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Super reliable and professional escort

Brilliant escort everything is so easy with her and well organised. Super reliable and great communications all the way. It was extremely simple to book and I am not good with computers  from the website (idiot proof) and everything confirmed back to me makes you feel very at ease with such reliability which is just what I wanted. Minx arrived on time dressed just as I requested, and we had a wonderful time together exceeding my expectations more than even all the reviews say believe me the sex was that good! Back for more without any doubt. Lovely woman in every regard. Perfection,


Thanks love  J xx

Minx is high class.

 Book my first time with an escort and what a find Minx was. Looking even better in the flesh than the photo’ show.  I very friendly, funny and not hurried appointment made me feel very at relaxed with no pressure. Beautiful lingerie looked very classy in high heels and black stockings stunning sex legs and a bottom to behold.  The entire occasion was very exciting, and I could not contain myself filling Minx mouth full of cum as she took my entire cock. Booking again a real super escort I cannot believe I found her. Love Avery xxxx

Worth every penny

What a great time. This lady loves sex and the pictures and videos do not give her skills justice. Book her and you won’t be disappointed. The service is second to none and Minx is great company and highly sexual. The experience is not one I will forget in a hurry. The reviews are spot on. Book her, you won’t regret it.

Don't burn your bridges with this beautiful escort she is very busy.

This was my fourth booking with remarkable woman. Minx is professional throughout punctual reliable remarkably honest and above all does what she says. This is a supremely confident lady at the top of her game in all Minx does. If you book her you will certainly have breath-taking sex and a real yearning to please. The flip side she is exceptionally busy and does not shy away to ban people when messed about take my word for it you will not get many chances with her and you will be missing out on the best sex of your life for sure.

As always Minx fantastic evening thank you.

Luv Adam xx

I never leave reviews these days but Minx deserves one.

I never leave a review but felt Minx deserved credit where it's due. Brilliant daytime meeting Minx was amazing, beguiling, tantalising and extremely horny.  No holding back Minx gave me everything and I in turn gave her what she like best. A hard long and powerful fucking my balls slapping on her as I shafted that juicy pussy with big vibrator all the way in her arse, I could feel it throbbing on my cock as I went in and out. I loved every minute with you and only wished I had  booked you longer. Next time!

Love Mike xx

Loaded her mouth and she gurgled my cum in her throat.

Fabulous meeting with Minx I especially loved taking all my balls in her mouth and wanking my cock just as I was ready to cum, she opened her mouth wide, knelt on the floor as I pumped in loads of cum and I mean a lot.  Minx swished it around gurgling my spunk in her throat head tilted back then dribbled it all over my cock and licked it all off until all clean. Minx genuinely loved it which made it even more erotic. I must have much more of this in my life ,best blow job by far I  have ever received. Colin x

What a find Minx is can't believe my luck.

Beautiful mature gorgeous milf and a lovely person absolute pleasure to be with in every regard. Lovely happy outlook in life it a truly sexy lady I adore being with. Regular bookings guaranteed. Top Class Escort 

A. xxxxx

Minx is very kinky indeed and does it all ask my wife Carol

Minx joined my wife and me for an evening of sex without limits at out home. Could not have gone any better for us it was a wonderful saucy and fun evening. Suffice to say noting regardless how kinky was off the menu.  It was think tried it was a tantalizing encounter one we will have many more of Minx is gorgeous, sexy and very creative totally at ease having sex with a woman as with men. 

Love Carol and George x

Porn Star Experience will blow your mind and load.

Everything about this woman is too class including her sexual appetite which is boundless. After requesting the Porn Star Experience, I had a brilliant and intensely orgasmic time of my life. Sex has never been this horny with any woman. Minx arrived and sipped off her black dress as we stood my one hand on her round bum the other fondling her enormous boobs. I soon had her doing 69 with me as she sucked cock my very hard cock all the way as my tongue pushed firmly into her arse opening it wide. After much fun we went for doggy style over the bed where I gave it her exceedingly hard and fast interspersed with slower breather breaks  then going full at her again drubbing her arse with my thick cock reaching all the  way deep inside  balls squashed against giving rise to her audible pleasure wanting more. As I gave her arse a thrashing, I spanked her bum as I thrust home, we went at this for ages until I had to ejaculate buckets into her, pulling her hair as  I did and I plunged it deep inside totally euphoric as I pumped and expanded my cum into her lovely arse. Would I book again, dam right I would! This experience has opened my eyes what sex can be like with a ravishing nymphomaniac bloody astonishing sex. Minx is a lovely naughty woman.

Double Penetration sex for full two hours with us in a hotel.

My friend and I booked a double team session with Minx. She arrived wearing short black dress seamed stockings with elegant high heels. Minx favourite sex is DP and was clearly showed. After some sexy play we both soon got to taste the delights as Minx slipped my cock in her arse and then another. Minx was limitless in her pleasure as both our stiff cocks slipped in rhythm inside her Mix pushing down hard to get them fully in. Absolutely gave Minx a serious hard drubbing with both out cocks she kept asking for more throughout. We did double cocks in pussy also and several potions throughout the two-hour booking completely satisfying all of us it was even more amazing that we expected. Minx is utterly brilliant woman and well up for fun we had a fantastic two hours besides both cumming almost together as we filled her at the same time, we also pumped a load into her mouth as she knelt by the end of the bed us stood up. Minx mouth was full of our spunk she swallowed it all down then licked out cocks clean for more. Hard to put into words the superlatives giving Minx DP it felt that good, highly recommended you try DP with Minx is an amazing experience. One that will become a frequent occurrence for us and already booked the next encounter for more DP action. xxxxxxxxx

What a woman OMG awesome sex and lovely person to be with.

