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Rock and Role

What a stunning sex woman passionate too. We rocked and rolled the evening together. I always try to have as many escorts as my age every year before each birthday and don’t double count. This beauty is worth booking again though.   Rocker XXXXX



My first bisexual encounter Minx is so lovely and kind thank you.

My first bisexual encounter and Minx at my apartment in Worcester and it was a cracker. Minx was adorable very respectful caring and happy to take things slowly putting all my nerves ta ease. That aside we ended up have lots of passionate sex because Minx makes you feel completely relaxed with her; as if natural chemistry. I could not have chosen a kinder escort to experiment with and something I want to do much more with her. Booked my next meeting on the website already think that says it all. WOW.  Carla xxxx

I loved how we kissed when I cum inside her arse.

Great booking process very professional service. Minx arrived bang on time no drama and looking better than I even imagined wearing sexy lingerie and stockings looking very classy. We started French kissing and taking it slow as my hand went up her skirt, I could feel her moist pussy through a skimpy thong. All my fingers made their way in and finger fucked her I could hear the juices slapping in her pussy as I pushed deep inside. It felt fabulous we did this for dome time then moved to 69 and I lapped up the juice running from her pussy her pussy into my mouth. Minx sucked my balls rimmed my arse and took my cock all the lay down as she lay on top of me her legs spread wide open. I spread her bum open and tonged deep inside her arse which she loved. I managed tongue four fingers stretching her arse hole wide and gave it some thrust I can tell you. My cock was read to explode and I need to pull back a little we changed position to the chair in the room which  I sat on, Minx pushed my cock in her arse while sitting in it facing forward and bounced hard down on it . I clasped her big breast firmly squeezing with both hands as she rode me. Minx was wild and wriggled her bum into my lap working all the way in as she thrust my throbbing cock inside repletely deep. She switch to face me and we continued this time kissing and as I was about to cum Minx whispered to me her tongue tracing over me ear “fill my arse with spunk you know you want too” I want you to pump it in then kissed me for ages  as I erupted into her arse.

Magnificent could not of been any better. WOW Love Sunrise xxx

Rammed my cock in that arse for ages

Met Minx for incall and I had an amazing time I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her. I especially loved tongue banging her arse and then with her on all fours she parted her bum cheeks asking me to put my cock I her.  I thrust my cock into her arse and really went at it hard Minx wanted more and more. I could her my ball slapping against her as we went at it. I pulled her hair as I rode this stunning babe, she was insatiable demanding more and more. I was thumping my cock in all the way deep Minx was loving it and that made all the better by our dirty two-way dirty talk.  After a respectable going in her arse and pussy I stuffed my cock into her mouth all the way and cum flung into her mouth in torrents which Minx gobbled down eagerly. Minx made me feel very relaxed and I adored her attitude to sex this is a hungry milf eager to give a good time noting is held back. Weil certainly book again. Love Andrew x

“Fuck me hard Matt – I like it hard,” Minx begged

Incredible time spent with Minx we met in Birmingham not far from New Street Station for an Incall I arrived. trued to Minx word I got a text giving me the thumbs up to her room. I was met by the superlative sexy Minx. High heels and stockings stunning red lips Minx undressed me and sat me on the bed where we French kissed for ages fondling her silky skin and hands running between those stoking’s to that wet pussy. Pulling her knicker to one side I licked her pussy and drove my tongue into her Minx willingly opened her legs wide apart so I could get all the way in.


After exploring Minx in full Minx quickly spun around and ended up with her ass sitting on my face and her crack spread out across my mouth. I reached up and held onto her tits as I licked and sucked her cunt. When it started to quiver and vibrate, she began to hold her breath and then suddenly let out a piercing scream. Minx wanted me to ram my cock into her arse as she sat on it, however, I quickly turned her over so that I was on the top hammered home non-stop holing her legs wide open. We both started to yell and cling onto each other. I was not able to hold back any longer, bent forward and started to furiously suck on Minx’s hardened nipples. As I licked and fondled her tits, she became very tense and within a few seconds she called out, “I’m cumming, I’M CUMMING!” , “Give it me”“ Minx cried I Cired out It’s cumming – it’s cumming,” Minx rained kisses all over me her body shook uncontrollably. My spunk gushed into her warm pussy as Minx screamed out ‘Fill me full, keep filling me” , One decisive scream ‘”I love it , give it me” . I was shattered and given Minx a very hard fucking it was the unsurpassed raw sex with a woman who clearly enjoys having sex and does not hold back in anyway whatsoever. I will always think of Minx when having sex, Minx made it very special. Back for more definitely as often I can.

