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Felt Happens

We loved our Muppet Babies birthday set for my son’s first birthday!

Very responsive to message right away. Great service and love the work she does. I definently recommend.

I loved everything about it. The time frame is so understandable because there are plenty of orders. And I think you did a great job on my son's felt book. Nothing but positive words. You helped me out with the colors to pick. My son loves to play with it. He is autistic/ ADHD and these are very therapeutic for him and keep him busy and occupied. I look forward to adding more pages to it. You are generous and kind and very helpful. TnanTh again inloved my purchase and felthappens 🤗

My sister had the Buffalo Bill and was talking about how much she liked him but did not have the complete set of Hannibal and Clarice. One message to Felt Happens and she had designs made up, verified with me and received well before Christmas. She was fast, talented and always positive. Even held off on posting them for months so they could be a surprise to my sister.
Best surprise ever. Thank you!

She brought to life my custom order and my daughter loved it all! Extremely detailed and high quality. Already thinking of what I can order next

A friend surprised me with a Stubby Look-alike of me and they captured some details that blew me away. Everything from my company logo, my favorite camera, to my facial expressions lol. Still tripping over it hahaha. This is such a unique gift that will blow anyone away. If you really wanna take someone by surprise, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!

I highly recommend anything Felt Happens sells because of the great attention to detail and quality of the work overall. Felt Happens makes your custom order as if it were for them, so you'll always get a top quality product.