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Thank you!

Thanks for image. Just shared with a few of my students. Best, -James

The Best Forex Website!

Love your website. Amazing.

Thank you so much again, for another FREE STRATEGY!!!!!

Thank you so much again, for another FREE STRATEGY!!!!! You are defenetly helping a lot of people. Have no idea how to repay this back, Thank u, thank u, thank u

Thank you very much for everything!

Hello Ryan, thank you very much for everything on your blog. I have lerned a lot from it.Especially the indicator, Oversold indicator version 2.7.3, I think it works well for me.

Thank you very much.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Ryan!

Hello Ryan, you are incredible, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.... At this moment I am busy with making a strategy which can make real huge profits and when I am finished with testing, I will let you know because I will use also your Support/Resistance indicator in my strategy.

True value for the FX Trading retail community!

I've been a follower of FX Trading Revolution for a while now. It's one of the very few blogs with true value for the FX trading retail community. Thanks so much for writing content with such quality.

Amazing and Helpful Website!

Dear FxTradingRevolution Team, your site is amazing and very helpful, especially broker truth sections!

Thanks FX Trading Revolution

Thanks for all the great info and indicators.

Great job FX Trading Revolution!

I'm reading your site from your beginnings and I'm your big fan!! Keep the great work going - you've helped me so much! The best FX website so far!

Thanks so much FX Trading Revolution team!

Thank you so much for the opportunity your group created to enlighten people like me. God bless you more.

My Favorite FX Website!

Fx Trading Revolution is my Favorite Fx website lots of free education and Free Indicators.

Great tools!

Profitable indicators. Good analysis.

Keep up your great work!

Going through your site opened new dimensions for me and I'm thankful to you Ryan and your team.

The most valuable and trusted FX site!

Wow, I am an experimented trader with thousand of reading hours beyond sites, articles, etc; and this is for much the most valuable and trusted site!! thanks a lot :)

Excellent Forex Resource!

Hey Fx Trading Revolution Team!

Thank you for the excellent resources, I discovered you website today thanks to one of your old indicators needing an update .. You really are providing a lot of value! Your indicators work really well by the way, excellent work!