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Gruber & Schwartz

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Positive results - Thank you Charlotte

I was scammed for $160k. I was painstakingly trying to get my money through credit card chargeback dispute and submitting endless complaint forms to various authorities, with zero results.. After contacting and getting in touch with Charlotte, I was able to recover all my deposited. Gruber & Schwartz seems is the best, when dealing with Forex scams. My special thanks for Charlotte at Her professionalism and support helps a lot in dealing with Forex brokers. I'd highly recommend contacting Gruber & Schwartz team to get positive results for your claims.

Thank you

I cannot thank Megan enough for her wonderful support and encouragement after 10 months of high stress Megan made me feel so much better about myself after being sucked into this horrendous scam and losing almost $65k USD. With Megan's help I was available to recover most of my money. I highly recommend Gruber & Schwartz and thank you again to Megan and the team.

I thank you , God bless you guys.

Hello , I would very much like to Express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to Gruber & Schwartz, and especially my case manager Megan who guided me through times of Hardship, who has a big loving Heart, As she was so professional and precise in what she accomplished towards my legal case against XtraderFX and SafeMarkets scammers. I Unfortunately fell victim to two companies offering me fortune, Brokers would say anything to drain your accounts, even when you have no more money to lose they would insist you get more money with false promise of recovering your losses, which really isn't your fault as you trust whatever your broker is saying to you, especially when you are a honest person. You can't imagine people would be deceitful, low and have no morals about what they say, and what they are really After '' YOUR MONEY'' , I lost a total of $24,600 usd, combined in both Forex companies , with the professionalism and courage of Megan she guided me in pursuit to regain my money in one brokerage so far. Meagan reviewed all information available to have the evidence ready for backup, than she explained the procedure, the result was I received 100% percent of my money !WOW! I couldn't believe it I was ecstatic happy I was finally smiling again, Thanks to Megan was a pleasure and Nicholas plus awesome crew at Gruber & Schwartz, I thank you , God bless you guys. Would definitely recommend if you’re in trouble with scammers and lost money contact                                                                Sincerely Willy                                                                                                          NZ

I cannot speak highly enough of Gruber & Schwartz

Nicholas an.d Charlotte are great. They are your go to people and I cannot recommend them enough.They are honest, reliable and friendly. I cannot speak highly enough of Gruber & Schwartz. You definitely need them on your side.An awesome team.

Awesome - Gruber & Schwartz are the best

Gruber & Schwartz are the best. I had them sort my case with in very quick time. Nicholas and Charlotte are champions. Having them on my side meant all funds were recovered in very quick time.I cannot recommend Gruber & Schwartz enough.

Good people do still exist out there!!

After investing $44k in Binary Brokerz and over the course of 5 months seeing my hopes and dreams of them not being a scam come crashing down I was close to suicide. BB cost me my savings, my confidence and my self respect. I had trust issues and struggled to carry on a normal life. Once I came to the conclusion that BB was a scam I looked into getting a refund but I doubted I would get anything back because I signed the declaration of deposits forms. Gruber & Schwartz helped me out of my despair. Their friendly and genuine concern for me, as a human being, not just as a client was refreshing after feeling like an ATM for BB. I was given pre-contract advice for free and advised which contract would be the best value for money for me, not them. When Megan went on leave David stepped in and continued my case so there was no loss of progress -they actually want YOU to win. With their help I recovered all my investment with BB. My only regret is that I ever started binary options trading in the first really tested my faith in humanity that these scammers even exist. Megan and David reassured my faith that good people do still exist out there.

Thank you so much – I had almost given up hope.

I am so happy to announce that together with David Gruber from Gruber & Schwartz we were successful in obtaining a refund of my funds charged via my credit card by the cowboy operation UFX. I reached out to Gruber & Schwartz in May of this year. After the post on the FPA forum, I was advised to contact them.Together with David we diligently addressed the facts of what happened and today I am so happy to tell you I got my € 80,000.00 returned to my account.I cant tell you how relieved I am to have been in contact with Gruber & Schwartz, the professionalism and patience and I would highly recommend their services to anyone needing assistance. For those of you feeling at your wits end in trying to obtain your funds that were “stolen” via any Forex scam, SPREAD THE WORD, reach out to them They WILL help you, like they did me.Again, Thank you so much – I had almost given up hope.Happy K……

They are very professionals!!!

I contacted Gruber & Schwartz about one month ago with very little hope of getting any of my money back after I was Scammed by Optionrally / XtraderFX. From the moment I contacted Gruber & Schwartz, Megan was very helpful and today I could enjoy a very good amount of my money back in my account. They are very professionals and they know these SCAMMERS inside out. Thank you very much Nicholas and especially MEGAN!!!

I want to thank you for your excellent job

Dear Nicholas, dear Danny I want to thank you for your excellent job! I was totally down after losing so much money because of BDB-lies! Luckily I have found you, you assisted me to get back a big amount! You were always available and interested in my case to bring it to success! Thank you very very much and I can only recommend you for Gruber & Schwartz as you know exactly how to deal with those bastards!

