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Valenti Salon & Spa

United States

Always a great experience!! Ali Roberts is the best!!

Ashley made me new person she is awesome

A few months back I got my bangs trimmed at a different salon and the "stylist" there completely ruined my hair. I came in to valenti today to see if it was at all possible to have this mess fixed before my graduation tomorrow and Ashley did an amazing job fixing my hair which I didnt think was possible. Thank you ashley so much!!!! I dont typically spend that much to get my hair cut but it was well worth it

I was late for my nail appointment but treated graciously (and given a fabulous glass of tea) while the most important part of my service was performed with a smile. And I wasn’t charged for what I had (improperly) booked online, but given a lesser fee. I’m impressed and will be back. Thanks, Valenti!

Alli always does such a great job on my hair! She made my hair look gorgeous before vacation! The receptionists are always friendly! The atmosphere is very relaxing, love this place!

Great haircut

Top notch place!!!

Hands down the best salon in Cincinnati. Top notch service and products.

Extremely disappointed in this salon! Could of done a better job myself with a pair of scissors and a 5 dollar box of hair color. Absolutely waste of time and money. Management is a joke. Want good service? Consider the aforementioned or the local stylist school.... at least they put some effort into what they "consider" 200 dollars worth of service!

Absolutely horrendous experience all around with this company. There isn't enough space to describe the overall lack luster performance received and the level of unprofessionalism displayed throughout my entire unfortunate experience. I had high expectation for this salon but I was quick to realize I was very much wrong. Went in and had a horrible experience but the follow up afterwards made it that much worse. Terrible customer service. Hair dye washed out in less than 12 hours. Wasn't completed as requested regardless ( wasn't the ombre dramatic style discussed), missed pieces of hair. Base wasn't dyed to color as discussed and also washed out. Hair cut consisted of simply thinning the hair and trim, zero style or effort put in. When I was finally asked if I was interested in additional services I opted for the brow wax.... lets just say the first two things I had to do once I finally came home was pluck them myself. In addition to fixing the missed hair pieces that weren't cut. THey state that they are "artist" but I find that hard to believe based upon my experience. It was very obvious that this salon wasn't to the caliber it should of been. Contacted them immediately afterwards to discuss issues and provide them with the opportunity to fix the issue which resulted in a week long phone tag of avoidness of never actually getting to speak to anyone....with me as the customer being blamed for the service received and the events that followed. I went in to prepare for my mothers funeral and was left to be humiliated instead. This has been a complete nightmare of unprofessionalism, horrible talent, and complete insensitivity regarding the entire experience. Instead of being left to mourn my mother's tragic death I have been forced to death with the repercussions of this salon experience as well. Will be reporting to the BBB as well. Don't waste your time or money on this place. The management doesn't seem to care about it's services or customers the way that it should.