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Ghostwood Creatures

Tail and Ears

I had a tail and Ears set made by GhostwoodCreatures and I could not have been happier. My fursona is a Saber Wolf which is not easy to make. The products came out perfect and 2 years later they are just as beautiful and durable as the day I received them.

Reverb Update

Update: I mentioned above about how the arms didn't fit me well, and I just got the new set. They fit perfectly and just as good as the last one. She even allowed me to keep the old ones. Again, I would 100% recommend anyone to commission this company if you're looking for a fursuit!

[FA] ReverberatingWoof

I just got Reverb in the mail today, and I have to say that this is one of the cutest fursuits I've ever seen! The head fits perfectly and the visibility is incredible compared to the suits I've worn before. It's only day one, but so far, everything seems VERY well made and sturdy.

The only issue with my suit is that I messed up the measurements on my arms when she asked for them, and they are too short for me. I sent her a message and she replied within the hour offering to fix it free of charge!

I only had to wait 3 months since making the full payment back in October, and even though the original completion date was December, it was still finished in a VERY quick manor compared to other makers I've heard of.

Saji was very good about communication. The only times I couldn't get a hold of her (2-3 at the most), I got a response within a week. She also worked on my fursuit in a private stream once and week, and a public stream every Wednesday.

The price of the suit is MUCH cheaper than some of the other makers out there, and I personally think that the quality is just as good, if not better!

I would DEFINITELY 100% recommend Ghostwood Creatures to anyone looking to buy a fursuit in the near future. :)

[FA] SkuskyAero

One of the best artists ever commissioned imo. Quick work yet such attention to detail and very patient. Furever customer!

[FA] KatsuyukiMoon23

Hand paws I recieved after a small 'auction' for them on Facebook were in great quality and color! She had to re-make the whole paws due to seaming error but she got with me immediatly and worked with me. Really impressive skills and 10/10 will totally buy again! She was awesome and tried finding me on fb but we eventually go in touch on here (thankfully)!

[FA] MySweetHoneybun

I just got a set of beautifully made fox ears and a tail in a raffle and they are FANTASTIC! The ears are adjusted to the right size, and are very stable (they keep upright and don't wiggle much, if at all!) The tail is super squishy and soft, and also is very stable and holds its shape wonderfully. I would DEFINITELY recommend this maker any day!

[FA] Furpal

Ghostwood is very quick with her work, but doesn't rush it. She has beautiful work and is patient with her clients. Very polite and will work hard for your needs. The pricing is fair and I'm satisfied with the her work.


I have had this tail for about five or six months, even with the fluff being so powerful it distracts people so it was confiscated XD sorry!. I run everywhere on the weekends with it, and everyone loves to pet and grab it haha. It is an extremely great tail and not worth the price. SHE SHOULD CHARGE MORE! I have had it pulled so much no rips no tare everything is still fluffy! You would be silly to not buy from GhostwoodCreatures.