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Breakfast for two

First Half - Every time I meet Minx it is sooooo special, soooooo exciting, soooooo sensual and so fucking anal amazing.She greeted me with her lovely beaming smile, her shapely boobs tempting me straight away.She was in all red lingerie as i requested.After some very passionate and very deep french kissing we got naked.Within minutes my hard cox was pounding her arse while she lay face down of the bed wanting me to give it to her harder and harder. Then we moved positions so I was underneath Minx as she rode my cock hard.You can always tell when Minx orgasms by the moans and groans of pleasure .Marvellous Half Time - Breakfast was served to top up the our energy cells. Second Half - Minx knelt in front of me and sucked and wanked my cock for a long time asking me to fill her mouth full of my creamy spunk. She was gagging for me to come all over her face. We both got very turned on by Minx putting her fingers first in her pussy and then in my mouth so I could taste her juices. That did the trick and I pumped my balls empty into her mouth so we could do a very sloppy cum kiss. Very lovely time. I really really enjoyed it. She is definitely MY favourite person xxxx

Afternoon Delight

Met up with Minx Friday afternoon at her hotel and spent two wonderful hours with this high class escort. Minx certainly knows how to put you at ease and is excellent at what she does, with no holes barred! Will definitely be booking again.

Overday Delight

Had the pleasure of an overday meet with Minx on Sunday. It was an amazing experience with this exceptional gifted elite escort. Minx wore several different outfits throughout the day all of the highest quality which showed off her amazing figure to the full. Over the day i experienced the full range of services on her likes list. It ranged from hot dirty sex to gentle and very close intimate encounters. Minx is a lovely person, blessed with good looks, personality and a sense of humour which makes for a relaxed and most enjoyable encounter. This lady is pure class and makes sure she is there to deliver a unforgetable experience to you. An Elite Escort and lovely person. Thank you. You are pure class and i look forward to meeting again in the near future. Luv John xxx

Threesome with my husband and myslef

I booked Minx to join us for threesome with my husband at an incall in Solihull. It was an excellent evening we all thoroughly enjoyed.  Minx is unlike many is truly Bisexual. My hubby both watched us having sex and took part too. Minx is excellent choice if like us you enjoy a good romp, it could not have gone any better for us. Absolutely booking many more encounters.  

 Mr x and Mrs x

Does it all and more

Wanted to liven things up after sex dried up at home so decided to liven life up again by booking Minx a very professional escort for an incall . I arrived and knocked nervously on the door a stunningly sexy lady greeted me stood in high heels and matching set of black lingerie, seamed stockings and a tiny thong. I knew it was going to be good, but I honestly can tell you it was beyond any expectations I could have had. Where do you start so many things I liked about Minx? Firstly, she is immensely sexy ever care taken to look perfect spotless clean smells divine and oozes sex.  The sex is pure dirty uninhibited dirty fun loving anal as hard you can give it, all the way too. She took my entire cock down and tugged my balls while doing 69 then rimmed my arse for ages. Minx turned me on to the max I loved every hour I had with her. Very honest, genuine loving person I am so lucky to find her , lots more incall date already booked.  Xxxxxxxx Mike

Really loves deep anal sex

What gorgeous and high sex drive. Met Minx for 2 hours incall recently, Minx gave me an excellent non-stop 2 hours of non-stop action in every position you can think of. Loved the demands form more and harder from me I gave her arse, pussy serious pounding she loves it. My goodness the sex was mind blowing best I have encountered.


Rob xxx

Perfect woman perfect sex very naughty lady bloody brill

I booked her for an hour incall with Minx , and it was amazing, great personality, fun. 10/10 will book her again. Luv Phillip xx

I loved the golden shower I received gushed into my mouth

Gorgeous Minx is a lady you will love to spend quality time with, Minx is as talented as she is beautiful. Minx is sweet and sexy and very open minded, an intoxicating combination that will leave you happy but crying out to see her again. She gets great pleasure from sex and will not leave her disappointed. Minx us truly great fun to be with.


