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Shelly Ryder Communications

141 Weaver Trail
New Hill NC , 27562

Websites for small businesses

I have had multiple websites designed and re-designed by Shelly. She does an amazing job on anything she touches! She is very particular, responsive and knows all the details that make a website successful. She does whatever it takes to do it right. Shelly actually takes the time to do her own research and reach out to people to find ways to help my business. That's hard to find nowadays. I would highly recommend Shelly, not only for websites but for any marketing!

Technical Literature for Johnson Controls

Shelly has been a great resource for helping our company create and edit our technical brochures, catalogs, and documents. She is very thorough in her work and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the job is done the right way. Shelly’s experience in the technical industry combined with her skills in graphic design make her an invaluable partner to our company and one that we always look forward to working with. Thanks Shelly!

Website for Carroll Air Systems

Shelly developed our website on the mobile friendly platform while keeping the site attractive and PC user effective. The speed at which Shelly works combined with her solid technical training and creative flair gave us a great result well within budget and quickly. Shelly is never the pacing factor. She has worked well with our photographer and with our suppliers. Shelly has coached us on SEO and helped us with Google Analytics to understand our effectiveness. She has tied in our Facebook and LinkedIn sites and is working with us and our social media consultant to integrate our online presence. Shelly enables us to edit and change our site ourselves which allows us to keep it fresh and interesting and free of unintended or outdated content. It is a pleasure to work with Shelly.

Graphic design for non profit

Shelly Ryder did a fantastic job on a 4-page brochure and several flyers for The Power of the Dream. We are a non-profit with the mission to create jobs for adults with autism/IDD. Shelly very quickly developed a deep understanding of what we are about and how to translate that into beautiful and professional looking marketing materials. Her choice of colors, graphics, and lay-out was spot on, and we received very positive feedback from the community on all of the materials Shelly designed. She also helped us improve the functionality of our website. Shelly was very responsive, knowledgeable, dedicated, and professional. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her.

Website for HandMeUps Thrift Store

Shelly very generously volunteered her time and skills to help us improve our website. She took a lead in creating the design and getting the site up and running and it was a dramatic improvement to our old site. She was incredibly responsive and patient in helping me understand how to make the most of our website and walked me through the steps I needed to learn how to edit the site myself. All of this was done on a volunteer basis, in spite of her own work and personal obligations. I highly recommend working with Shelly. She is extremely capable and a pleasure to work with.