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First Media Academy

No 5 Teck Lim Road
Singapore , 088383

Good start for budding entrepreneurs

“I feel that the course is a good start for budding entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. The course mainly focuses on concepts and less on technical elements of design. Hence, as a graphic designer myself, the concepts are adequate and stimulates a lot of business ideas.”

Truly Amazed

“Overall, myself and my classmates felt welcomed and we sensed the sincerity of all the staffs in FMA/ FMDS. Truly amazed to have learned so much and the theory and activities we learned and partook in class are valid for different kinds of businesses.”

Gained more knowledge than I expected

“I will recommend this course for everyone to join! Even if you are a senior in life, you should never stop learning! It was very easy for me to understand and I gained more knowledge than I expected.”

Good course content

“The course content was good and it is not just for Graphic Designers. But this is more in-depth in thinking on the different kinds of criteria needed in different kinds of design.”

Sign up for more courses at FMA/ FMDS as I see great value!

“Really enjoyed the conversations with Mark, where he offers words of wisdom. Also very impressed by the way the supporting staff answer and handle my enquiries. (This is an area where a lot of companies neglect to deliver a complete learning experience at school.) This encourages me to sign up for more courses at FMA/ FMDS as I see great value!”

Systematic brainstorming process

“Chris is very creative and can think on the ball and outside the box. He is also very humble and friendly to help whenever we seek his advice on any topic. Overall, he communicates professionalism. This course was a good starting point for me as a potential Graphic Designer. Not everyone is born with fantastic creative brain. This course offers a systematic method to start the brainstorming process.”

Very knowledgeable! 10/10!!

“I will recommend this course to my friends and relatives who are interested in design related courses. It was a very informative class and the lecturers are very knowledgeable! 10/10!!”

Helps in exploring new ideas

“This course will definitely help Graphic Designers improve and explore new ideas. It will allow them to make new friends, exchange new ideas and bond more effectively. This definitely helps designers think from other perspectives when generating ideas.”

Information and inspiration to do further research

‘The delivery of David’s class and the course materials were very effective and we were able to use and discover more information and inspiration for us to do further research.”

Course encourages bold creativity and exploration

“The content for this course is very relevant and applicable for a potential Graphic Designer. This course encourages bold creativity and exploration, especially in the area of sketching many variations of possible logo designs and to arrive at the final artwork. The whole process unveils the discovery of finding the appropriate design based on the initial idea and concept.”

Transform concepts into real results

“David was very entertaining and was able to retain the attention of students. He shows good knowledge of the subject and is able to advise us in our work effectively. The in-class assignment such as sketches, mind mapping is really helpful towards idea generation. As there are many hands-on activities, it helps to transform concepts into real results.”

Interesting and Innovative Workshop

“IGT was an interesting and innovative workshop that has the potential of creating awareness to environment and creativity. It was demanding but the end product is worth it! There was adequate time and coaching from David to allow us to complete and understand our tasks. He takes great dedication in his job and enjoys elaborating on areas that need greater clarification.” Session - IGT

Keeping The Passion to Learn Alive at 56!

"Our trainer, Chris is a very creative person through the way he conveys his ideas and concepts that is easy for newbies like me to understand. His passion for design is contagious and he exudes a high level of excitement both outside and during classroom hours.” 

Session: Focus Group

Fun and Inspiring

I've listened to the speakers and was inspired by their stories about how they started their own business from having just a small amount of money. Its a bit emotional but I had fun!

Session: Uncut 

Gives Me Hope

After the workshop, it gives me hope to pursue my dreams to become a web designer even I find myself too old to start all over again.

Session: Workshop

Authentic Speakers

I've attended many seminars and talks before and I can say that those speakers in FMA are the most authentic I have ever heard.

Session: Entrepreneurship Summit

A Very Enlightening Sharing Session

“It has been a very enlightening sharing session. It is always great learning from people who have been there and done it and I’m glad that I have taken the first step towards that big leap.”

Session: Mentorship

Very Useful & Practical Advice

“Very useful and applicable advice/ theories.”

Session: Mentorship