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Married but Minx gave me what I needed

I wanted a GFE and was worried I could not take the pace, but Minx was fantastic we rurally had great sex and good laughs too. I will be booking overnight next time again soon. What a stunning woman you are without all the hassle of married life. xxxx

Lovely bum

Minx arrived I asked and got ta PSE like no other. If you want, you can do it with this well named Minx! Amazing woman we fucked in every way you can think of fantastic thanks Minx love every min with you. Will do it
again for sure. xxxxx

Animal lust we shared

Met with Minx for 2 hours and she arrived heeled up and in beautifully sexy lingerie , shiny black stockings. I forced the animal inside to slow down and control its instinctual determination. My hand slipped around Minx’s waist and pulled her in, skin against skin. The other slid up the arch of her back and grabbed hold of her ponytail so I could bite her neck, collarbone, lips. Minx arms wrapped around me tight, and in a moment the whole universe was concentrated into the sound of stealing breaths. We dropped to the floor. On top of her I found my way; pausing at first, we loosened the beast for a few moments. Her hips dug into the rug, I kissed every inch of her until she was at her event horizon, all muscle control disappeared, and her entire body dropped to the floor. The point of no return came, and she moaned as I grabbed her hips tightly. Minx  found the strength to push up off the floor and looked back at me from her primal pose. Minx  threw herself on top of me and the control was hers I wanted this woman as she did me. Anonymous  xxxxxx

Minx lay on her back, raises and spreads her legs

We kissed and cuddled making love non-stop slowly at times and
passionately my cock pressed deep in her arse she felt superb such a sexy woman. Her stockings rubbed against me as I put her legs onto my shoulders then tipping them back onto the bed. I could full perpetrate deeply into this glorious arse. I held her down as I began to stuff it in there all the way in bumping her cheeks my balls slapping against her squashed flat. I continued holding her ankles pushed into the bed by her head as I worked it extremely hard into her arse hole. I kept at it for ages really making sure Minx got what she wanted she let out an almighty orgasm gripped me hard and pulled me in as I continued to ride her. Finally, I pumped round after round into gasping boding it was simply the best sex I ever had encountered. You have to try to lady the only issue you will  have sex will never be the same with anyone else it really was that good .Many of the reviews say it but it’s true I could nit of asked for any more ,perfect Minx just perfect!. Love XXX

Rode her hard and still wanted more. Fantastic sex

Fucked her in every place possible and every position Minx is insatiable the harder you give it her the more she wants. 10/10 BBx

Filled her wanting mouth full of my spunk

Oh, my goodness this goddess was on top form the sex was awesome! She rode me rock hard cock deep in her pussy as she rubbed her enormous boobs in my face sucking on her rock-hard nipples.  Minx gives the veer best blow jobs sucking my cock all the way down her and then her tongue under my balls as she presses the shanked firmly all in her mouth. Red lips gripped me as she slowly worked her way up to the tip and pushed all the way down again right into her throat. She gobbled and, on my cock, and I started thrusting harder into her mouth and while stood up I could pull down onto my rock cock frantically. A I was about to cum Minx mouth was open waiting for it and I watched cum pour in it just kept flowing I was so turned on. Minx mouth was full of my warm spunk which she gurgled around it was certainly very full. Eventually after snowballing it all around Minx swallowed it all down ever drop and started back on my cock licking it clean for every drop I had left.  Absolutely will book again I had amazing time with this very naughty lady. A+++++++ Brilliant thank you love A xxx

My bit on the side is perfect !

Another sex packed encounter with Minx becoming my regular lover which bundles of sex appeal. What Makes Mix special is how enthusiastic with sex it makes such a difference to making it fun. From the beautiful cloths exquisite lingerie and high heels make her radiate a wonderful feminine side. As for the sex we had I rimmed and tongued her arse as she did mine fully. I lap up her juices with her legs spread wide open for me to get all the way in. She sucked my balls and lick all around she took my cock all the way down pressing it entirely into her mouth. Moist lisps clasped the shaft up and down as I pushed it in and out stood up in front of her. Bent her over and rammed fingers then my cock into that wonderful arse she held wide open for me, we went at it ages me pouring in sweat as I stuffed her full non-stop.  I even had a massive toy in her pussy my cock thrusted into her welcome arse. Minx was begging for more and harder, so I notched it up a bit more pulling her hair I delved as deep I could with my rock-hard cock in her. Minx then took me to the sofa sat on my cock again in her arse and rode me frantically it slid right into her all the way as he bounced and forced that last little bit right up there. I sucked her huge boobs and lovely big nipples as we slowed it down a little to have some passionate erotic sex making love together which really turned her on wiggling, her bottom onto my shaft as I bite down on the hard nipples. Switching again this time to her pussy I flooded her with my spunk as she cried out gripping me hard as we reached our peak. Slowly kissing now to savour the moment we shared tongues and hands entwined as my throbbing cock subsided in her my ball full emptied into her warm soaking wet pussy. This was by far the most intense sex I have had and the best with any of many escorts to date. Minx it’s just too good to miss out on a definite regular booking for a very long time.  Mr X xxxxx

Birthday Present

I booked Minx as a birthday present to myself- what a present! A beautiful voluptuous lady who greatly enjoys sex with incredible passion. All the other reviews are true, and a birthday present I'll never forget. Birthday boy XXXXXXXXXX

21 year old randy guy takes Mature MILF in the arse again and again again! Minx still wanted more!!

