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Great products and brilliant service, CBD oil was great for my fathers gout problems. The pet oil is also fantastic! Would recommend these products to literally everybody.

My father has Alzheimer's Disease  and since being on the CBD Dominant range he has more good days then bad, so happy to have found your website all those months ago.

I have been on the CBD Dominant oil for 4 months and after suffering paralyzing anxiety for years I can truly say I am cured.  I was not able to even drive a car 4 months ago and now thanks to the oil I have now started driving to and back from work, I do not have to ask people for lifts.  I can get out of bed in the morning and not dread the day. The oil has lifted my anxiety and I have not had any more anxiety attacks since being on it.  Lisa you guided me from the beginning and I wanted to write a testimonial to show my gratitude to you, thank you very much for everything.

I decided this year I was going to not go for the flu injection as it never seemed to help so I took the PREVENTATIVE extraction at the start of winter and still no flu.  I would get flu every 2 weeks in winter due to my low immune system and since being on the oil I have not had flu even once.  The oil is not only keeping my flu away but getting my immune system back to where it needs to be, this has helped me in a great way, thank you Lisa and your team of experts

I have suffered with migraines my entire life and swallowed pills to help but now on the THC dominant oil not only do I hardly ever suffer from migraines but when I do get them I take a few extra drops and within 10 minutes the pain is gone, Lisa you helped me every step of the way and I am very thankful for it!

My cats Eczema has 100% gone after being on your PETS cannabis oil for 3 months, you guys know what you are doing and I would recommend you to anyone.

Using the PETS oil helped my Husky heal so quickly after he had broken a leg, thanks Green Healing and team

I got sick and tired of specialists telling me that my child's Schizophrenia episodes could not be managed but then I discovered CBD Dominant, my child's episodes are maybe once every 6 months now as opposed to when he was not on the oil when it was daily, this oil has given my child a chance to become a part of society again and I am very grateful, thank you Lisa for all that you do to help people the natural way.

My chronic depression was at its worst and I thought I could not go on with life until I started using THC Dominant oils.  After 2 weeks on the oil I could finally start smiling and start enjoying life again, I am truly blessed to have found cannabis oil and would recommend your product to anyone, thank you for giving me my life back. 

My fathers malignant brain tumor has been a nightmare but since his Doctor recommended he try cannabis oil and he started using THC Dominant his smile has returned, his pain reduced severely and his overall zest for life has come back, this product has helped us in more ways then I could ever explain and I just wanted to submit a testimonial to you and your amanzing team, thank you very much Green Healing!!!!!! 

My dietitian recommended cannabis oil as my migraines had become to unbearable to manage and since being on the THC oil I have stopped all other medications and have returned to living my life, thank you Lisa for you help in this amazing product.

I was in a car accident and had whiplash, the pain was unbearable and the medication I was on was making me feel awful.  My friend recommended Green Healing and I bought the THC Dominant and within 2 days my pain was so much more manageable, chucked the medication and only continued with the THC.  My whiplash is now healed and I moved onto the Preventative oil and doing just great, thank you for the help guys!! 

My Rheumatoid Arthritis has been 100 times better then its ever been in my life thanks to Green Healings THC Dominant oil, thank you for making my life so much more management Green Healing and Team!

My cat has cancer and was suffering daily with pain, I bought the PETS extraction from Green Healing and she was pain free within a few months, I will be re-ordering in a few days, thank you team

I ordered the CBD Dominant for my sister as a Christmas gift, she was hesitant at first but I have seen her battle with epilepsy for too many years and I convinced her it was time for a change, reluctantly she started using the oil and now 6 months later is off all her prescription medications and only on the CBD and doing better then she ever has, this product has helped her in so many ways and I cant say thank you enough to Green Healing and their team

The service from this company is beyond incredible, from the live chat to ordering to delivery to the follow ups, each step is easy and the assistance you get whenever you need it is friendly and efficient.

My 8 year old son has had asthma for since birth.  He has been on pumps his whole life.  I decided to try the THC Dominant product and after 3 weeks on the oil my son is breathing better then he ever has, he has not used his pumps in 2 weeks and certain he wont ever use them again.  This product is fantastic.

My little poodle that was diagnosed with Arthritis has been on the PETS extraction and she is doing so much better.  When she sees the bottle she now automatically sits and waits and gets excited to take her drops.  She is happy and I am happy with the results.