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Green Rhino Power

9457 Univerity Blvd #290
Highlands Ranch CO , 80126

Green Rhino Power never disappointed me!

Green Rhino Power never disappointed me or my pit Tony. So now, they are my regular people whom i trust.


GRP is my favorite product to use for my pet. This never caused any harm to my dog instead he is more healthy than ever.


Choosing them was a great decision. I say this because  this is the best product for my bully.Very good products.

Worth evey penny!

Worth evey penny! This product is the best I ever given to them. They provide only great worthy products. They are my regular suppliers for pet products. Thanks!


I don't usually write reviews. But they deserve this review for their awesome products. I can't say enough, buy it, works.

We highly recommended it!

RECOMMENDED Green Rhino Power helped my pet to grow his hair back. He is more fluffy now. I highly recommend G.R.P.

Make your dog blow up to be a beast!

The Super Grow & the Green Rhino Power together are powerful. These products have the potential to make your dog blow up to be a beast. I am so happy.

I highly recommend them.

I highly recommend them. Its an excellent product for getting building muscle. My pet is much healthier now. Thank You!

I love this product.

Really one of the best place to get power proteins for your pet.

Excellent selection of healthy pet supplements.

Excellent selection of healthy pet supplements. Helpful, knowledgeable pet people. I'll be switching to GRP supplements.

Highly recommended it!

I bought the muscle builder product. It's wonderful. Highly recommended it!

All thanks GRP.

This product is so effective. My dog has gained his weight back. All thanks GRP.

Great products

Always have what I need at good prices great products.


Excellent..!!Reliable and friendly. They have true knowledge about pets and there maintenance formula is the best. You can ask any questions regarding pets and pet products they have the patience to listen and clear all the doubts with clear example thank you.

I have been researching multiple pet nutrition supplements.

I have been researching multiple pet nutrition supplements, and I came across GRP Super Grow. I consulted my vet who confirmed that the formula was safe and would be extremely useful. With this confirmation, I started my one 1/2-year-old stud dog on this product. It has been three months since his1st dose, and the results are remarkable!!! I would refer this product to anyone who wants to add lean solid muscle to any bully breed! It's an overall super product!!!

Her shedding has decreased 10x.

Our dog loves GRP--and most importantly, her shedding has decreased 10x (we were thinking of renaming her to Pig Pen with the puff of hair that trailed her everywhere). Qualitatively, her hair is soft and thick to the touch. She's getting more pets than ever.

I have been using Green Rhino for eight years.

I have been using Green Rhino for eight years. These products never let me down, and I will continue to use it. I told other people about Green Rhino they didn't listen to me, they wasted lots of money on other products that claim to be the best, and now they tell me sorry I should of listen to you sooner. Thank you, GRP for best weight gaining & muscle building product out period!

My Pit is racked tight, AMAZING! I love this product.

This vitamin/supplement has been around over 10 years. I should have been using it and didn't know till a friend told me. It is honestly the best you could get for your dog. Not only does it get them in excellent shape, but it can overall extend their life. It is such a great product that I started seeing results in just a matter of one week. I did not expect it to work that well and was very surprised when I did. Since I first started, I have recommended this product to several people and still buy it myself. My Pit is racked tight, AMAZING! I love this product.