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Very professional escort and top class

Marvellous sexy escort we had an amazing 3 hours passionate sex with lots of oral and Minx loves sucking cock all the way to my balls really going for it. Rimmed my arse all the way. Pounded that sweet arse for ages stretching her wide open. Brilliant evening was had you name it Minx did it and she really enjoys herself. The hottest erotic kinky sex I have ever had. Many more meeting planned. Love Roy xx

Stag night gangbang 20 guys Minx took us all on. WOW OMG!!

I organised a gangbang stag night with this sexy lady, easy via her website and extremely reliable did exactly what she promised.  There were 20 of us and Minx arrived on time and looking amazing. When everyone was ready Minx came out for the adjoining room 6-inch heel and black gloss stockings extremely sexy. We had a central big bed formed and Minx was brilliant taking everyone three four and four at a time and the guys kept coming one after another. Both anal and oral and pussy were all fully stuffed most of the time. It was a fantastic evening no one was left out and everyone had more than their share of the fun. The event was a huge success Minx is super porn star and consummate professional. The guys are now arranging more of the same each month it was that good! Thank you, Minx, for a lovely sexy fun and highly enjoyable evening. 

Alan and the all 20 guys. 

See you next month. Xx


From Barnsley to heaven...

Two hours we fucked non stop . It was hot outside but in the hotel room it was sizzling . wthin 5 minutes of us meeting my cock was in her arse sounding away to the groans of this beautiful lady. we finally had to stop when the mobile alarm went off at the exact time I came all over her tits. . I was worn out and even minx that's was a good one.xxxxx

Incall Solihull

 Brilliant incall at Solihull Village hotel with Minx OMG she is wonderful I could not hope for better. Minx is very sexy and game for it all truly enjoying the sex. I had her in several positions, and I pounded her arse until exhausted she can take a lot and unlike many other escorts you really do get a PSE.  I would recommend her without hesitation. ACE!  Still on a high, her arse feels so good fucking it. Love Willis. xxx

Erotic , passionate, mind blowing cock sucking

Minx is full of sexual energy as she tells me to pound her arse as hard and as long as I can. The words Fill me up with your spunk drives me wild as I cum first in her pussy and then in her mouth . The resulting cum kiss is very naughty and kinky. As is the watersports we do in the bathroom later. As I'm lying in the bath Minx stands above and pours herself all over my body. So exhilarating...I will see this excellent high class erotic lady as much as I can . you leave her presence knowing you will see her again very soon. She is so moreish .So good at fucking and deep throating. I cant wait for my next appointment as i want to get another guy who sees Minx regularly to be involved in a 3some so we can do DP and spit roast her so one of us cum in her mouth while the other guy can fill her arse at the sametime. I can only imagine tthe groans of ecstasy that Minx would make. Pure pleasure, pure kinkiness and fucking wonderful tits. Xxx

I spent a delightful 2 hours of sexual enjoyment with this absolutely wonderful escort and person. Minx is friendly, charming and fun, putting you at ease and encouraging you to enjoy all the delights on offer. She is a very sexy lady who ensures she pleases you in every way. A very classy lady whose personality and professional attitude, puts her in a class of her own. A truly elite escort. Until our next meeting. Luv xxxx

Perfect start to any day

Purrrfect start to any day... My phone vibrated with the eagerly awaited txt from Minx saying "Come up and get me. Fuck my arse as hard as you want  please. " I knocked on her hotel room door walked in and then thought to my this is the sexiest woman i have ever known and will ever know. She was stunning in a black tight cat suit with all the curves in just the right places..bloody marvellous.  Passion went full steam ahead with deep French kissing which Minx is excellent at.My cock was soon deep inside her  and  erupted filling her gorgeous pussy.  The groans of pleasure minx gave out made it even more sexy. She clearly adores sex which makes a huge difference to the way she makes you feel. You feel wanted and she has so many little ways which make feel like she is  the lover every man desires.. I just can't get enough of this  special lady.. Minx thank you thank you thank you xxx

Threesome with my wife and I

My wife and I had a amazing two hour encounter with Minx sipping my cum form my wife’s pusy was the sexiest thing I have ever seen.Spread open above Minx’s  mouth it drained into her, Minx clasp her mouth over and sucked the last drop out absolutely best sex we have ever had.Very kinky full of fun and good laughs nothing was taboo for this fabulous woman we both enjoyed the threesome fully. Only thing is we now need to book many more meetings this if definitely going a weekly bookings from us ongoing. Any couples out there you have found the perfect lady tomeet up with 100% for sure.  

Sally and Callum xx

I filled her pussy with buckets of cum

Minx began neck kissing me slowly and biting gently, I was savouring her smell. I made my way to her belly and grazed my lips over her navel, watching her tummy rise and fall as her breathing became more enthusiastic. I positioned my shoulders under her thighs and gazed at the beautiful site between her legs, kissing the inside of her right thigh, then suckling the inside of her left. I revelled in her scent and moistened my palate with the thoughts of tasting her flavour. My tongue slipped inside hr moist pussy and worked it all around as I sipped her juices that flowed. Minx wanted me so I made my way to her mouth kissing as my throbbing cock touched her rose teasing, I could feel the inviting wetness. Pinning her down holding both hands I slipped my long stiff cock in. Synchronised our hips went in time her our picking up as I grasp her wrist hard bow thrusting hard between her stoking covered legs. My cock almost out and tremendous thrust I pushed it all the way in hard as I could Minx asking for more franticly we made love pounding for ages in her pussy Minx kissing me for all she could then my balls full I emptied into her filling her pussy with my cum ramming it deep inside. Minx screamed out in pleasure, biting my neck and through her arms around me pulling me even more into her whispering to me to as cum entered her my cock pulsing it in. We has incredible sex together I certainly gave her pussy a good hard fucking and I am going to give more next time which I eagerly await Mr X

“Fuck my arse make me have it, come on give it me!!”

