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Gruber & Schwartz

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Well done!!

Nicholas and Danny helped me to recover the sum of £272,783 from UFX, scam Forex trading company just in a couple of weeks. this is a wonderful experience. I wish I had known them earlier. Well done!!

Nicholas restored my faith in people

I signed up to an online trading company named "XtraderFX" after seeing an ad online for the bitcoin code. I immediately got called from an account manager who pressured me to deposit money, they said I could start with £2500 so I thought why not and I did. at first I started making small profits with their help, but they said to make any real money I had to deposit £150000, but I told them I don't have that much, I deposited £30000. I then got a call again the next day and was told to buy silver as the price was going up, so I did and when I checked back less than an hour later almost all my money was gone. I called my account manager and they said these things happen but they can get my money back, I just have to put more money in, so I had no choice and had to put in £65000 more which was all I had, ,and I was assigned a different account manager. she called me the next day with a trading opportunity, I said I was really hesitant after last time but she reassured me, although I insisted on trading a smaller amount. at first it went in to profit but it quickly reverted to a loss and I lost over £20000 on that one trade. at this point I had had enough and wanted to withdraw the remaining money in my account, about £46000 but then they stopped taking my calls and answering emails. I looked online to report them and saw a post about Gruber & Schwartz so I spoke to them and told them I wanted my 46000 back. they were very reassuring and said that they would almost definitely be able to get my 46000 back, but that they would also likely be able to get the money that I lost if they could make a case that the broker made me lose money on purpose. I gave Nicholas who was assigned to help me all the info I had, emails, screenshots.. and he started working on it right away. it took a while, almost 3 months but I eventually got back £78000 that I never would have been able to get back without your help.

A service well worth the price.

Thank you so much Nicholas at Gruber & Schwartz. Without your help we would never have got our money back . A service well worth the price. I would rather pay your fee than lose 100% . I am so glad these so called companies do not always get away with their con (scam).

Honest, Clear and Smart. Thank you Nicholas.

I was one of many who was promised to become a millionaire in a month, I got tied in to a deceptive bonus agreement with my broker XtraderFX that meant I wasn't able to withdraw until I'd traded 30x the amount. I thought this meant I'd never see my money again, but Nicholas from Gruber & Schwartz absolutely ripped it to pieces and got all my money for me! Thanks to you guys, not only did I get to see my money again, we got back at them! You're a STAR Nicholas keep up the good work !!

Amazing company - got almost a full refund

My husband and I lost €127,500 total using CryptoRobot365. After seeing an advertisement on Facebook, we proceeded to sign up after we saw that they offer a free simulation mode where we would not have to put up our own funds up, yet could still try their new trading software. After leaving it running in the background during the day I came back to it and saw impressive results. A few days later, I started in the real mode with €5,000 and the mentality that if it doesn't make any returns, we can always withdraw it. I was promptly contacted by somebody from 12Trader, one of the compatible brokers with the software and told that the software is quite unreliable, so if I deposited a further €45,000 to bring my total account up to €50,000 that we would be assigned a VIP account manager who would contact us with trading opportunities and essentially guide us through the markets. I was a little hesitant, but he seemed to be very knowledgeable and said I could always withdraw my money if it wasn't for me, so he proceeded to take that money from my Debit Card over the phone. I was given some trades and shown how to use the platform on TeamViewer over the following weeks, however on every call I was pressured to deposit more and more money. After all this persistence, I made it clear that I would not be depositing any more until I saw the profit they promised. In hindsight, I believe that this was the point they realised they had taken as much as they could using these tactics. I was called one morning by my account manager and told that they had a good indication of the US Non Farm Payrolls data, and to place a trade. I didn't really have the time to talk about it so I opened the trade as I was told to. A few hours later I was called again and said that the equity of my account was less than €10,000 as the news had gone against my position. In panic, I was essentially forced to deposit a further €75,000 to protect my trades, and I was told to open a further trade which would somehow hedge against my current losses. This turned out to be completely false as by the end of the day my account balance was €2730.86 - from €125,000. I was completely shocked and absolutely devastated. I looked online for what to do and saw an ad for Gruber & Schwartz, so I filled out the online form and got a call back within a few hours. Nicholas explained everything to me, that the broker was a scam and that they are not regulated and they receive countless similar complaints from clients of this broker. I felt a complete fool. I requested that they take my case and they did, for a reasonable upfront fee and a percentage of the money claimed back. I sent all of the details, transaction records, correspondence and screenshots over to him and he started on my case. Through a very hard process that Nicholas made as easy as possible for me, we eventually recovered just over €100,000 back. I'm delighted to put this situation to rest and I'm grateful to Nicholas and the team at Gruber & Schwartz for doing this for me - without them there was almost no way I was going to get my deposits back.

Decent Service

Megan from Gruber & Schwartz helped me to get my money back from UFX Forex broker, a bit expensive but I wouldn't have known how to get it back myself

Gruber & Schwartz - Best team ever!

Without Nicholas and Gruber & Schwartz I would have never been able to get any of my money back from XtraderFX. So thank you so much for restoring my faith in people. As I’d lost money due to XtraderFX trading scam I was getting to think I couldn’t trust anyone.

If you need help don’t hesitate I’m glad I didn’t .

I cannot rate them high enough.

