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Gruber & Schwartz

63 Mark lane
+44-208 089 2036

Excellent Service

Extremely supportive and very helpful throughout the entire process from start to finish. Highly recommended! Thanks again

So Happy

Forex company scammed me and I nearly lost all my funds (about 80,000 USD), read about Gruber & Schwartz, contacted them, Gabriel Fine answered, and she was really professional, practical and highly skilled lady, she was able to retrieve all my funds within 3 months, I was so amazed by everything that happened. After all, thank God and thank you Gabriel so much for everything you did for me.

So Happy

Forex company scammed me and I nearly lost all my funds (about 80,000 USD), read about Gruber & Schwartz, contacted them, Gabriel Fine answered, and she was really professional, practical and highly skilled lady, she was able to retrieve all my funds within 3 months, I was so amazed by everything that happened. After all, thank God and thank you Gabriel so much for everything you did for me.

All is not lost

After making a massive mistake and believing this scam UFX company had me invest I thought a small amount at first then after daily phone calls for a month or more i sent them a larger sum near 50k in total then all contact immediatly ceased and I lost total control of my money.

Fortunatleywe had money back in my account.Big thank you to Nicholas.Real lifesaver.

Thank goodness for Gruber & Schwartz

My husband and I were also taken in by Binary Uno for a good amount of New Zealand dollars - I managed to get in touch with Gruber & Schwartz and we are dealing with a lady called Gabriel Fine and she has already got back some of our money back - she is still working on the rest of our money and is doing a brilliant job - we have no hesitation in recommending Gabriel - she certainly knows what she is doing. Thank goodness for Gruber & Schwartz.

100% TRUST Gruber & Schwartz

I was completely taken in by a Forex company named "SafeMarkets", and soon they had all my savings. I soon found out that I couldn't withdraw my funds. I tried so many different ways, but no luck, and had given up. However, Nicholas from Gruber & Schwartz completely took control and got back all of my money! RESULT!

Don't lose Hope

I'm so grateful that I found Gruber & Schwartz back to help me get my money back from the Forex company. I felt really stupid and foolish that I had believed in this type of investing. I was lead to believe that there so called long term investments were safe and that I could withdraw my money at any time. After failed attempts to withdraw my initial investment I realized that they weren't going to allow that, they want you to invest more and eventually you'll lose it all. When I contacted Gruber & Schwartz it was my last hope. I'm glad to say with Charlotte's knowledge and experience in dealing with these type's of scams I got back 100% of my investment! Don't lose hope, they may be able to help.

Thank you Gruber & Schwartz, especially Megan Heart

I would like to thank Gruber & Schwartz, especially Megan Heart.

Last year I signed up with a Forex company.

After a while the company felt like a scam so I decided to withdraw my money.

Little did I know, that was when all my troubles began.

I heard all kinds of excuses what to do before I could get my money back.

When I did not want to do any of the “advices” that they where giving me, I did not hear from them anymore.

I tried to get my money back by myself but none of them worked.

Because my deadline with the chargeback was nearing, I decided to contact Gruber & Schwartz, and I have not regretted it.

Megan was very professional and helpful.

She assured me that she would do everything to get my money back and she did.

After months of trying to get the money back by myself, she managed to get it back in a few weeks.  If you are someone who is at your wits end when trying to get your money back, I highly recommend Gruber & Schwartz, especially Megan Heart.

Very professional and reliable

Nicholas from Gruber & Schwartz was great, professional and fast. During skype calls he gave me comfort and confidence. I was got scammed by Binaryoption. Nicholas gave his best and after few days the Senior Manager from the company called me, apologized for the problem, noted my bank account information and refund all my 11.000 Euros back. Thank's to Nicholas and thanks to God made this miracle possible after we prayed a lot!

Megan at Gruber & Schwartz was my saving Grace!!!!

