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Nervous newbie

Nervous about meeting Minx? I certainly was, but not for long! Being a man of mature years - my 60th birthday has been and gone - I was concerned that I was losing my virility. I need not have worried, I was in excellent hands with Minx. As soon as she opened the door I knew I had made the right decision. She was very friendly and easy to be with, and she looked sensational in purple and red lingerie. Minx has a wonderful shapely body, which coupled with her lively, outgoing personality and maturity makes her irresistible. You just want to touch and explore her. We started kissing straightaway, which produced stirrings down below! It turned out that whilst I thought I had asked for the GFE, Minx thought I had asked for the PSE. As she had clearly made up her mind already, who was I to argue? More kissing soon led to her pushing me onto the bed and straddling me, then pulling her knickers aside to allow access for my appreciative tongue. But I soon thought " too much clothing" so stood up and took all my clothes off. Much to my delight, my cock was already quite hard and Minx soon had it in her mouth, doing the most delightful things. And I mean all the way into her mouth, right down to the bottom of my shaft. She even tongued my anus, and my balls, so the range of sensations I enjoyed was amazing. Minx then put a condom on me, climbed on top, and rode me cowgirl style - and was she ever vigorous! Then I fancied a change so she obligingly got onto all fours and I fucked her pussy from behind. All the while she was talking and telling me to fuck her harder, which I did, and eventually I came with one of the best orgasms I have had in a long time. What an amazing woman - she really loves sex and she makes the experience so much more horny by being vocal and giving you encouragement. Marks out of 10? Eleven!


My boyfriend and I booked 2 hours of fun with Minx and I don’t usually leave reviews, but I felt I had to as such a fantastic experience we had. Any couples wanting to try to spice things up then we can whole heartily recommend Minx. WE will be doing many more MFF from now on and only with this lady, exceptionally outstanding sex, wonderfully funny person, Minx made us feel very relaxed and it all flowed effortlessly.  PERFECT. Love and thanks Cheryl and Marcus see you very soon xxxx

Walk on the wild side

I certainly did by booking this gorgeous, very sexy, totally uninhibited and genuine lady for a fun filled 2 hours. Minx has exciting sex , it cannot get any better because she gives herself fully and enjoys your time together. What a PSE session we enjoyed!!!!

A beautiful mature escort, stylish, very attractive with an amazing figure. Minx is hornier and sexier than anyone i know. Treat her well and your attention will be rewarded with a passion filled experience.

Until our next encounter.....Luv

Gobbled my cock and tongued my arse all the way.

A Met with this charming sophisticated gorgeous woman, professional in every aspect and is incredibly sexy. Arrived promptly looking everything about her is pure stella. When she removed her dress stood at the end of my bed in high heels, seamed stockings and matching lingerie. We started kissing Deep French kissing then laying her on the bed as I delved into her pussy and wonderful arse. Minx groaned in excitement as my tongue entered her arse. Fingers next got to four and started lick her wet pussy all the time working all four-deep inside as Minx made sure her legs were wide open to reach all the way in. Eventually after some time Minx straddled my face and her stripping pussy was juicy to explore my tongue also once more slipping into the arse and back to her pussy. Minx took my cock and true deep throat all the way down while grasping my balls this was the best blow job ever had by far. Mix lay on her front on the bed and I entered her arse slowly working it all the way in until I could thrust and I mean thrust I  flattened out her curvy bum as my cock entered her all the way . Minx kept wanted it more and harder I just went all out to please fucking this goddess with all my might. I pumped cum fully into her as she cried out for it pulling her hair as I thrust it in then pulling her bum cheeks apart, I got the extra little bit more. I withdrew slowly gently pushing it back in now and then till the tip payed on her arse. We chatted and Minx started on, my cock once more sucking and caressing it as she took it all in. Minx fingered my arse while she gobbled on my cock something sucking my balls the pushing her tongue right into my bum hole all the way while tugging on my cock. OMG I screamed and just before I exploded again as mind when on her knees as I stood up and I wanked into her opened mouth a full load filling it right up as it dribbled over her lip. Minx played with the cum and snowballed it around like mouth wash showing me all the time.  She picked up a class and dribbled it all into it there was quite a bit which she ten gulped down licking the glass clean.  Guys it doesn’t get any dirtier or hornier than this woman because she truly enjoys it. Once you meet her you will be back for more no escort will give you as much fun I can honestly say. I highly recommend you experience this while you can. Mike xxxxx

