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Fire Fruits International

5036 Dr. phillips Blvd. Suite 198
Orlando FL , 32819

Fiery Orange Hot Sauce

My wife and I eat at a local Mexican restaurant pretty regularly and we tried a couple of Artisanal sauces today. The one we really liked is the one which does not appear to be on this site anywhere. It is sweet with the heat coming in a couple of minutes after taking a bite of the food it's on. I really don't think I've ever tasted a better hot sauce. Of course, my wife and I would enjoy trying all of them, but we didn't see any other ones at the restaurant.

The flavor is phenomenal...

I tried the FireFruits hot sauce today and fell in love with them all!!! You can actually tell what fruit it is made of...the flavor is phenomenal, and the heat afterwards make your taste buds tingle! If you want a fresh fruity hot sauce, bursting with flavor, this is the one to try...matter of fact try them all won't regret will only fall in love with them like I did.

BEST hot sauce out there

I alway liked eating spicy and tried many different hot sauces. This one is by far the best. Mango-Habanero is my favorite. It adds this amazing flavour and I use it in pretty much all my dishes to spice it up. I would recommend this to anyone!

Slapped my taste buds like a red-headed stepchild

I found the coconut-habanero sauce at an unfamiliar  to me Publix location - in the Florida Local section - and I was trying to decide between lime-cilantro (hot) and the coconut-habanero (medium).  I am not sissy hot sauce eater so I was really leaning towards the hot but the coconut sounded too good to pass up.  Tonight I got out the bottle to try with my nut tacos and that first taste had me hooked.  If that is medium, I cannot wait to try what you label as hot.  When I make my own sauce or salsa, fruit always figures prominently for the fresh sweet heat; but I have to admit this sauce is better than what I make at home.  I want to taste all of your sauces now and I am making a run back to that 'not in my neighborhood' Publix to grab another bottle of the coconut and the lime cilantro... OK maybe 3 bottles of the coconut.  This is some amazing stuff.

Lime Cilantro - Habanero by FireFruits

Excellent choice of flavors

Great hot sauce with excellent choice of flavors. Highly recommended from Scotland.

Really good hot sauce

I love hot sauce and if you like hot then the fiery orange is for you it left my taste buds wanting more highly recommend.

Really, really, good

I tried the coconut hot sauce and it was really good, my mouth was on fire and I still wanted more, after the cup of water lol!!!!!

Absolutely LOVE these Sauces!

I came across the Fire Fruits booth at the Old Town car show in Kissimmiee, and I have to say I am NOT a fan of anything spicy... But this sauce is absolutely AMAZING! The flavors are so bold, and balance BEAUTIFULLY! Definitely recommend them to anyone, the owners are great, nice people! Thank you guys so much!

Excelente sabores!!!

Excelente, Los Sabres en especial fiery orange, lime cilantro y tomato garlic, que continue el exito!!!

The variety of flavors is excellent.

The variety of flavors is excellent. I love the Fiery Orange! It's the best! Sweet orange flavor and a spice that builds with time. The mango was very good as well. I love hot sauce and these guys do it right and creative. 

Great hot sauce!!!

Great hot sauce!!! We tried the coconut and the cilantro lime which we both were surprised at how good they were.  Great locally made hot sauce.

I love the variety ......

I love the verity of spices and flavor they have. I really like the cranberry hot sauce the most.

Wow!!! These sauces are fantastic!!!

Fire Fruits offer a wide variety of flavors and different levels of hotness.  Overall, the sauces are fantastic!

The spice with the fruit mixture it was delicious!!!

Not a bigg fan of habenero sauces because of the spice but with the fruit mixture it was delicious! Not to hot with great flavor!!!


This is the best hot sauce ever made!! My favorites are Pinapple and Garlic Tomato! I used tomato with my pizza and Pinapple with my chicken tacos.

These sauces are awesome!!!

From tomato to fiery orange, these sauces are awesome. My favorite is mango; cant wait to grill some chicken with it

Best hot sauce ever!

Best hot sauce ever!  Amazing combination of flavors!  No doubt a WINNER!  Can't wait to try them in my cooking!  Can't pick a favorite!  They are all so good!