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Sittler Golf Center

15475 Kutztown Rd
Kutztown PA , 19530

Iron fitting

I’ve been a Sittler golf customer for 20 years, and the reason starts with the Kline family. I’ve taken numerous lessons and bought countless clubs for Sittler golf over the years because Rick has the knowledge, the skill and the patience of no one else in the industry. In my opinion, he is the nations #1 clubfitter, and we are blessed to have him in the Lehigh Valley. I’m getting older so I’ve lost some clubhead speed, i don’t get out much, so i needed some extra forgiveness as well. I have decent knowledge of golf equipment and I’ve read great reviews of the new Mizuno JPX 919 hot metal irons. Based on my data, Rick started out with 6 comparable clubs for me and as patient as a saint, he methodically and systematically fitted me into the best new iron for my swing. I cannot thank him enough for everything.

Great Expierence

Today I spent a few hours at Sittler Golf Center with Rick Kline and family. I was impressed with their ability to demo several brand named clubs and a personalized professional fitting. Thanks, I look forward to delivery.

Iron Fitting

Iron fitting with Ricky. Wanted more distance with irons and had done extensive internet research. Ricky assembled my requested clubs and had some surprises. One of the surprises won. Patient and knowledgeable.


I was fitted for a new driver a few weeks back by Ricky. I was able to try multiple clubs to determine which one would work best of my swing. I thought Ricky gave me a tremendous amount of feedback pertaining to my swing. I am very satisfied with my experience and will definitely return.

First Golf Lesson in MY Life

I had my first ever golf lesson today and Rick was outstanding. I started playing golf regularly in the middle of the season last year and to call me a "hacker" would be overly generous. Rick started with the fundamentals of grip, stance, ball position, swing, and follow-through. Amazing results immediately. Have to practice now and apply my corrected technique. Thanks, Rick. I'll let you know how it goes.

Driver fitting

Ricky made me feel very comfortable during my driver fitting. He was very knowledgeable & was able to improve my distance & direction with the club adjustments he made.

Great Experience fitting and lessons

had Rick to get fitted for irons,Rick would not sell clubs till I got my swing under control...took awhile but Rick was very patient..came back a couple month's later all messed up...took awhile but Rick was very patient again...playing the best golf in a long time..Rick is the best,everybody is very nice..great place to go if you want your game fine tuned.or buying.thanks so much Rick

Incredible Experience

My 15 year old son had his fitting today and Ryan was his staff pro. What an incredible experience! Ryan took the time to get to know my son, know his game, and know what he was looking for. He was purposeful with every step and was able to get my son set-up well. Most important to me, he treated my son with respect and outstanding customer service.

Club fitting

I had a club fitting with Ricky and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. This young man is knowledgeable, funny and patient. He gave me great suggestions, and thoughtful insight into the different brands I tested. I can’t wait to get my new clubs and will surely recommend Sittler’s to anyone looking for professional help on selecting new clubs.

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Testimonial #141

Lesson with Rick, patient, thorough and just 5 items to work on in the coming weeks. Would recommend Rick and Sittlers!

Awesome lesson, putter purchase, and atmosphere

I've been here dozens of times in my golfing life (the last 6 years) and have always enjoyed the facilities that are available, but the last two years and especially the last few months have meant a lot. I work for the First Tee of the Lehigh Valley as an assistant coach, and while Sittlers hasn't been my place of work, Rick Kline has always treated me well at meetings and in general. In addition, when I went there to buy a new putter in June, Ryan Rogers was working there and gave very good advice as to what to pick without any pressure whatsoever. I've since taken two lessons with Ryan Rogers and both have been wonderful. He understands what I'm saying, and then within one swing he's immediately able to identify the issue, and provides the correct combination of words visuals to understand how to do it, practice it, etc. This most recent lesson was only scheduled to be 1/2 hour but went 50 minutes, and you could tell that enjoyed doing it and that he cares about the customer improving their game. Top service all around, for players of all skill levels.

Great Fitting Session

It was time to get fitted to fine tune my equipment & mechanics. Ryan provided a great fitting analysis experience along with incorporating instruction. Approach your fitting with an open mind, no equipment bias, and Sittler Golf will design your equipment that is right for you!

Iron fitting

Had an iron/hybrid fitting with Ricky. Most enjoyable experience. We were able to share ideas and come up with clubs that fit and are playable. Can't wait till they come in. Highly recommended.

Great Fitting Service

Had Ryan Rodgers for a driver and long wood fitting. 100% worth the investment and Ryan was very helpful with choosing the right club and combination. Definitely recommend to anyone to come out and get a fitting here. No pressure was given to force me to buy clubs.

Driver Fitting

After 2 years of procrastination I decided to get a driver fitting. By the numbers I have an “off the rack” body so why not use an “off the rack” driver. Turns out I don’t have an “off the rack” swing. I couldn’t be happier with the time and attention I received (including a setup tweak) in getting fitted for a new driver. Having a club suited to my swing took me from high and right to straight or slight draw and consistently long. Ryan was great to work with and I highly recommend the process. I’ve known Rick for 20 years and he has worked with my sons, fitted me with irons, and obviously employs people with like skill, attitude, and approach. There is no substitute for being fitted with the right equipment and these are the right people for the job.

Great Experience

Rick was very patient and encouraging. Can’t wait til I get my new irons. At age 65, this will be the first set of clubs that weren’t hand-me-downs (or -ups).

Great lesson

Had my first golf lesson at age 62. Ricky was patient, encouraging and helped me and my game tremendously. He videotaped my swing, showed me my swing and improved my swing. His explanation was not overwhelming and started slow. Very appreciative and would highly recommend to anyone frustrated with their swing. Thanks Ricky!