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Tehachapi Tea Co and A Nurse's Essiac Tea

133 N Friendswood Drive #170
Friendswood TX , 77546


From the author of "To Life: A Guide to Finding Your Path to Health"

Now and then you find that rare business that intends to be of service to humanity - a company that cares not only about profits, but also about people; a company that intends to create not just a better balance sheet, but also a better world.  No wonder Tehachapi Tea Company has been so successful.  Owner Chris Corpening has a noble purpose and the universe always responds to that with abundance.

Excellent service and product

I used the tea years ago and now I am back using it. Consistently high quality and great service!! Plus it works!

I haven't made it yet.  I'm so worried I'm going to mess it up and I need to buy some stuff before I'm ready to make it

After researching and speaking to many companies, I choose Tehachapi tea for my essiac tea.  I have recommended the tea to many friends.  They have had very good results for a number of ailments.  I don't know what I would do without you

The service is exceptional as always.  Free fast shipping and more make this company stand out from others

I am a new user of this tea.  So far, I am convinced it was worth the try.  I have read extensively on this tea, and find that this tea is what it says it is.  I love the herby taste, and when you drink it, you can feel its warmness going thru!  Detoxing is what it is doing.  Certainly gives a gentle colon more constipation! I have more energy it seems...getting rid of junk just lying in the gut has to be worth it.  I am sold.  First bottle and getting ready to order another.  Just wondering what else it's cleaning that I don't know exists!!  I would highly recommend this product.  I am also a I am very particular what I take.

Awesome, friendly customer service and speedy free shipping!  Couldn't be happier!!

I am a researcher and have thoroughly investigated the origins of this tea.  I drink a cup every day as part of my overall health plan.  I believe it is one of the best products in my arsenal to maintain a healthy immune system and prevent opportunistic bacteria and viruses.  My husband began using the tea with success and I am very grateful to Chris for creating the Tehachapi Tea Company and providing such a pure source of this tea

Excellent service and product

Consistent quality, prompt professional service and a lifesaving product in my opinion

Thank you for making it possible for the tea to be an easy part of my life.  Thank you for your services - they made a difference in my life

Swift shipping, excellent product, friendly customer service, lots of research about essiac tea and references

author of "I Want to Live Using Essiac" (2012)

"I selected Tehachapi Tea Co on the basis of a recommendation by an independent organization ( - [now with new owners]) that reviewed a number of essiac products".  (Excerpt from book)

I am the founder of (site is now retired)

In my opinion, Chris Corpening RN has always been one of the very few who embodied and demonstrated those traits of an ideal essiac marketer.

Thanks, Chris, for the tea.  It is a blessing for so many.  It has been a lifesaver for our family.  Continued health and happiness to you and your family

I have ordered essiac from you for more years than I can remember and I have sent or told hundreds of others about your site.  I trust you make the real tea and I pray for you and those who work with you.  May the blessings received from your tea be multiplied back to you!