow access for my appreciative tongue. But I soon thought " too much clothing" so stood up and took all my clothes off. Much to my delight, my cock was already quite hard and Minx soon had it in her mouth, doing the most delightful things. And I mean all the way into her mouth, right down to the bottom of my shaft. She even tongued my anus, and my balls, so the range of sensations I enjoyed was amazing. Minx then put a condom on me, climbed on top, and rode me cowgirl style - and was she ever vigorous! Then I fancied a change so she obligingly got onto all fours and I fucked her pussy from behind. All the while she was talking and telling me to fuck her harder, which I did, and eventually I came with one of the best orgasms I have had in a long time. What an amazing woman - she really loves sex and she makes the experience so much more horny by being vocal and giving you encouragement. Marks out of 10? Eleven!