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Glenorie Bakery is one of the most beautiful places to eat. You can either sit down and enjoy your food or call in on the way home just to grab something delicious it has the best atmosphere inside and out and there’s no place I’d rather sit to drink my Sunday coffee, Not to mention it is run by the most beautiful family!! If you live locally or are just driving through make sure you call in and grab something!! 🥧🥐

It’s a great place for breakfast and lunch or just a coffee and a little delicacy. It has a fabulous little play are for kids and to top it off entertainment on the weekend. Can’t beat it as you next go to place. We traveled from the Central Coast for it, thanks Rob Pirina for a great must go to place

Good food, service and great atmosphere

Rob and team hosted the best party I could have wished for. Great event planning, food and service!! Important memories - thanks crew!!

Worth the drive. Love the tinshed old charm. The meat in the pie is special. Highly recommend.

We had a couple of burgers and nuggets. Really nice, good service, friendly service

Glenorie Bakery uniquely sets the fusion of an urban and a rural kind, distinctly carving out its charm as it stands round the corner of the Hills of Glenorie. Home to freshly baked delicious breads, pastries and pies, this café boasts of an antique interior designed to the tastes of outback Aussie culture. Inside, wooden logs run through the attics and the walls, wrought out chimney stands tall in the corner; stools and tables with wooden pieces are clawed on to thick iron stands… emanating an old, rustic aroma that sways your mind back from the bustling city. The air is filled with wafting smell of fresh bakes… a slightly deeper inhale brings out the distinct aroma of locally brewed coffee. The coffee menu is standard, this time I ordered Skimmed Cappuccino. The cappuccino served in a wide-mouthed cup is indeed an expression of self, with a strong hit of bittered caffeine blended with mild acidity. I twisted my tongue in search of a sweetened savour, rolled it back again only to taste the slow roasted pour-overs. I left the place with a clear mind; indeed drinking coffee has evolved from simple morning stimulation into an expression of values, woven into a myriad of different cultures.

Great ambience, delicious pies, good coffee & fabulous cakes & pastries. Best in Sydney

Awesome bakery with lots of delicious sweet & savoury treats ....something for everyone

Highly recommended great atmosphere too.

Amazing food and lovely service ! The atmosphere is beautiful too! Overall amazing bakery and highly recommend it to anyone and everyone

Great place to relax catch up with people and have a good old fashioned Aussie Pie! Love the rustic feel and use of heritage items in the design and layout. Good set up that’s great for families where the kids can go crazy in play area while the adults can relax enjoy a pie (or other gourmet delights on the menu) have a drink (or two) and know the kids are safe.

Love the styling, foods delicious and great customer service