Minx gave me a wonderful PSE experience full on in every regard. The best cock suck I ever had, and she goes for it nothing held back swallowing down my cock which is not by any means easy task. Minx took the entire length with ease.  You need to be fit and be able to keep up with the PSE Minx can take a lot of hard pounding which she totally enjoys. I had her bent over the chair and the bed rick hard I thrusted non-stop till exhausted then slowed up to regroup and give it her again, each time Minx wanted more it was lovely to hear as I pounded her sexy arse. Throughout Minx talked dirty which really got things heated up and a massive turn on. We had sex just about everywhere and, in most positions, I could think of even on the room sideboard which almost collapsed for the frantic sex we were having. I gave it her doggy style while pulling her hair slapping that round bum throughout Minx was asking for it remorseless, I cannot imagine how anyone could give it any harder certainly did give her what she wanted. Wonderful lady with a great sense of fun a passion for sex like no other woman I ever met. Perfection is how I describe her, and she gave me a total Fulfilment in all aspects what am breath-taking sexual experience. Certainly, a regular booking for me with this lovely lady.  


Love aka

Jam xxxxxxxxxx

Sizzling Saturday Afternoon

Wow, what a sizzling Saturday afternoon, spent with the magnificent Minx. This is one classy lady, who delivers all services with energy and enthusiasm. An Elite escort, blessed with a wonderful personality and caring manner. Already looking forward to my next encounter with Escort Minx. Luv John xxx

My husband watched us doing 69 then joined in

My husband and I had fun with Minx at our house for a few hours. It was a sexy sex packed evening with Minx really taking the lead. Minx exceeded all out expectations and I especially loved the anal play she gave me as we did 69 with my husband also joining.  Juliette and Ray

Thank you for ticking loads form my bucket list with another woman. xxxxxx

Minx did everything to me. OMG!

I wanted a dirty PSE meeting and I got more that I could ever wished for. We did that much I cannot list it all here. However, I loved the gaped arse open as I tongued her deep before the most frantic fuck, I could give her, and she loved it gagging for more and harder I pounded in her arse God it felt dam good fucking her.  This is one heck of a MILF. Lots more bookings from me to come.  JJ xxx

Hardcore sex WOW!

More hard-core action with Minx never disappoints she is wild in bed and loves sex. Make a lot of effort to be perfect for each meet I have had with her. Minx has a lovely tasty pussy her juices flowing easily. Top class woman worth the extra as she does it all and then some. Minx is happy to have as much sex you can give her and will not surrender clearly a loving her escorting. Luv Dazzle xx

Minx deeply tongue my arse for ages then rode me hard.

Superb incall Minx was on fire was an incredible woman and a figure to match her beauty.Straight forward  to book and highly efficient all ran like clockwork I arrive Minx opened the door and was looking very sexy in heels black stockings and a little dress.  I quickly grabbed her arse and we went at it straight away. Minx enjoys her deep throat and soon has my entire cock in her mouth squeezing my balls. Then licking my balls as I was stood up by the bed she sucked and tugged on them in her mouth as I lay back on the bed Minx had her tongue well up, my arse working it in deep really going for it.  Later moving up straddled me then guided my thick stiff cock inside her lovely tight arse of hers. As Minx rode me hard her big tits bouncing I grabbed them pulling her on to me  even more. As she leaned forward putting her thick rock-hard nipples in my mouth, I sucked hard on them Minx still thrusting up and down her arse grasping on my cock. Minx orgasms were intense letting it all go fully then French kissing me as I pumped inside her I had been fucking that arse for a good while it was the best time of my life she loved it which clearly makes the difference I have to have much more of this undoubtedly top escort. Love AKA

ANON xxxxx

Another female threesome Minx is incredibly self-confident, uninhibited and boundless fun ladies.

Lovely genuine and honest Bisexual Minx was a pleasure to have another evening of fun at our home in Hereford. Minx joined us for a threesomes and shared pleasure with my partner and myself. Boundless evening of covetousness sex you think of it we probably did it. Minx arrived impeccably dressed just as we requested and oozed sex appeal, a happy deposition and lovely smile which melts your heart. Everyone was exhausted when Minx let the sex, we all shared was the unsurpassed in every way possible. 

Amelia & Mia xxx


Minx had fucked me on my desk, chair, bed, floor in as many positions we could. Nothing held back rimmed my arse for ages sat on my face loves being talked dirty to when having sex. Best of all she loves it the harder you give it her. I has her on all fours pulling her hair slapping her bum as I rammed my cock inside that wonderful arse taking it all the way whileI thrusted it repeatedly. This lady is a fantastic find one I will be having many more appointment with surly. Minx will keep going for as long you can I fully recommend seeing her. Mike xxxx