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Detective / Retired US Marine

On May 5th, 2018, an opportunity to attend a Ranger’s Game in a private suite; tickets, food, and drinks provided, was offered to me, merely because I was a U.S. Veteran.  Normally I would not attend a large sporting event, due to my inability to relax in large crowds.  However, Knowing I would be in a private suite, with other service members, I exploited the opportunity.  This opportunity allowed me to share the experience with fellow military and service members from the area.  I must confess, a personal agenda, which the donation of this suite offered.  A Marine that served with me in Ramadi Iraq, 2004 with 2nd Battalion 4th Marines, was planning on attending.  I had not seen or spoken with this Marine since the horrific battles our unit endured.  I was able to see that Marine, Charles Lauersdorf, for the first time in over a decade.  Being able to see and talk to him after all these years was an opportunity of a lifetime.  I sincerely want to thank those who take the time to provide opportunities such as these for their United States Military personnel. 




MSgt Jamie Bunetto USMC (Ret).       

USMC Veteran

Thanks to FHF I had the opportunity to take in a Rangers game in a suite. While getting to meet fellow Marines from the area. I look forward to the day that I can return the favor.


I know that they've said they aren't doing anything life-changing, just giving back a little fun and relaxation to those who serve, but I have to disagree.  As someone who knows all to well the unexpected life can bring, its very moments like these that mean the most, are full of love and laughter, and are treasured for years to come...and THAT is life-changing!  As both a single parent and a teacher, I am often not able to partake in such events and this was truly a blessing to share with my daughter.  Thank you so much to all the donors who make this possible.  Words can't begin to express my gratitude!  

Fire Dept.

Thank you so much FHF. I work for a Fire Dept. In the DFW metroplex and was given the opportunity to go to a Ranger baseball game with my wife, and had a Awesome time. The seats were great and I know the family giving up the tickets made a big sacrifice so that i could go! Thanks so much for paying it forward, i hope each person receiving this generosity will continue to pass along the goodwill to others in anyway we can! Thanks again!!! Randall


An experience with family is an under-prioritized event that helps to heal men and women in public safety. Parts of the job that scar our hearts are healed by the love of family and time spent having fun! Thank you FHF! This was an experience my family will talk about forever!

USMC Veteran

Great time with great people. Thank you so much for the opportunity.