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Green Gold Nutrition

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Memphis MI
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thank you!

I'm so happy that I discovered your products.  After trying so many different supplements, I really had given up hope of ever finding anything that had all the nutrition I needed. I have lots of energy, I’ve lost weight and I just feel good. THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating such a premium product at such an affordable price! You are a Blessing! The All in One Formula is a must for everyone! Try it, you’ll feel great before you know it!

Go Green!

Before Green Gold, I was afraid of getting sick. I was somewhat of a germa-phobe. Even as a young girl, when I got sick, it hit me hard and I lost weight, which I couldn't afford to do. The immunity boost the All-in-One Powder gives me is amazing! I went 2 1/2 years with no viruses! Now, knowing that GreenGold protects me, I don't live with the dread of getting sick. Go Green! Beat Bugs!

All in One Formula

This product is amazing! I feel good again in my 60's. I have more energy. It's helped my focus and concentration. My aging aches and pains! You must try this product young and old! It's really green tasting, so I just add a scoop to my smoothie and it works great mixed with my pineapple juice, blueberries and bananas! Thanks !

Great product

Highly recommended.

All in one formula

Took this daily while pregnant with my son and when he was born everyone was shocked at how strong he was! It also helped keep my energy levels up after the baby was born. I only wish it also came in capsules because it would make it easier for daily use. I recommend this to all my friends and family and always will!!!

Bipolar woman experiences renewed health with Green Gold Nutrition - Video Also submitted

 I want everyone to know about my good health. Dan Senkiewitz introduced me to his supplemental regiment even before Green Gold was developed and I have been using it ever since. I used to have mental illness episodes before taking this supplement, but never since. Not in eight years! Nor have I experienced even a cold or the flu. My doctors attribute Green Gold to my healthy gums, excellent and STABLE mental health and physical well being. At sixty-eight yrs of age I do not have diabetes, heart disease, high triglycerides or hypertension. I am fortunate because especially I do no longer experience bipolar relapses. I am very grateful for this "secret" to good health- and I will never live without it. Thank-you.

Bipolar woman experiences renewed health with Green Gold Nutrition

It's For Real

I was at Gibralter trade center saw your booth . Two gentleman starting telling me about your product . I took the literature, looked up the website and thought id give it a try. Ive tried many supplements before and tjis is the first time I felt a noticeable difference in how I felt in such a short time. Its for real!

Testimonial - Energy & Mental Clarity

I have been continually impressed with this product from the very second I seen the high quality ingredients listed. After being on this for 6 months both my husband and myself are definitely hooked. We have more energy and mental clarity. Honestly this is the best supplement I have ever taken.

Testimonial - planters fasciitis/ more energy / better concentration

Love this product!!!!  I have been taking green gold for over a year. After the first week, I noticed green gold gave me more energy, I was more alert and my concentration was better. At that time, I was also suffering with planters fasciitis for about 18 months. It was so bad I couldn't even walk on my right foot, it was starting to go into my left foot as well. History- before I found green gold… I went to a foot doctor and worked with him for about 8 months. Getting expensive inserts made for my feet and wearing certain shoes. (He also told me I would never be able to wear my dressy shoes again, which was hard for me. I love shoes and fashion, I had probably over 50 pairs) After 8 months nothing was working, then my doctor recommended doing surgery as a last option. I refused the surgery I told him I would find a natural way. For the next 8-9 months, I tried all sorts of natural remedies trying to heal my feet. I bought exercise tapes, herbs, tools and equipment they advertised for planters fasciitis. I got some relief but still had pain most of the time. I pretty much had stopped trying and was learning to live with the pain, giving away all my shoes that I could never wear again. I bought a couple pairs of tennis shoes which I was very unhappy about, but everything else hurt my feet so bad I couldn’t even make a step in them. Then my husband found green gold and we started using it as our daily supplement. I did not expect it to heal my feet and didn’t even think about taking green gold for that reason. After, about 6 months of supplementing with green gold my feet were no longer causing me pain. Today I am pain free and my planters fasciitis is totally gone. This tells me, give your body what it needs and it can probably heal itself! And Guess what? I have over 50 pairs of awesome shoes again and lots of energy to wear them out! Thank you, Green Gold!”

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Testimonial - Energy & Focus

Love this stuff. Have been taking the flavored formula every day for a month. My energy levels are up, and I'm focused.


Good stuff

Testimonial - Sick to Healthy

Green Gold has become a daily staple for me and was largely responsible for my transformation from sick every couple of weeks to healthy, hardly ever sick, and very energetic. All my friends who've tried it it have had similar results and I couldn't recommend it more.


The secret to longevity..starts with Green Gold!!!


AMAZING hormone cream