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President of the Pine/Strawberry Take Pride Project, Safety Officer Tonto Rim Search and Rescue, retired high school teacher!

Fantastic person! Interested in the well-being of people & our environment! Very involved in our community and willing to move onto the state level! I highly recommend her!


Felicia French has the experience and integrity to represent us well at the state capitol. She combines a dedication to service with energy, problem solving skills and common sense.

Payson Campaign Manager

When I discovered Felicia at a democratic women's meeting here in Payson some months ago, I knew she was for real. As my time opened up, it also became clear that my next mission was to help get her elected--so that's what I'm doing. Felicia is solid and trustworthy, with a barrel of experience. She is also just like you and me. She faces the same life issues we do, and thinks clearly about solutions that can work for everyone. If you haven't yet met Felicia, do! Host a house party or ask us how you can attend one. Contact your local democratic party in legislative district 6 to find out what events Felicia will be attending. And donate--whatever you can. Hit the button on the home page.  This all costs money; that's just the world we live in. We'll put it to good use!


Felicia is an impressive, compassionate, candidate who cares about Arizona and our healthcare, education, and safety for all.  Her education and miliatry experience as a helicopter pilot, nurse and commander give her experience and a voice we need in Arizona!

Compassionate and dedicated public servant with ample moral courage!

Felicia is the most moral and compassionate person I know. She is also extremely solutions oriented, and is constantly researching best practices around the world to tackle social, economic, and environmental issues. She is a hard worker when it comes to serving her community, taking care of her family, and solving complex problems. She also never seems to run out of energy, and works around the clock to help others (whether it be a neighbor, a friend, a co-worker, a former soldier, or a stranger). She is a dependable person, a strong leader, and a great mother- I can claim that with confidence, since I am her daughter. I know that as our representative, she will use that same determination and grit to fight for laws that create a more equitable and sustainable Arizona.