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Mayan Mountain Inc


Over the past few years I have enjoyed a great relationship with everyone at Mayan Mountain. They're always helpful, I've never been disappointed in what I've received from the them. Their prices are fair and they help out the local people at the same time. I am a lapidary artist and work my own stones. I love the rough jadeite I get from them. In fact, I'd say they are my #1 source for jadeite. The Mayans were working jadeite long before the Chinese. Interestingly enough. Both cultures considered jadeite more valuable than gold. I have also purchased some jadeite carvings from Mayan Mountain. The fact that these carvings are done by actual decedents of the Mayan is very special. The quality of their workmanship is also very good. As a graduate of the G.I.A. I believe everyone should include some jadeite in their jewelry or gem collection. For those who may not know. There are two types of jade. Nephrite which is common and less valuable and most often seen in jewelry stores. Jadeite which is more valuable, more rare and the best quality. There are many interesting stories about jadeite which give it special meaning. Mayan Mountain is the place to buy jadeite and now is the time. Enjoy, Jim Perkins  

Solemn, honorable, laudable

Herewith, you shall find honorable merchants, whom in each instance of my engagement betwixt they and I, endeavored to meet, fulfill, as well, far exceed, any and all expectations I as a patron could ask, that they within reason could care to fulfill. If integrity and firmness in character are what you seek, you shall find yourself, here well pleased.  

Testimonial #4

Wonderful people skills, easy to work with. Over a year of doing business with everything running smooth. Recommended

Very satisfied customer.

Pleasant people to deal with. They treat their customers with respect and appear to really enjoy what they are doing. They also take care to represent their products accurately. I have found that I can trust them and I look forward to dealing with them again. They have earned my highest rating.