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GMAT Clinic

International House, 776-778 Barking Road
London , E13 9PJ

GMAT Clinic seriously helped me achieve a top GMAT score. The preparation material is perfect for self-paced learning and really provides high-value strategic insights. The videos with practice problems and detailed explanations are really helpful and convenient for studying on the go. The answer explanations are broken down to such a simple level that I was able to understand mathematical concepts which I never understood before. In the end, I managed to increase my score by 130 points!

GMAT Clinic really helped me improve specific areas, most of all in the Problem Solving part. This is where the quality of the preparation material made all the difference. Practicing on my own, I received scores in the 620-670 range. With GMAT Clinic's self study guide I could focus on precisely my problem areas. Breaking the 700 score seemed impossible at first, but after going through the strategies and practicing them on different questions, I was able to see a clear improvement - showing me that it was working. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed when I saw that 710 on my score report after the exam. I am really glad about my choice and highly recommend the self-study guide to everyone who wants to study at their own speed.

"THANK YOU GMAT Clinic! You helped me to achieve a score that I honestly through was impossible! I never scored higher than 640 in the practice exams, but walked away with a 750 on my test this morning! I truly believe that GMAT Clinic gives students all the necessary preparatory materials to achieve a Top score. Overall, the greatest benefit I got from your preparation material was the confidence that I prepared myself as good as possible. Thanks again - I'm so pleased I chose GMAT Clinic!!!

GMAT Clinic is simply awesome. The well developed combination of video tutorials and strategies with practice questions and explanations couldn't be more effective. Not only did I get a higher GMAT Score than I expected, but I feel like the preparation material actually made me smarter and prepared me better for the business world.

Being a native English speaker and IT graduate, for me it was most important to review the fundamental concepts to the quantitative section of the GMAT and practice representative questions - I didn't want to buy a lot of additional features which I didn't need. GMAT Clinic exceeded expectations - the tutorial videos were all very well structured and made it easy to understand the strategies. They were the perfect tool for my GMAT preparation.

My first score was a 700, a 60 points improvement compared to my last practice test before studying the video tutorials. Highly recommend them to everyone.

"The self-study guide GMAT Clinic is structured like a robust tutoring guide for the elite students. It focuses on the fundamentals in the beginning which is imperative in order to build upon deeper and more challenging subjects ahead. 

I've tried Veritas Prep and Magoosh but I found that the GMAT Clinic concept gave me a much better grounding for success. With the self-study guide, I raised my score by 110 points in 30 days and would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting into a top MBA program."

"One of the main reasons that I chose GMAT Clinic over the other GMAT prep schools is the extensive knowledge of its tutors. For me that was very important because I needed to have confidence in the advice my tutor was giving me. In the past weeks, I have been extremely impressed with their knowledge, approach and patience. In the live preparation seminars, my tutor supported me along the preparation process. 

Without your support, I don't believe I would have applied to some of the top programs, much less get accepted into one. Thank you!"