J. xx

Just the best escort you can get .

Booked Minx incall in Solihull and got the train nearby. A lovely warm and friendly welcome when I arrived. Minx is just stunning with a beautiful face and the most amazing body - and thankfully she is very willing to show it off. A great experience. I almost never write reviews, but she is right there at the very very top. I would highly recommend Minx she is very hot at sex.  BB xx

DP Minx with my friend in a hotel non stop. Minx love DP really goes wild doing it.

Minx arrived looking very glamorous with a big smile elegant high heels and short skirt. Synchronised DP made sure Minx got a good work out as out cocks pushed deep inside concurrently, one is the arse one in the pussy thrusting in harmony. There was no holding back by Minx who did it all. Brilliant meet, thank you. Adam and Josh

Stunning woman very sexy

Held Minx legs spread wide open in the air lay on the bed as I hammered in reasonable size cock in her inviting pussy emptied my balls fully into her as she yelled in delight. The more I gave her the more she wanted we were like rabbits, very hot rabbits. Minx devoured my cock and pushed down all the way fully. More bookings for sure. Love Andy

Balls emptied fully for days .

Spent one-hour incall with Minx; she is lovely; left very relaxed; she listens to you and take pride of delivering a great service; will come back!  Love Anon xxxxxx

10/10 all round

I enjoyed every moment we shared. Minx is beautiful,
very soft spoken and gentle. She is very good in what she does. Al xxxx

Awesome sex

What a mind blowing experience. I made her cum twice last time and twice again this time. What a superstar! I love this woman, If you want to experience amazing sex then you will get it here.  


 Misty xxx

Threesome deeam

My partner and I wanted to meet Minx to for fill some fantasies and share a wonderful time together. We were not disappointed. Minx is a wonderful sexy woman , friendly and will do anything you desire. I was so turned on by being with Minx while my partner watched . We played together , Minx gives the best oral sex I’ve ever had and drive me wild! It wasn’t long before my partner couldn’t wait and joined in. I loved watching Minx sit on my partners fave while I rode him hard. I also was so turned on by watching him enter her from behind while she gave me oral ! We got in all positions and had a wonderful! Sexy sensual , friendly time together. I was totally turned on by minx and I loved her fucking me with a strap on while my partner watched. He’s mind was blown and we will definitely be booking another visit when we can. Don’t hesitate just do! You will have a wonderful time with a wonderful woman xxx

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!!

Minx is a very sexy and classy lady with only one purpose in mind! To fulfil your every need. Minx also has a great sense of humour and many, many talents. So many in fact, all I can say is, If you want to know anymore? I suggest you find out for yourself. You will not regret it!

Morning glory

All I can say is WOW. Minx is one classy lady who knows and understands how to treat a man.  

I’ve had the most fantastic evening with her. She is kind, considerate and one horny lady. 

Thank you Minx for this evening. See you soon.

Minx wanted a lot of sex, just what I wanted too

I wanted some dirty filthy sex and Minx gave me my every desire. Fingerbanging her arse with four fingers while I the other four in her with her pussy bend over.  Pounded hard her tight arse and round after round in her lovely juicy wet pussy crying out for more as I went for it.  Stretched her arse fully out wide with my cock and fingers in together as I rammed it home for absolutely ages. Minx rode me hard on top as I fondled her tits thrusting my cock in as she pushed down. Lay her on the bed face down flush opened her legs apart, holding her palms flat on the bed as I drilled home all the way in her lovely arse the bed bouncing in rhythm, Minx certainly take a lot and demanded more thrusting as I flattened her bum out pushing down into her deeply. What a night best sex I ever had with anyone. This woman is incredible words fail to convey how sexy, dirty and erotic she is. Seriously naughty woman a definite must have item on any bucket list. xx