I was scammed out of a total of $70,000 CDN and Megan at Gruber & Schwartz was able to recover everything!! I was lost and very depressed before I found Gruber & Schwartz, I felt like I was the stupidist person on the planet for falling into the trap. Megan was proffessional and reassured me that she would do everything she could to help me. She did everything she said and more. I was very happy with her understanding and diligence to recover my hard earned savings. I would recommend Gruber & Schwartz to anyone. Great Work and very reasonable contigency options. I

Angelllllllllllllllll Gabriel, Thank you

I had lost ALL. I was hopeless... I was angry at myself.....but then I made sure I wasn't going to be a victim like others that could leave with the loss.

I found Gruber & Schwartz. I was skeptical initially but was worth trying. Afterall, I was hopeless.

Gabriel Fine restored my hope with her professionalism. She was patient to understand everything about the scammer. She then affirmed my fears again and confirmed that I have been scammed. But with patience, told me she would try help me to get my funds back.

Today, I received an email confirming that all funds have been refunded and should be received within 3 business days.

Angelllllllllllllllll Gabriel, Thank you

my trust in my fellow humans have been restored

I had little hope when I contacted Gruber & Schwartz as I have tried other means to try and recover my money. Megan turned it around within a few days. Gruber & Schwartz have professional people that understand the situation, I will never forget the help you gave me and God Bless.Danie Jansen van Vuuren

A huge thanks to Nicholas

A huge thanks to Nicholas, we were scammed by UFX and almost lost 95K , we contacted Gruber & Schwartz and Nicholas took all the stress away, he guided us through the very short and simple process. We highly recommend Nicholas and the team to anyone who has been scammed. We managed to recover 75K in just a couple of weeks which was outstanding as we almost lost it all. Nicholas was honest and supportive through the whole process, We can't thank you enough for all your help and support.

I thoroughly recommend their service.

I recently used Gruber & Schwartz after a well known Forex site scammed me for $30K+. My claim was handled by Charlotte who was very efficient, friendly and easy to deal with. We managed to recover all my money. Thank You to Gruber & Schwartz for a job well done,I recommend their service.

Gruber & Schwartz are the Greatest

Gruber & Schwartz are the Greatest I got scammed by a Forex company, which reached after some successful smaller trades, that I gave them 20k$. With this amount they made successful trades as well, but my withdrawal requests would not be processed. They told me to put another 20k $ in the account to get much more profits. Now it got obvious that these people are real scammers. I emailed them many times and spoke to them in the live chat, but without effort to get my withdrawal. Fortunately I found on the forexpeacearmy website Gruber & Schwartz and got in contact with Megan. She helped and finally they gave me back my funds. It needed about 3 month dogged work to get the effort. Megan was an effective fighter and I highly recommend the work of Gruber & Schwartz.

Thank You Very Much

Gabriel called me and because I lost just over 10,000 was unable to represent me against Optionsxo. What she did do for me was tell me how to word the letter to Optionsxo and to contact my credit card company to do a Charge Back. With her advice I was able to get all my money back with just the letter and phoning Optionsxo. I did not need to use my Credit Card Charge Back. I recommend to anyone who has been Scammed by Binary Options Companies. Thank you very much---Gabriel ROCKS!!!

I had invested about 25,000USD with Bloombex Options and after about 6 months of lies, contradictions and broken promises, had received only 15,500USD back. My account manager, Sean Everett, initially appeared to be helping me but in the end it was obvious that he and his company were taking me for everything they could get!! With my credit card maxed out, overdue and having been subjected to a lot of interest, fees, etc. I finally found out about Gabriel Fine helped me to recoup $10,000 from Bloombex and it only took about 4 weeks!! I cannot thank her(and the company she works for) enough! Thank God there is someone doing their best to remedy the atrocious things that are being done to ordinary, hard-working people and families by these binary options companies.

What an amazing company!

WOW, what an amazing company Gruber & Schwartz really is. I thought I had lost all my money to these scammers XtraderFX, but when my PA told me of your company I acted immediately. Nicholas who dealt with my case was amazing every step of the way, how he knew what to say and the time to say it was invaluable and just took away all the stress and worry. SAFE – SECURE – RELIABLE - Couldn't agree more. With Gruber & Schwartz you'll never walk alone. Best wishes from Liverpool :) CS-UK