Love Matt xxxxxx



Incall Birmingham City Centre - FIRST CLASSS MILF

This woman is first class all the way everything about her is extraordinary a beautiful sexy mature milf which does absolutely all you want and more.  I met her for an incall in Birmingham City Centre and it was so simple and well organised I arrived she answered the door looking sexy from the start. Made me feel very at ease and I really wanted to get in her knickers shortly after I was giving her plenty from behind doggy style right up her arse all the way extremely hard and just keeps wanting it really enjoying the frantic thrusting both in he arse pussy. This woman can take a lot of sex believe me. I wanted the full PSE and she did just that the list of what we did would be enormous, but we did really go at it every way you can think of. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant wow it was fucking brilliant. If like me your booking incall for PSE then be prepared for this to blow your mind. I am booking Solihull next and there will be many more form me. I have found a real gem here! Don’t hold back and enjoy the chance when you get it. Number one fan T xxxx

I nailed that lovely wet pussy.

Booked an incall recently with Minx what an absolute goddess in every way possible.Fun very sexy, classy and so dirty with sex it’s mind-boggling how naughty she is I wish my girlfriend was like this. Never experienced sex like this before, sod all the loving with partner crap creates better sex. Minx gave me the best sex of my life so far and don’t know her, the reason I think this to be the case; is like other have said she really loves it. Thanks Minx I will be attending all the in-calls I can with you, believe me. Love Tan man xxxx

My first incall made very at ease. We had great fun.

Boke her for my first ever incall and  I love how  effort she had put in , immaculate clean and looking sexy perfect in fact like a real top class porn star. Minx took my entire cock down while gripping my balls as I filled her mouth as her mouth full of cum while she was till at the bottom of my shaft it felt very horny because Minx was gagging for it. Best blowjob by a long way I ever had, and I have had a few. More bookings forth coming for sure.  Charlie Chaplin xxx

Rode me hard as I fingered her arse.

Minx arrived removed her dress and looked stunningly sex in her high heels and stockings skimpy thong and suspenders. Tits filling her sexy bra to the full. Everything about Minx was classy immaculately clean and tidy, soft skin and smelling heavenly. Her pussy was wet and ready for fun, she stood in front of me as I sat on the sofa spreading her legs open, I finger banged her while she stood up. All my fingers in her pussy as and then into her lovely arse as she lowered to forced them all in. Stradling me I sucked her wondaful tits nipples which were rock hard. Minx pussy was teasing my cock on with a condom and this time she sat right down onto my cock it felt bloody gorgeous as her juices engulfed my thick shaft.  I finger her arse deep Minx rode me hard as I was about to cum then gripped me and we kissed passionately as I pumped loads of spunk into her pussy. Sucking my tongue, we held each other till I put all I could into her. OMG bloody marvellous. Got to have more of her.  You will not get more raunchy sex. Love Longshank xxxx

Elite Escort

A beautiful women, an elite escort skilled in the art of seduction. During the course of our meeting i enjoyed the full range of Minx's services. I will not go into explicit details , but suffice to say i had many fantastic orgasm's, Minx provides a service full of passion, hard at times , then very close and soft at other times. everything about this Lady is pure class, an exceptional escort and lovely person. Already looking forward to our next encounter. Many Thanks.xx

Minx is kind , polite and considerate, thanks. Your an amazing person xxx

Beautiful woman lovely relaxed evening together lots of fun and was not  hurried I thoroughly enjoyed out time together. We shared plenty of passion and got up to all the naughtiest of things many if not most new to me. Minx made me feel very at ease and it allowed me to fully experience another woman a huge tick of my bucket list and one I very much want to much more of with her in future. Thank you so much Minx for making it special.  Love Gemma xxx