Fun threesome

My wife and I have been talking about a 3some for years, but, have never put it into practice. That changed this week when we were away for the week celebrating my birthday. We were looking for an escort that was bi sexual as my wife was curious, my wife liked the look of Minx when we came across her ad and nervously took the plunge and booked her for 2 hours in the late evening. When the day came, my wife became more and more nervous about things, to the point I thought she might cancel but said she definitely wants to go ahead. Well, when the time came and Minx arrived, she was amazing, we had a little chat and she very quickly put my wife at ease, Minx is a genuine caring person, we went to the bed, my wife quickly led on her back and Minx started caressing and kissing her breasts while I took my tongue to her pussy which was already wet. Minx then came to my wife’s pussy and really went at it saying how wet it was, I kissed my wife to kind of check how she was feeling, I could see she was very turned on. I then went behind Minx while she was looking after my wife’s pussy and smoothed her bum cheeks, her figure is amazing and her skin felt so soft to touch, I took my tongue to her arse and slid it into her tight hole, then, to her pussy, this went on for some time until it was my turn, my trousers and shirt were gone before I knew it, Minx gave me an amazing blow job, over the next half hour my wife and Minx took it in turns sitting on my face and riding me while they played with each other, i fucked Minx again doggy style while she licked my wife’s pussy again. We finished by spending the last half hour in the hot tub with a drink and a chat. My wife and Minx kissed passionately and Minx finished by giving me a final blow job while I sat on the edge of the hot tub, sliding her mouth the total length up and down my shaft, I have never had a blow job like it, if she hadn’t have ran out of time I would have exploded in her mouth. Needless to say I loved the experience and after her apprehension so did my wife who is now a lot more bisexual than curious. Thank you so much Minx for being so understanding and thoughtful to an older couple who have never experienced anything like this before. We very much look forward to another encounter with you sometime in the future.


What a delightful lady and utter pleasure to meet someone that is both English and can hold a conversation. I spent 3 hours with Minx, and it was a instant success from the start. I am going to book her for overnight stay soon when I am back her with work.  

Sam xxx

PSE wild sex utterly magic dirty sex

Minx gave an remarkable porn star experience wearing high heels mini dress with stockings all her lingerie matched was spotless clean and look way too good for me in honesty. I can’t stop smiling all the sex I gave Minx and the things she can do. Sucked my cock all the way down easily and it isn’t small if I say so myself. Still Minx gobble on it and I cum inside her mouth skunking loads out to her.  After a brief rest we went again this time I rimmed her arse fully as she did mine in return. Astride me she rode me, pushed my cock up her arse and rode me remorseless until I had to cum, squeezing her tits I thrust it all the way deep into her arse and pumped into her it just kept coming out. FANTASTIC ESCORT 10/10 Definitely booking again I highly recommend the PSE guys.

Cracking woman don't miss your chance.

Stella woman magnificent tis and does it all and total professional. Top communications always replies to emails and goes extra mile to make you feel very important. Pleasure to meet her charming, sophisticated and well educated. If I could sum up Minx in a word besides sexy it would be ‘reliable’. I have booked her a few times and always does what she says and listened to what I wanted her to wear fully. Lovely arse and had the best anal sex with her a truly erotic and beautiful lady in many ways.  George xxx

Amazing sex drive. Booking again often now found her.

Met Minx for in a hotel for 3 hours sex was best I ever had, and she has a very high sex drive. I bent her over the bed and gave her anal sex hard for ages eventually putting forward on the bed and rammed my cock all the way in thrusting down on her till I was exhausted. Whipped my condom off and I ejaculate onto her face and mouth she licked my cock clean and never missed a drop of my cum. Thank Minx great evening. Steve xx

Hot Afternoon

"i had nothing to do on a hot afternoon", so the song goes. But enjoy the company of Minx for a perfect 2 hours of sexual delight. The sex was as hot as the weather, we needed the shower to cool down. Minx's service is very professional from booking to arrival at your address. A very stylish lady with a huge desire to please. Minx is the best escort i have seen, a lovely person who will deliver the best sex you could wish for. Until our next encounter xxxxxxx

Ultimate MILF loves anal and oral

What a babe this milf is and she certainly is the best fuck I have ever had she wanted it and I gave it her none stop. We had sex all over my house took me ages to put house back together before my gf came home.  T.