Thanks to Nicholas at Gruber & Schwartz, I got all my money back and I am 100% certain that without their help I would have lost my 1,500,000 Rand. I had a year of hell and stress asking for help from my bank without any support though I had obviously been scammed by SafeMarkets Forex broker. but Gruber & Schwartz got involved and I received all of my money back yesterday. I CANNOT thank them enough, I was conned by SafeMarkets into investing what was most of my life savings! After being conned so cleverly by the online trading company I was about to give up and was terrified of trusting anyone on the internet again. So happy that I trusted Nicholas and Gruber & Schwartz, He even refunded my small initial payment to them to start the process out of their final costs! My Nightmare is finally over! 

Got my refund from UFX

Thank you sooo much for all your help. Would never have got my money back without it. Would not have had a clue where to start. These guys kept in touch throughout the process which helped put me at ease. I was kinda scared I was gonna get scammed again, but there are some good guys out there willing to help. I Would defo recommend Gruber & Schwartz.

Nicholas recovered ALL My Funds

Thanks a lot Gruber & Schwartz specially Nicholas your customer service is excellent you go to the point straight away you help me recovered ALL My Funds that I had no hope to recover. Am so glad to have my money back so quickly and your advice and professionalism on your job let me achieve what I needed exactly. I recommend this company for anyone had been scammed. About your fees they are so reasonable and fair.

Gruber & Schwartz - Highly recommended

I fell victim to a scam Forex broker UFX and you guys helped me get it back even though it wasn't a huge amount you always responded to my emails quickly and kept me looped in.

Till the last cent

I lost €41592 to the biggest scam XtraderFX and eventually got every cent back thanks to Nicholas :)

I will be eternally grateful to the Gruber & Schwartz team, thank you.

I lost over $30,000 CAD to a scam broker 12Trader who refused to give me my money back. I was told about Gruber & Schwartz in an online forum so I got in touch and they immediately made me feel like there was hope as I was almost ready to give up. 7 weeks later I had all my money returned back to my bank account with an APOLOGY from the broker!

Great Success!

Gruber & Schwartz got my 60,000€ back in 90 days, very quick responses, they always let me know what was going on and kept me updated

Got my money back

Got my money back and my nightmare is over, thank you.

Nicholas is awesome!

"I got scamed for 120,000 USD in 2016 and 2017 with one of the biggest Forex companies UFX. A lot of promises at the beginning and calls to invest money in order to gain huge money in the future. However, after I invested my money in few months they started playing dirty games with me. They started invested my money in some bad deals without my knowledge and I couldn't withdraw anything. I started losing money. After contacting Gruber & Schwartz and Nicholas Peri I was able to recover 45% of my money. This is much less than I hoped for but it is better something than nothing which I would have if I did not use Gruber & Schwartz to help me recover my funds. I was very happy to have Nicholas to work with in this situation. He was very compassionate and understanding. Helpful person with a wonderful personality and attitude. He was always available to talk or give an advise. Gruber & Schwartz company worked very hard in my case. The results show their superb knowledge base and expertise in this very small field. I can highly recommend this company and Mr Peri. If you have any bad experience with Forex scammers don't hesitate to call Nicholas. At the end, don't invest your hard making money or savings with scam Forex companies. Jack July 26, 2018

Gruber & Schwartz to the Rescue

I invested a substantial amount of my hard earned money with "SafeMarkets" who then scammed me. I tried several avenues to try and recover my investments, but my pleas and threats fell on deaf years. I was really disheartened….until I found about Gruber & Schwartz. I got in touch and was connected to Nicholas. From the very first interaction, Nicholas was a very calming influence. He was very empathetic and listened patiently to my experiences. He told me I was not alone and that he would do everything he could to help me. Thereafter he was extremely professional and considerate in guiding me diligently through next steps, and helped me be extremely robust in my dealings with the Company. It was a real partnership and collaboration with Nicholas and together we succeeded…but Nicholas and Gruber & Schwartz deserve all the credit. And YES, we got a 100% REFUND. If you have been scammed like I was, get in touch with them NOW!

Thank you Nicholas and Gruber & Schwartz

I invested in Forex in 2017 which would turn out to be a "heavy" experience to bring along. It started very well and got the feeling that these were professional consultants who really wanted to help me make money quickly, my account grew as I was foreseen, which resulted in them wanting me to invest in "amazing" opportunities, with Guarantees if your account could grow to a level so that "the money could work for me" with minimal risk. Finally, when my investment was more than 100k €, the "losses" began to get on the investment and I was more and more worried, the brokers just told me that it was possible to happen in this business but the account should grow on only one had some degree of clarity !! Suddenly one day, I was notified that my consultant had come to a higher level and I was assigned a new consultant who would guide my investments further. Then after passing me from one broker to another , I realized that I got scammed. I was desperate and eventually found a possible help with "Gruber & Schwartz" where I contacted and got in touch with a very nice and helpful guy named "Nicholas Peri". He guided me through a tough process and was very helpful and available all the time while we "war" against the company who had «scamed» my money. Nicholas helped me get about 50% of the amount invested back against a "fee" of about 30% of the amount I was refunded. I am very grateful for the help Nicholas gave me and a good service he performed in a "hard" battle to get my investments refunded. I would like to thank Nicholas so much for all the good help and service. Thank you very much Nicholas for a really good help in this «HEAVY» time for me .

I choose not to reveal my name as the settelement agreeent I signed with the Forex company , not allow me that.