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Family Tree Holistic Health

3345 N. Arlington Heights Road, Suite D
Arlington Heights Illinois , 60004
United States

Like family

Coming to see Karissa is like visiting with my sister.

Family Tree was recommended to me by my Pilates instructor for neck and shoulder pain. I was skeptical that acupuncture would help but thought I would try it. I felt better after the first session. I have seen Michael and Karissa. Both are very caring and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend either of them.

I’ve been going to Family Tree Holistic Health for about a year now. Acupuncture with Karissa has really helped loosen up my tight shoulder. She is very caring and always listens to my concerns and treats them accordingly. The office is very calming and the entire staff is super nice. I highly recommend Family Tree Holistic Health for all your alternative health care needs.

The best.

I had unsuccessfully tried acupuncture three times (going regularly) over the past ten years at other practices with no success, a lot of frustration, and side effects after every treatment that ranged from mild to severe. I had completely sworn off acupuncture because of this. Then I had a health issue flare up and my Dr recommended seeing Karissa specifically. I was desperate and had run out of other options so I agreed to give it a try. No side effects and I felt better after the very first session. I was shocked! I really think it’s the practitioner that makes the difference, and Karissa has a true gift. I have been seeing her regularly for months and it has helped me tremendously. In my opinion after trying other places previously, Karissa and Michael are the BEST in the entire Chicago area!

Migraine and stress relief

I and so grateful for being introduced to Michael and Karissa. I have struggled with chronic migraines and anxiety for as long as I can remember. Most migraine meds had stopped working except for prescription meds that made me sick. Since starting acupuncture about two months ago, my migraines have lessened in severity and frequency, and I’m using over the counter meds to manage the ones I do get. Michael and Karissa have done an amazing job working together to develop a plan of attack for me individually. They truly listen to and care about every patient they see.

Excellent care in the suburbs

Karissa is an excellent practitioner who works to find a treatment to help. I have seen her for circulatory issues, stress relief, and rosacea. Her acupuncture treatments are gentle and effective. We are glad to have found a great clinic like Family Tree so we don’t have to travel to Chicago for treatments.

Karissa is such a gift!

Our family is so grateful for Karissa McCallum, who has helped both my husband and I with her wonderful talent and skill of acupuncture. Our family wouldn't be the same without her!

Amazed as overall health time movement improve

It's been awhile since the migraines that I lost days of living have invaded. Over time and treatments I've seen and felt an overall improvement. Until someone said "I hope to move and have energy like you when I'm your age" hummm on the positive note. Others are seeing things change that I didn't go to acupuncture for. Grateful for Michael and Jasmines patience combined with understanding. That helps me continually keep moving with less or no pain which used to be daily.

Monthly Reiki with Jasmine is the highlight of my month! It is the ultimate self care and relaxation! She is very warm, kind and really takes her time with me. She answers any questions I have and also recommends appropriate treatments to compliment the Reiki!

I began services several months ago via Groupon and am so glad I did! I have continued with Reiki and recently began acupuncture! I learn a little more each time, because the practitioners are so informative and really take their time to treat you. I feel safe, comfortable and confident with their services and HIGHLY recommend them!!

We had a fantastic HypnoBirthing Class experience led by Jasmine. She was incredibly knowledgeable, kind and made learning fun. I highly recommend this class to any couples looking to try for a natural/unmedicated birth.

I've been going to Family Tree Holistic Health regularly since the start of the year. Michael takes the time to talk to me about what I need and is so helpful, calm and patient with me. My body has changed so much and greatly benefited since having acupuncture regularly. Every week I look forward to going to my appointment!

I have been going to Michael at Family Tree Holistic Health for almost two year now and am so pleased with the experience. He is a very kind and attentive treater who really takes the time to address your issues with specificity to your needs. I highly recommend Michael at Family Tree Holistic Health for your acupuncture needs. Update 10/8/19: I achieved pregnancy and took advantage of the HypnoBirthing Class led by Jasmine. She is very knowledgeable, kind and made learning fun. I highly recommend this class (series of 5 classes) to expecting parents seeking to have a natural/unmedicated birth.

Dr Sassack and everyone at this office is the best if you’re looking for good acupuncture office . Trustworthy, good doctors that actually care about you , and affordable .

I've been going to Family Tree Holistic Health regularly since the start of the year. Michael takes the time to talk to me about what I need and is so helpful, calm and patient with me. My body has changed so much and greatly benefited since having acupuncture regularly. I've also learned a lot about supplements and essential oils after talking to the staff. Every week I look forward to going to my appointment!

I use Family Tree Holistic for accupuncture and I couldn’t be happier. I started using them to balance hormones and get pregnant. I highly recommend Karissa. I even ended up using her for her doula services. This place is great and I love going there regularly!

Karissa is a healer and helped me prepare for my birth!

Karissa helped me prepare for my birth before and on the day of my labor with her acupuncture treatments. She helped me feel comfortable and completely ready for my birth experience. I had aches and struggled with pregnancy ligament pain and I would often feel low energy. In the weeks leading up to my birth, she helped me relax and I felt so much better after my treatments. One thing I noticed and appreciated is that Karissa offered to use essential oils with my treatments which also made a HUGE difference both physically and emotionally. Other acupuncturists I’ve been to did not offer this option! The day I started labor, Karissa was the first person(besides my husband) I saw! She was willing to do a house call and she and I shared a lovely breakfast together before she did my treatment. We talked about the joy of birth (it was a home birth) and she was so comforting and sweet. She was right there in my corner! Thank you Karissa for being such a huge part of my pregnancy and birth journey! I would recommend her to anyone!

Karissa is an amazing doula and acupuncturist!

Karissa is a wonderful doula and acupuncturist. We started working with her early in my pregnancy and she was always available to answer questions and would reach out to her large network for resources. She was very thorough in asking me what kind of environment I wanted when I was in labor and asked about things I liked/disliked so she could plan for how to best support us. We were planning a home birth and Karissa came over to the house when we were ready for her help and she was a calm, gentle support as labor unfolded. When things weren’t progressing, she gave me ideas of things to try to get labor started again. She gave me a gentle acupuncture treatment that worked well to get the contractions going again and used her essential oils to provide a relaxing environment as well as an oil on my abdomen to help get the contractions going. When we ended up transferring to the hospital, she stayed by my side as I was put on Pitocin and was a knowledgeable advocate with the OB and nurses as well as a continued support for me as I was scared and exhausted. She stayed with us for over 55 hours of labor until they took me in for a c-section. She stayed in contact in the days and weeks after our son was born and even brought a nourishing, home-cooked meal to us at home. I can’t recommend Karissa enough and am so thankful we had her by our side as we navigated a long, difficult labor and delivery.