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Sittler Golf Center

15475 Kutztown Rd
Kutztown PA , 19530

Golf Club Fitting

As a graduation present for my twins sons, I wanted to get them each fitted for a set of irons. We made an appointment at SIttler's and we had a great experience. Each of my sons had one on ones with the pros (Ricky & Ryan) and they systematically worked thru the process to get them set up with the right clubs and made it fun and informational as well. I highly recommend them both if you are looking to get set up with a new set of clubs!!!

You CAN Teach an Old Dog!

At the age of 70 I am learning to play golf for the first time and attended Get Golf Ready I and II, under the expert guidance of Ryan and Ricky. I also had a private lesson with Ryan which was very helpful. I am steadily improving and thoroughly enjoying this new endeavor. I was very nervous and apprehensive about possibly failing and feeling foolish for attempting this at my age. Right from the start, Ryan and Ricky treated me with respect and professionalism, building my confidence, always encouraging me with praise, and helping me to relax and have fun. Thanks to Sittler’s fantastic program and staff, I will be able to play golf with family members and friends who love the sport, and will no longer be left behind, missing the fun.

Professional Fitting

In April I received my first ever professional fitting for a golf set. My experience surpassed all expectations that I had. The young professional fitter, Ricky, was friendly, professional, patient, and passionate for the game of golf. This is a well run family owned business that I would recommend to anyone for all things golf. I waited until now to write my review because I wanted to see how my new clubs performed. Thanks to Ricky, I am now consistently hitting the ball crisp and closer to the pin more than I ever have in my life. Thanks Sittler Golf!

Comprehensive club fitting

Today I had a full bag fitting. I was very pleased with the process. Rick even did details that I would have forgotten to what is the best ball for my swing and grip size. I got to try all the different clubs I would ever hope to swing. I'm so excited for my clubs to come in. Then will be the try test. I'm confident!! Go to Sittler's for the best in our region.

Lesson w ricky

Gave my a couple great pointers to work on without overwhelming me. Kept it simple. Plan to follow up w another lesson.

Great club fitting

On May 10, 2018, I had a club fitting with Rick. He worked with m for nearly 2 hours and let me hit a variety of irons until I felt comfortable with them and made up my own mind as to what I felt most comfortable with. Then it was on to Driver and fairway woods, then to hybrids. Rick was there to listen to my comments and make some suggestions, all leading to what I hope to be the best clubs for my swing. Clubs will be picked up on June 1, and I'm also taking a 1/2 hour lesson with Rick at the time. Overall, it was a great experience

Testimonial #127

Don’t let his age for you, Ricky is a pro! He really knows what he’s doing. I took both golf one and golf two with Ricky as well as two private lessons. I have a long way to go, but I feel very confident thanks to Ricky’s instructions.

Amazing Experience

I have nothing but positives to say about my experience on 512/18. Ricky discussed my golf game with me, strengths, weaknesses, etc. RIcky didn't push me towards a specific club/brand, but rather let me hit and decide based on feel, accuracy, and distance. He knew which club(s) would suit me best, and really made an effort to describe what would benefit me. I left more than satisfied knowing I wasn't just a number, but a valued customer that Ricky wanted to help. I encourage any/everyone to get a proper fitting at Sittler Golf!

Want to Gain 20 to 25 yards?

Go to Sittlers for a great fitting, professional advice, and do test drive an XXIO Driver. As for XXIO irons, I’m hitting those 10 to 15 yards farther. Yesterday I picked up all but three of my XXIO clubs and today played Olde Homestead, (yellow tees) back-nine first for a 39 and the front nine—the harder nine—for a one over par 38, lowest score of the year. And I was not putting well! ( Just wait till I get used to these clubs and get my hybrids!) XXIO’s are for seniors or anyone with a swing speed under 90. I’m going to be 80 years old in September and won the Legend’s Division in 2010 at Lehigh Valley Amateur at Green Pond CC and also was District 11 champion back in 1956 from Allentown High School.

clubfitting with Rick

awesome time with Rick for my first ever club fitting. he won't push you towards a certain brand, but lets you hit them and you decide what looks and feels right for you. he was even so kind as to help with a few minor adjustments to help me swing better and make better contact. ran out of time before we got to check putters, but i can take care of that when i go for a lesson which will be in another review. all the staff was very friendly and courteous and very generous with their time and knowledge if i had any questions. thanks for a great morning

Club Fitting w/ Ryan Rogers

This was my second iron fitting at Sittlers, and first with Ryan. I would check the "Completely Satisfied" box again! Just as the first time (years ago), I was given plenty of options to choose from and excellent professional input from Ryan. No pressure, no hassle, just a great process. I picked the clubs up yesterday and hit them at the range today. Great job Ryan! I am very pleased, Thank You !!

Club Fitting with Rick Kline

Rick, great job with the clubfiting yesterday! Very thorough and helpful....I was striking the ball right on the sweet spot within an hour and I am completely satisfied with my fiiting for new clubs. Can't wait for my new Mizunos!

Ryan Rogers - Great Young Teacher

I've had three lessons with Ryan, and I think that he's given me only a couple of new swing thoughts - nothing complicated. And the result is that I'm hitting the ball much more consistently than I ever have. I like the simple approach. He is very patient and attentive. I would recommend him.

Rick the golf guru

Thanks to the crew at Sittlers! Rick, after a few lesson, had me synced and swinging with confidence. It's going to be a great season !

Best Golf Center

Best golf center I’ve been to. I went in for a club fitting and couldn’t have been more pleased by the process. The pro I dealt with Ryan was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend him and Sittler Golf to anyone who is looking for new clubs!

Great Experience

Ryan and Rick are true professionals and add a great amount of positivity to the fitting. Neither have a bias to a certain brand. Rick even showed me some things I was doing incorrectly with my swing, which he didn’t have to. I would recommend Sittler’s, Rick, and Ryan to anyone who loves the game and wants to improve.

Ryan Rogers: Ultimate Club Fitter

Ryan helped me out a day ago to get fit into some Callaway Woods for next year and boy do I feel confident for the 2018 season. He showed me some very helpful data on how my current clubs were behaving and how my new equipment will make my game even better. Go to Sittler's for ANYTHING Golf !!! Rick and his staff will take great care of you and help you with any of their golfing needs p.s. they have mini golf and ice cream


I've played for 15yrs..a few times a year. Consistently inconsistent would best describe it..always chasing the last shot, trying to do the opposite of the previous ball flight, zero success. Duffs, bullets, outright wiffs..and then 1 idea why. My game to a tee. Rick had me fixed up and hitting straight, lofty shots in a matter of minutes. Just had my second lesson, and I'm blown away. I must've hit 30 balls to a target after this 2nd lesson, out on the after the other. I'm extremely excited for this season.. just booked my 3rd lesson in March. Go see Rick. Go. If you love to play, and are having trouble, GO SEE RICK.