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Testimonial #13

I just would like to thank Adam and all FFR Team You saved my life. I got my money back. Thank you. From: Sun Trust Bank Subject: Your dispute case To: Arnold Date: Monday, July 9.2018,8:10 AM Dear Arnold We recently have determent that you won your dispute against XXXXXX We will credit your account in the following 24H with the Total amount of $100,000.00

Testimonial #11

Thanks to FFR I just received my life savings back. This is the best gift ever.

Testimonial #7

“Eight months in hoping and praying for it to get better but I'm 41K in the. They never do what you ask or make a promise and then never follow through. Worst decision I have ever made going with TRADERSKING. But then I found Financial Fraud Recovery and with there help I managed to get all my money back. Thank a million you saved me.”

Testimonial #1

“I have been through a lot trying to recover my lost Funds, Lawyers, and their stress, with no hope of achieving success until I was introduced to Yarden from FFR, who in a few months was able to recover my funds which I thought could never be recovered, can't still believe it all happened in just a few months, He made it all possible.”

Testimonial #2

“I plead with anyone planning on investing with any binary options broker, PLEASE DON'T TRADE WITH BINARY OPTIONS. I literally lost my life saving to that scam broker, I had $90,000 invested and I couldn't make withdrawals. Instead, I was asked to make more deposits before I can make any withdrawal, all was a big lie; they just wanted to suck me dry. The best thing that's ever happened to me was when Finance Fraud Recovery replied after asking for his help to recover my money. It took a whole lot of effort, but it was successful at the end. I recommend this company without a doubt.”

Testimonial #3

“I lost a huge sum of money to Binary options and after several attempts to recover my money but to no avail I sort so many ways to recover my money but still to no avail, luckily I sort the help of a recovery expert who later helps me recoup all I invested, Happy to share my experience with everyone out here. Thank you, Finance Fraud Recovery.”

Testimonial #4

“I also was in touch with Finance Fraud Recovery (FFR) a while ago. I vanished my investments with 24 option company 6 months ago and it was an amount of 150K euros, that I decide to multiply after selling my summer house. Luckily, I found Mr. Cohen from FFR and he helped me with recovering my money. In a few months, I was more than happy to get it back to my account. So, I advise you not to trade with Binary options. And a lot of pleasant and worm words to Mr. Cohen from FFR Company.”

Testimonial #5

“I would like to drop off few words about my negative and teaching experience with BOptions company. Like many others, I was contacted by the broker, and, despite the fact, I didn't have any knowledge about financial markets (I'm an ophthalmologist), got convinced by Peter Oaks, that I'll have all his assistance to make successful trades. Alright, sounds good, why not to try? After putting a large amount on my account, I’ve watched how my balance would go higher and higher. And, of course, seeing this “proof” of how I’m good at it, my manager Peter made me invest more over 50000 Euro. After a couple weeks of such magnificent trading, my account ended up over 340000Euro. An excellent opportunity to file a withdraw, no? No!! They released only 1500 in order to trick me invest more 100000. I didn’t have much money at the moment and I was put on hold... Weeks after nobody would even answer my calls or my emails. It became very clear, that I’ve become a victim of a huge and shameless scam. Time passed by and I was growing disappointed and very angry with my own naiveness. Only in May 2017, I came across Finance Fraud Recovery, company, who works against binary criminals. They gave me an amount to pay upfront and estimated my chances of receiving my money from Boptions. It was a little hard to believe someone over the internet and phone again, but I lost too much money and loosing just little bit more, in case if it’s another scam, was not that painful. So, I’ve paid, I’ve provided FFR with all documents related to my trading and waited. In total 4 months and relatively low cost, I got my money back, got trust in people back and I got my lesson!”

Testimonial #6

“Thanks to FFR team and Mr. Cohen I have managed to get my credit card chargebacks of 14k USD and got a wire recall transfer of about 22k.”

Testimonial #8

“Thank god for the help of FFR they are angels I was in a Total rip-off! make it look like you are double, tripling your money but then suddenly ask for more money and will lose money till you send in more. They never, ever let you withdraw your money. Any money you put in, you will never get back. With the legal assistance of FFR I got my 63K Euros back”

Testimonial #9

“Finally, I have been able to retrieve all my lost funds of about $45,000, which I never believed I would get again from an unregulated broker who stocked my trading capital for over 3 months now and denied my access to my trading account. I’m so glad that I have gotten back all my funds back without stress, all thanks to my neighbor who introduced me to a certified binary option recovery expert. Do you have funds that you wish to withdraw from your account, is your Broker manager asking you to make more deposit before you can place a withdrawal, have you last money from any investment online? are you confused, and you don’t know how to go about? Contact Finance Fraud Recovery (FFR)”

Testimonial #10

“I smile and act like nothing is wrong when I invested $200000 in binary option and got nothing in return, it’s called putting shit aside and being strong. But today I'm very strong when I got my lost funds back with the help of Yarden. He is generous and I'm grateful for his help.”