My first lesbian hookup....... 6 stars at least

My first lesbian hookup was spellbindingly AWESOME and the first of many bookings with the Marvellous Magical Minx. She was immaculate and sweet smelling, had the most moist pussy to taste and hard nipples to nibble on. The pleasure she gave me with her lips  and tongue was just AMAZING. Whatever your sexuality is book this lady and you will never feel so alive and  fortunate. Life is good and richer for me Thanks lovely xxxxx

Delighted and liberated

10 years of predictable and boring sex has just be wiped away for myself and wifey after a 3 hour booking with Minx. At first Minx put us both at ease with gentle kissing and caressing.  I then watched with delight  as Minx excited my wife to almost an eruption of an orgasm. She was the most vocal I have ever heard her be with desire. Three hours flow by in a blur of sex, dirty talking,  toys and much more. Even a strapon appeared from Minx's lovebag. Minx is  down on the christmas card list  from now on but most importantly she will be entered into our joint diary joint ñs she eillnrhad list as well diary  Sent from Samsung tablet.


I caught up with family and had been single for a while, trolled the escort sites but kept seeing minx...I requested she dressed normally as it was a small guest house type dump LOL she contacted me through out the day and I told her I was veyr very very fucking nervous...she kept me reassured it will be ok "god I sound like a virgin lol" she showed up in jeans jacked normal clothes. beautiful we spent such a nice caring four hours and she travelled hours to be with me. in the room she kissed me hello said why are you shaking ? God she is soo pretty so sweet and it was the best four hours id spent in ages...I experienced both sides of her services she offered and Im coming back with my other half as she is a big fan. Minx provided a evening of care compassion hugging, GF and total total mind blowing experience and Ive been around the block she rates up there ...she is such a special experience...cheers Minx your a bad girl see you soon for a ffm...that's if you haven't retired or become a nun....M


After booking Minx my partner and I met with Minx in a hotel for 2 hours of fun. Minx was punctual and highly efficient arriving promptly to our hotel. A gorgeous looking woman was knocked on the door dressed as requested smartly dressed in mini dress and heels.  We all go undressed, Minx wearing red matching lingerie, full suspenders and shiny stockings with red high heels. It was not long, and we were on the bed both sucking my partners cock. Minx then did 69 with me and we licked each other’s pussy and arse thoroughly, this was interspersed with    Minx lifting her head sucking his Richards cock and his balls. After much smooching and cuddling with all of us both myself and Minx when doggy style on the bed next to each other and Richard fucked when from pussy to pussy for some time while finger the others arse as he did. Repeating this again with his cock in our arses this time swapping form one to other as me and Minx snogged side by side. Finally, Richard I jockeyed Richard on the bed as he fucked my pussy Minx had her tongue up my arse as I did. Richard ejaculated in me releasing loads of cum inside obviously very excited. I climbed off and straddle Minx who now lay underneath my legs open Minx’s face looking up mouth gaping as the cum seeped out of my pussy dripping into her open mouth licking all around my lips. A lot did leak out and Minx made sure to not miss any licking deep inside my pussy as I moaned in pleasure.  A truly spectacular threesome, certainly our best so far, Minx is very naughty and love sex as much as we do the evening was perfection for us. This if something we are now going to do very often with Minx it’s more fun than going out and something extraordinary, we can share. Love Gabby and Richard xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ultimate professional escort amazing sex

Finally, a real easter egg moment, a totally reliable escort with an amazing website and is brilliant with communication, always confirms everything back with you every step of the way. Minx is the ultimate professional escort. Stunning figure very stylish and very sexy with it. Dressed in lovely elegant all matching lingerie tiny thong was impeccable all over spotless clean and smelt amazing too. Her desire a willingness for sex had no bounds I will not go into graphic details here, but we did it all. Minx is the very best of the best if your lucky enough to book her. A word of advice not to mess her about though once banned you stay banned. Lovely adorable sexy woman a real find for me best sex I ever had by a long way she is truly amazing.  Love Sam xxx

Filled her arse full

Another meeting with Minx and soon got my hand up her dress lay back on the bed licking the juiciest pussy you can imagine. We soon got into 69 Minx pussy dripping into my mouth as I licked all around. Parting her butt cheeks, I delved deep into her arse with my tongue and all my fingers frantically made their way all the way in. It was a very steamy 69. Minx eventually came forward and facing away slipped my long cock right into her arse with ease. Then she moves her buttocks back and forward while I watched my cock move in all the way and out for ages. Later facing forward Minx rode me hard bouncing on my cock for all she could while I explode me cum into her, she gripped me hard and smiled loving the flow of my throbbing cock into her. Would I recommend her GOD YES best arse fuck ever!!!

Peter xxxx

Took my cock all the way in her mouth fully pushing down on me. WOW

Had a fantastic meeting with Minx looking stunning in matching black lingerie and stockings. Minx was sensational for the star giving an impressive blowjob full on deep throat all the way down . Truly wonderful evening spent with the woman, kind, funny and love sex beyond imagination. I pounded her arse every way I could Minx wanted it more hand harder. Best booking I have ever done her desire and passion knows no limits.   Tom xx