Fantastic incall at Solihull Minx was unbelievably horny absolute  immense sex. As she opened the door in tight dress suspenders and stockings all matching lingerie. I hammered home couple of round sin her mouth and arse which is feels super sexy as you enter it. What even better Minx gave a true PSE  letting you thrust vigorously  slapping her bum as I as my cock rammed in balls deep Minx kept asking for it “Fuck my arse make me have it, come on give it me!!” , really a big turn on for any fella lucky enough try PSE with Minx.  As I was about to cum Minx yelled out “FILL MY ARSE WITH SPUNK FILL IT” bloody wonderful sex noting comes close to this PSEI had with Minx this is what sex should be like exciting and full on let be honest chaps. Book her and enjoy while we can. Got to have much more of this dirty horny sexy Minx. 

Adrian. xxxx


I cannot speak highly enough of this absolutely wonderful girl the sex was fantastic but apart from the sex she was friendly chatty and fun to be around immaculately turned out smelt lovely and was great company I will definitely see her again if

Extreme pounding her arse over the sofa Minx asking for more. Anal dont get better than this.

Minx was stood in my room with Minx lovely black dress and high heels. We kissed stood up my hand making it ways along her stockings onto her knickers where I pressed her lovey pussy through them. Not long I had them aside on the bed and licking Minx pussy as the juices flowed. Working round to her arse lifting her legs up and open wide I delved into that open are with my tongue. Minx purred in delight as I slid 1 then two fingers into her arse working then all the way after well stretched I frantically finger banged her with all three, thrusting deep into her.  Time for my long rock-hard cock to enter the game and it felt amazing as I slid it all the way in right to the balls Minx is incredible and thoroughly love anal.  I gave it her hard as hard I could while bent over my sofa until finally I cum with an almighty thrust making sure I filled her as much I could I could feel it pumping in filling her right up. As I withdrew Minx too my cock and sucked it all the way down kissing all around. This is woman is truly everting and even much more what the other say, it’s also true Minx love sex clearly which makes all the difference because you really get her to orgasm and she certainly goes for it.  Back for more often as I can.


Met this lady for an incall in Solihull and what a wonderful afternoon I had in her company. Everything about Minx is classy from the start utterly professional website easy booking and keep you informed all the way. I arrived at my allocated time Minx was opened the door wearing 6-inch-high heels stockings suspenders and a bra her boobs filled very nicely indeed.  I rimed her arse as she did mine her tongue entering all the way, sucking on my cock she took it all the way down pressing firmly on me. Her nails rubbed my balls as she sucked slowly up the shaft.  After a while I just had to fuck that arse missionary at first while we kissed, and I sucked on her gorgeous tits.  I gave her arse all I could she loved it there was no holding back Minx went flat put for it. I managed to cum twice once in the arse which she then licked my cock off and hour later one in the mouth filling it full it just poured out it was very exhilarating to say the least. Truly magnificent and will be back for much more and for longer next time. Ten out of Ten an extremely horny woman. Jazz  Manson xxx

First Class Elite sexy escort

 This is simply first-class sex I has an few hours of pure enjoyment I did it all to Minx. Emboldening me to give her harder and harder as we made love in every position I could think of, arse, pussy and mouth. Minx gave plenty of 69 and face sitting I even at the end wanted some watersports which was great fun as she stood over me in the bath filling my mouth and all over my face gushing out loads. Mike xxxx

DP Minx with my mate for two hours FULL PSE OMG WOW !!!! fucking great

Met this fantastic sexy goddess for DP for 2 hours of absolute pleasure. Minx drained us empty with insatiable appetite for DP. Dressed in the sexiest lingerie with black seamed stockings we continually pumped in tandem to the sounds of excitement from her. My friend and I had constant double penetration both climaxing almost together it was porn sex at its very best. We have got to have much; more do not miss this on the bucket list with this sexual deviant. Guys its worth a team up with someone you will see how much Minx really enjoy her DP, Brilliant evening thank you.  Robert and Ted

Had a brilliant time with Minx

I wanted to explore some sexy anal fun with another woman and decided to give it go and booked Minx for 2 hours in the evening at my home. A lovely lady who is funny, easy going made me feel very special and put me right at ease. This was exactly what I hope our meeting would be. Minx did some very naughty things with me which was extremely pleasurable. The next time my boyfriend is out I am booking again the sex was astonishing it certainly satisfied my desires with another woman vastly better than I ever dared thought it could possibly be. Any other women out there I recommend  you just go for it and give it go at least once. 


Love Nicole xx

Truly a stunning, intelligent and extremely sexy woman

An incredible and wonderful time spent with a fantastic sexy woman who does her upmost to make sure to please in every possible way. I thank you again for such a great time Minx and look forward to seeing you again x

We gave Minx DP all around the hotel room

I booked Minx with a friend while away for work together both eager to meet Minx for some DP. OMG do this guy’s it was unbelievable Minx was one HOT woman she loves DP we did it all in every position and I mean we did give it hard both cocks thrusting. Minx loved it

she is an absolute find of our life. Using all the available furniture and the floor this amazing woman too both our cock fully demanding more all the time. We are now arranging o come back to Midlands for more DP meetings with this fantastic horny woman.  Carl and Rob x