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Ethan Neo Financial Management

1 Wallich Street #37-01 Guoco Tower
Singapore Singapore , 078881

Responsive & Responsible

Ability to hold a conversation beyond the sale

Responsible & Trustworthy

Professional & credible. 

Ambitious & Creditable

Ethan comes across as more trustworthy and we know that he puts his client's interest as a priority.
Furthermore, he explains the policies clearly so it is easy to digest. Being honest about whether a specific policy is needed or plus as well.

Successful & Cool

Excellent communication. Sincere in serving my needs.

Good & Efficient

I feel that he is someone that I can trust.

Passionate & Professional

Feel no barrier between us, whether it is talking about life, to an insurance product. Trustworthy and a dependable advisor, first person to call if I need any help with regards to insurance.

Friendly & Easy-Going

Ethan able to advise what's the available option that is best for me!

Knowledgeable & Trustworthy

He takes the effort to understand the client's needs before recommending the most suitable product. 
I am able to trust him and is confident that My Financial Planning will be well taken care of.

Reliable Friend

I knew him since our uni days and he is always a trustworthy and reliable friend.

Approachable & Patience

Not too pushy.

Trustworthy & Friendly

Ethan is trustworthy and works hard to give the best deals to his clients. His plans are comprehensive and he is very understanding of his clients.

Friendly & Trustworthy

I met Ethan through a friend. I find him to be trustworthy, professional and able to value add to my policy needs. I highly recommend him to my friends.

Sincere & Knowledgeable

I had met Ethan since young from learning Taekwondo. He's a nice guy and work very hard achieve his ambitious which led to his achievement that he has right now.
Thank you for being my agent & plan what is right beneficial for me. Keep up the good work & continue working hard and achieve even more.
You can do it!

Trustworthy & Knowledgeable

I met Ethan in first year of University in my Acc 1 course. From the onset he was a hardworking and dependable friend.
I choose him as my agent because I am confident that before any meeting or proposal, he has thought through on what are my needs and how it impacts my portfolio.
Hope to continue to work together in the future.

Friendly & Sincere

I know Ethan from Julian. He is trustworthy & friendly. :)

Great Advice

I know Ethan from NTU TKD. He is a very friendly person with great insides to advice me in areas that I'm not familiar about. He is patient in explaining the gaps that I'm having regarding certain policy and I'm glad to know him.

Friendly & Professional

I know Ethan from NTU TKD. He is friendly and provide adequate & beneficial financial knowledge that is just right for me.

Knowledgeable & Trustworthy

I knew Ethan from Meridian Junior College. We were from 08Si01 and in the same CCA, Taekwondo. Although We haven't keep in contact after that but I feel that he has not changed much and I can talk to him like like before, with a easy-going and relaxed tone.
Ethan is responsible & reliable and that's why I let him handle my insurance policies. Stay focused no matter what happens! :)