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gerry watkins

4800 n. 68th st. #361
scottsdale az

Testimonial #22

The seminars really helped me to be more mindful as a person and establish the true skills one requires to be a good leader and partner.

Testimonial #24

Always positive and uplifting. Motivational.

Testimonial #26

Have learned so much about being in control of my own actions . Love Gerry and his approach to teaching the world to become a more harmonious place starting with ourselves .

Testimonial #27

The classes have Been so helpful in encouraging a better mind set for myself. It also has helped give me a better outlook on how to gain a clientele without fear.

Testimonial #29

very great class! helped me view everything in a more positive attitude. I've finally realize what it's like to be in and out of the box

Testimonial #30

Great class for great minds

Testimonial #32

Gerry came to our school every Wednesday for 16 weeks. We looked forword to him coming here, his classes are very wise and inspirational. I highly recommend him taking one of his courses

Testimonial #33

Gerrys classes have really opened up my view of the world and taught me a lot about human communication and being successful in the real world

Testimonial #37

As a student at Avalon School of Cosmetology, having Gerry come and speak to our class was an amazing experience and opportunity while on my path to finding who and what I want to be and bring into this industry. His lessons were not only eye opening but also life changing. Thank you for your time G

Testimonial #38

Gerry took time out of his busy schedule to come to our school and over the course of 16 weeks he taught us stuff that I will remember and continue to use daily in my everyday life. His course is unimaginablely effective, but only if you practice and pay close attention. Enjoyed it very much! :)

Testimonial #20

Gerry is a captivating speaker and has no issues keeping the attention of his class. The students enjoy hearing his humble experiences, including business hardships, rewards and successes of hard work paying off.
I highly recommend Gerry for any presentation or topic. Contact me @ 480 277 0572

Testimonial #6

I loved this!! It's made me take a look at life in all kind of different directions!!

Testimonial #7

I have a different perspective on life after self talk!

Testimonial #10

Gerry had some really good insight into relationships (professional, personal, etc.), and provided viewpoints that I had never considered before.

I will definitely use the things I've learned in his classes through my relationships with family and friends, professional life & daily encounters.

Testimonial #11

I have learned so much from these classes. They have helped me handle difficult situations and criticism better, etc. I highly recommend these classes for self improvement!

Testimonial #13

As a student in Leadership Edge I feel like I've learned so much about myself. Within this course I've learned that self deception is extremely strong but definitely can be overcome. You make these self conscious decision that can be changed and no longer make it part of your conscience. Thank you !

Testimonial #14

Gerry's classes were amazing! I learned some great things to take back to my everyday life, not just my professional life. His presentations were well thought and gave me lots of wisdom to later use.

Testimonial #15

Gerry's classes have helped me navigate personal and professional relationships. I have become more aware of negative thoughts and have started to take responsibility for my attitude, happiness and success. Thank you, Gerry!