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Green Gold Nutrition

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Best multivitamins I've ever tried

When I got pregnant with my 1st son, I scoured the internet to find prenatals that are good and dont contain a whole bunch of extra crap. When my husband told me to try GreenGold I was a bit skeptical, but after I took it for a week I noticed an improvement in my energy and over all health! Also when I was pregnant I couldn't swallow pills because of my gag reflex so the powder in a smoothie blend worked out so perfectly. After I gave birth everyone would always remark at how strong my baby was by being able to hold up his head so well! I have taken greengold as prenatal vitamins with both of my pregnancies and so far, have two handsome healthy boys! I continue to take greengold and will always come #1 recommend by me!! Because I'm a mother of 2 I dont always have a chance to make myself a shake(hehe) but, whenever I feel a cold or sickness coming on I take my green gold and I get better within a day or so! I even give this to my children, I sneak it into their cereal or smoothies and I feel confident that they are getting enough fruits and veggies and good vitamins that will help improve their overall health and immune system! Just give them a try and I promise you they are so worth every penny! Im also super excited to try their capsules!!!! You go GreenGold!!!!!❤❤❤

Blood Test Results

In October 2016 I went for my doctor appointment and had some blood drawn. My results were not good. Glucose 303 High, Hemoglobin 11.40 High, MCH 33.6 High, HDL 30.8 Low, and Triglycerides 252 High On November 2016 I had a blood analysis. It was suggested that I start the following... Kidney cleanse, Probiotics Essentials, Enzymes Essentials and GreenGold Nutrition. I also changed my diet to less carbs and sugar. On Jan. 6 2017 I went back to the doctor for another blood test, the results were great! My Glucose went from 303 to 103, Hemoglobin 11.40 to a 5.80, HDL from a 30.8 which was low to a 35.1, Triglycerides from a 252 to 22.6!  thank you Green Gold!

Changed our lives

My wife, daughter and I all started taking Green Gold several months ago and it has made an enormous difference. For me, I had very bad brain fog and had been taking very large amounts of Potassium daily because my of a condition that made me waste it, Green Gold and an adrenal support have eliminated both problems. We all have more energy without the crash. My wife has better focus and my daughter, that is age 13, isn't having the normal physical problems that come with being a teen girl. We have told many friends and they are all noticing a big change in their lives. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!!!

I love Green Gold Nutrition

I love the Green Gold Nutrition product. I have more energy and feel good all over my body. It helps with leg cramps from Neuropothy, muscle aches and doesn't taste bad either when added to apple juice. I use this every day. Thank you Green Gold.


I am a mother of four and a very active woman. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with Fibromyaliga which limited my activeness and desire to play with my children. The doctor has tried several different medications to help elevate the pain, but none of them have worked. I was at the New Baltimore Farmer's Market last year, and one of the holistic booths was selling GreenGold and suggested trying it. I tried it for a couple of months. I noticed I had a significant less amount of pain. I was no longer waking up feeling as though my body was being pulled in four different directions. When the farmer's market ended for the season and I ran out of the product, I unfortunately did not bother to order more. Within a week, I could tell a big difference in a negative way. The pain was back. Therefore, I went on the website to order some more. I started it about three weeks ago, and my pain has minimized. Thank you GreenGold for giving me back a pain-free life and especially because it is 100% all natural. I can be the mom I want to be again.

Energy it gives you is amazing!

My husband and I use the original Green Gold Formula in powder form. Nothing else quite compares to it. The amount of energy it gives you is amazing! We noticed a difference in the way we felt only after a few days of taking it. It’s packed with nutrition! It’s definitely a game changer!!

Great Product!

I purchased the original formula since I planned on adding it to smoothies and juices that were already flavored. I actually loved the slight earthy taste that it added. It made me feel good from the very first serving. My energy levels and mental focus increased and I just had a good overall feeling, as if I was giving my body exactly what it wanted. It has everything that I was looking for in a supplement and is free of soy, diary, animal products, and other things I wanted to avoid. I used 1 spoonful a day and sometimes used 2 because I really enjoyed the way it made me feel and the taste. So far, I've used 2 full containers and am completely happy. Would highly recommend to anyone to give it a try. It made a huge difference for me. Thank you for this terrific product!

Satisfied customer

Been using several Green Gold products for 2 years now, and am very happy with the results

Difference maker

Green Gold is a difference maker. It has helped me with energy as well as an overall healthier way of life. I dont need to use anything else. Its a super supplement that covers all bases.

Love Green Gold Nutrition

Im 55 years old- been taking this for 9 months, ran out for two weeks, cant believe the difference in how I feel- cant live without it!

thank you!

I'm so happy that I discovered your products.  After trying so many different supplements, I really had given up hope of ever finding anything that had all the nutrition I needed. I have lots of energy, I’ve lost weight and I just feel good. THANK YOU SO MUCH for creating such a premium product at such an affordable price! You are a Blessing! The All in One Formula is a must for everyone! Try it, you’ll feel great before you know it!

Go Green!

Before Green Gold, I was afraid of getting sick. I was somewhat of a germa-phobe. Even as a young girl, when I got sick, it hit me hard and I lost weight, which I couldn't afford to do. The immunity boost the All-in-One Powder gives me is amazing! I went 2 1/2 years with no viruses! Now, knowing that GreenGold protects me, I don't live with the dread of getting sick. Go Green! Beat Bugs!

All in One Formula

This product is amazing! I feel good again in my 60's. I have more energy. It's helped my focus and concentration. My aging aches and pains! You must try this product young and old! It's really green tasting, so I just add a scoop to my smoothie and it works great mixed with my pineapple juice, blueberries and bananas! Thanks !

Great product

Highly recommended.

All in one formula

Took this daily while pregnant with my son and when he was born everyone was shocked at how strong he was! It also helped keep my energy levels up after the baby was born. I only wish it also came in capsules because it would make it easier for daily use. I recommend this to all my friends and family and always will!!!

Bipolar woman experiences renewed health with Green Gold Nutrition - Video Also submitted

 I want everyone to know about my good health. Dan Senkiewitz introduced me to his supplemental regiment even before Green Gold was developed and I have been using it ever since. I used to have mental illness episodes before taking this supplement, but never since. Not in eight years! Nor have I experienced even a cold or the flu. My doctors attribute Green Gold to my healthy gums, excellent and STABLE mental health and physical well being. At sixty-eight yrs of age I do not have diabetes, heart disease, high triglycerides or hypertension. I am fortunate because especially I do no longer experience bipolar relapses. I am very grateful for this "secret" to good health- and I will never live without it. Thank-you.

Bipolar woman experiences renewed health with Green Gold Nutrition

It's For Real

I was at Gibralter trade center saw your booth . Two gentleman starting telling me about your product . I took the literature, looked up the website and thought id give it a try. Ive tried many supplements before and tjis is the first time I felt a noticeable difference in how I felt in such a short time. Its for real!