Minx arrived at our house for a threesome with my husband and myself. Minx gave plenty of attention o both of us and is just like described totally bisexual which made the evening an amazing experience.  Minx 69 me as being taken by my fella and I licked my guys cock and her pussy underneath. After many positions and lots of sex we both knelt and took turns licking and sucking Mitch's cock until he climaxed massively into Minx mouth where she snowballed it around lent over to me and kissed me mouth still full of my hubbies cum. We swapped from her mouth to mine paying with the sticky warm spunk as we French kissed.  When Minx managed to finally transfer all to me, she lay down mouth open head back and I dribbled it form high above downwards to her. This time minx lay me on my back arching my back,  hubby helping holding my legs around to my head Minx filled my pussy with cum from her mouth as she licked it all around, worked it well inside it was the truly sexy, a highly recommended experience and one Minx did so well. I have never done anything like this before and we are both gagging for more sexy encounters with her. Minx left us both wanting her back again on a regular basis and the next 2-hour encounter is already book in stay tuned.  


Love Karen and Mitch xxxx


We tongued fucked each other arse's for ages.

Another erotic meeting with Minx. Arrived looking sexy as always gave the furniture a good work out as Minx got a very hard pasting with my stiff cock in her pussy on a desktop legs spread open pulling me into her pleasure very audible.  We kissed and I fondled her magnificent tits pumping her juicy pussy all the while. Balls finally my spunk inside her for all I could it felt tremendous as we both held each other tightly kissing while her pelvis raised into mine.  After short break we were back at it again this time riding her hard pulling on her hair Minx in doggy style wanting all I could give her, Minx is one hell of a horny woman. Never had as much fun having sex with any woman as with Minx . 10/10 xxxxx

I wanted to explore my bisexual side with my hubby still joining in

Minx arrived early morning dress very smear and with lots of sex appeal. Neither me or my husbands had done this before, and Minx made us very relaxed early on and everything about her is professional. Arrived right on time of our booking dressed just how we asked and was even better in the flesh than her lovely photos. We had booked a 3-hour meeting, so we had plenty of time for fun and savour the encounter. Sex with another woman was amazing and with my husband taking part I had the best of all worlds. As Minx and I kissed my hubby he was making love with her a role we switched around a few times.  As he made love with me Minx sucked his balls and licked his cock. It was t truly erotic experience for us one which we will repeat as often we can. The time evaporated quickly and by the time Minx left everyone was swell satisfied by the evenings of pure pleasure we all shared Thank you Minx. Lot of love Gabriella and Lawrence xx

Very sexy in stockings and heels and my goodness loves anal.

Hotel meeting Minx arrived on time looking delicious in a sexy dress huge tit heaving out. All I wanted had arrived and eager to please. We kissed stood up I slipped my hand up her skirt feeling her stoking’s on the way parting her kickers I quickly got all my fingers in that gorgeous pussy. Pushing her against the wall I ravished her passionately. We had sex on may positions and I cum once on her pussy and Minx also held her arse wide pen face down on bed. I wanked into that wonderful arse hole my spunk running inside her then sticking my cock in there to push it all in further. Minx span round and sucked me clean licking every tiny bit away of my worn-out cock.  OMG it was fucking hot sex xxxxxx

Married but Minx gave me what I needed

I wanted a GFE and was worried I could not take the pace, but Minx was fantastic we rurally had great sex and good laughs too. I will be booking overnight next time again soon. What a stunning woman you are without all the hassle of married life. xxxx

Lovely bum

Minx arrived I asked and got ta PSE like no other. If you want, you can do it with this well named Minx! Amazing woman we fucked in every way you can think of fantastic thanks Minx love every min with you. Will do it
again for sure. xxxxx

Animal lust we shared

Met with Minx for 2 hours and she arrived heeled up and in beautifully sexy lingerie , shiny black stockings. I forced the animal inside to slow down and control its instinctual determination. My hand slipped around Minx’s waist and pulled her in, skin against skin. The other slid up the arch of her back and grabbed hold of her ponytail so I could bite her neck, collarbone, lips. Minx arms wrapped around me tight, and in a moment the whole universe was concentrated into the sound of stealing breaths. We dropped to the floor. On top of her I found my way; pausing at first, we loosened the beast for a few moments. Her hips dug into the rug, I kissed every inch of her until she was at her event horizon, all muscle control disappeared, and her entire body dropped to the floor. The point of no return came, and she moaned as I grabbed her hips tightly. Minx  found the strength to push up off the floor and looked back at me from her primal pose. Minx  threw herself on top of me and the control was hers I wanted this woman as she did me. Anonymous  xxxxxx