I always wanted a mature MILF, even though 21 Minx could take more than I could give her, and I certainly did it a lot she is a very fit babe. A truly tremendous woman and lover of anal which is even better! Fucked this very horny MILF extremely hard in every way you can possibly think of in my bedroom her arse was well used from my cock. Minx is amazing at sex, because she really does enjoy it, holding her arse fully open with both hands on her cheeks I stuffed cock many times into her open arse as she leaned forward end of my bed. We were both sweating buckets form all the sex we had I could not of booked a better escort a real darling. Must book her again for round two. Boner xxxxx

Overnight exceeded my expectations by miles. wow! Will be having many more.

Had a wonderful overnight booking with Minx. I think we had sex every location in my house and on surly all my furniture.  Minx was brilliant fun, very funny and my god she loves sex. We were at it like rabbits on and off all the time.  After a night of pounding her wonderful arse undeniably loads of times Minx would always want more and she loves it hard. Both sharing a bubble bath we sipped our drinks and Minx caressed my balls  stroking my shaft as we chatted what a way to spend an evening . Jason x


Female/Female/Male BRILLIANT ! THANK YOU

Thanks, Minx, for a wonderful relaxed playtime with my partner and me we both enjoyed it immensely your worth every penny it was pure sex at its best. Never has a woman do half the things you did to me and it was mind blowing pleasure with another woman sincerely thank you for giving me and my partner brilliant sex. Great evening you made my nerves go away quickly as soon you arrived. 
Thank you Cheryl xxx (& Rob)

Couple playtime with Minx who is a very hot lady

Minx was lovely as always and made out daytime meet simply the best fun in a long time. My husband watched us play on the sofa together getting him in the mood to join in later when we all moved to the bedroom. Noting was left not done we all played intensely for ages it was very erotic sex and Minx was game to play fully with both of us. The time went by so quickly everyone lost on the exciting sex we were having.  This is now a routine booking every two weeks for us it’s a far better way to enjoy sex and explore additional experiences in life. Love Ellie and Sam xxxx


Incall meeting just pure class

Marvellous Incall meeting in Solihull with Minx in Solihull a truly sexy beautiful woman with an appetite for sex like no other. Enjoys anal immensely and feels magnificent in her arse takes a truly good buffeting. Everything about Minx is pure class from the website which makes booking experience both reliable and easy to big smile and sexy inviting take me to bed eyes when the door opens.
Road Runner xxxxx

Overnight next time my love xxxx

Minx sucked my balls and rimmed my arse even tongue it all the way in before taking my cock fully down which was very impressive. Minx frantically suck my cock keen to get some spunk, she really went at it. I flooded her mouth with creamy warm cum which she gargled around and then we French kissed for ages swapping my cum between us. I finally dripped it all into her open mouth from mine and she swallowed it all. Again, back down she went to work on my cock again licking it clean. This lady can give mind bending blow jobs and love the taste of cum. I really want to Double and this lovely lady and spit roast too if any guys want to help me out I will pay someone to join us. Overnight booking next time wanted.  Back again very

soon. Jazz xxx

Gaped arse wide open for me ready to fill

Minx did everything I loved the way she held her arse wide open while I tongue her deep. Straddled me cock and rode it hard forward and backward facing so I could see my cock going all the way in her arse. Minx really pushed done on it and wanted it without any doubt. Holding my kissing fully nothing held back whatsoever, she whispered softly in my ear, reassuring me I was the best as we made it felt like real honest love. I think she really did get as much out of it as me. Truly amazing woman does it all and lots of it. If only my wives were this fucking good I would never of left any of them. ! xxxx

20 yer and old my first mature MILF .ACE!

My first encounter with a beautiful Escort her pussy felt very welcoming. Really enjoyed my first encounter and all though I was over excited I got to play fully with this goddess for a couple of hours rimming, sucking her nipples doing 69.  Will have more sure. Great fun Mr Broom xxx

Cum Kiss

Minx is stunning in the photos and even more horny in the flesh. Her tits are a delight to suck and kiss especially the way she reacts to every sensation. She is easily the best french kisser ever and encouraged me to give her my spunk in her mouth so we could cum kiss . WOW She is exceptional as an escort and woman. I will be back on a regularly basis for more mind blowing fucking. Xxx

Cracking arse Minx has and boobs too. Definitely loves her work.

 Wow from the min Minx arrived I was eager to get my hands on her. Straight up her skirt with hands sliding all my finger in both her pussy and arse as I finger banged her hard, she wanted it. I felt her suspenders as I dived between her legs licking that juicy wet pussy and fingering all four fingers in her arse. Not long after I was shafting that arse with all my might as we kissed and cuddled Minx biting my ears and pulling me into her as she orgasmed just when I too erupted into this sexy siren. I will be seeing her again and much longer I think required had the best sex ever thanks Minx. Michael xxx