A company that must be trusted!

I was persuaded by a man to deposit about 200,000 $ in a fake trading site he promised it would be free risk , but he didn't keep the promise. I was really in pieces when I thought that I lost everything I have. Then I contacted Gruber & Schwartz and they took my case very carefully and helped me to bring all my money back in just 8 weeks. Ms Gabriel helped she is really smart! I can't thank Gruber & Schwartz enough! They are all very nice people like heroes ready to fight for you. Thank you Gabriel and Nicholas!

I am absolutely delighted with Nicholas' company

Almost two years ago I was very cunningly persuaded to deposit 200,000 (two hundred thousand dollars) to Forex company named "SafeMarkets" by a gent who called himself the Senior Broker of the company. He offered me a contract whereby he would trade on my behalf alongside his own trades for 35% commission and talked of "making a million" against the background of the Greek financial crisis. After a few weeks I sensed that all was not going to plan as he contacted me to look at some charts which he did not seem to fully understand himself and it soon became clear that the real purpose of the contact was to push me into committing even more money into the company. I lost confidence completely at that point and shortly after e-mailed him demanding that the account be closed and the money refunded. That e-mail and the many more that followed were completely ignored and after many months of complete stagnation I received an E-mail from the company confirming that my total investment had been lost. I then quite by accident discovered Gruber & Schwartz website. I made contact immediately and submitted my details. From that moment on it was "fast forward" to success. Nicholas and his colleagues were absolutely brilliant and inspired confidence from day one. An e-mail from "SafeMarkets" company saying they had decided to refund ALL of my money was great news. A week or so later the best surprise was a letter from my bank informing me that the funds had been received into my account. Brilliant. With the help of Gruber & Schwartz I had won the war. I could not have done it without them. Within an hour of receiving the news from my bank, I made my commission payment to Gruber & Schwartz. Never in my lifetime did I get such pleasure at making a payment. What more can I say except that I am absolutely delighted with Nicholas' company, and the whole thing took less than 4 months.

I can’t thank you enough for you service

I was unbelievably lucky to come across Gruber & Schwartz website. Literally within 12 weeks with David help I got the balance of $170,400 back. Binary options trading should be banned worldwide. It's not trading, it's not investing, it’s a pure scam. I can’t thank you enough for you service.

They helped me recover $680,000!!!

Danny and Nicholas are absolutely fantastic. I cannot thank them enough for how much they helped me. They helped me recover $680,000 within 9 weeks!! That's right...$680,000!!!!! They are absolutely awesome. God bless you guys. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy. Thank you Gruber & Schwartz!

I am very happy to get a chance to find Gruber & Schwartz. I was scammed by UFX Forex broker with round about $ 110,000 Me and my family have been desperate, but it took Danny from Gruber & Schwartz short time to get the full amount back on my account. Finally, no losses! I am so happy. Thank you Gruber & Schwartz, thank you Danny!!

I would recommend their services to anyone

The two individuals running Gruber & Schwartz are great. I was defrauded out of a substantial six-fugue sum by a criminally dishonest 'brokerage', which I now know not to be a 'brokerage' at all, but a fund-raising organisation which exists for other, extremely nefarious purposes. The extreme stress and distress of this situation caused insomnia etc. Some immediate action by Gruber & Schwartz resulted in securing 50% of the funds due to me straightaway, and, because of Gruber & Schwartz's intimate and detailed knowledge of how these criminals REALLY operate, I am wholly confident all funds defrauded from me will be retrieved in due course. Gruber & Schwartz are great to work with, and I would recommend their services to anyone. Absolutely invaluable.

I received my money and now I'm very happy

hello everybody, as you reading this you must be a victim of scams online thieves but don't worry there are still some good people in this world and Mr. Nicholas is one of them i was very frustrated that i have lost $32,500 for 12Trader and since February i wasn't able to get it back, i found Gruber & Schwartz on google and i contacted Nicholas, he took my case as serious case an guide me to win my money back, two weeks later i received my money and now I'm very happy againPlease don't loose your hopes because there are some ANGLES guarding our shoulders Mahmoud Alaib

I am glad I found this website

I am glad I found this website. I had lost all hope in recovering my money from SafeMarkets. They may take a while to get to your case depending on workload but once they do, you are sorted. I took a no win no fee scheme (pricey but worth it). I would recommend it to anyone out of options, if you don't win, you don't pay for anything either.


Hi everybody , I have been scammed by few Forex Companies and Nicholas dealt with my case. One Email was all it took and the Company responded today stating they are going to give me a full refund. I have lost £300k in total so I am looking forward to regaining the rest. I can never thank Nicholas enough. I have learned my lesson the hard way, if I had not contacted Nicholas I would have never received a penny back. Thank You very much I am now getting ready for my next battle and success.