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Inanna Sanctuary

La Angostura San Jose Province
Costa Rica
+1 (941) 222-0680

Such A Beautiful And Safe Container

Intense, Powerful, Raw, Rich and Beautiful!

Inanna Sanctuary's Awaken the Goddess Within online program is Intense, Powerful, Raw, Rich and Beautiful! The tools I gathered from this program and their 6 module audio program, Creating Deeper Intimacy & Trust in Relationships, are a huge part of my everyday life.. Tools from communication, all the way to how to fully engage sexually. It is amazing how beautiful life is without the trauma blocking the view. My connection to my husband is so much deeper and more rich then ever. I LOVE the sex we are having, too...Incredible, mind blowing...With a feeling of real bonding. A connection that’s truly between us. Like In this moment... that’s all there is. It’s been a wonderful satisfied feeling. I truly feel I’ve learned how I want to be pleasured. It’s so wonderful to be completely pleasured to my core. Not just sexually, but in all of me, mental, spiritual, emotional, all of it. I am truly pleasured, because I am safe. I love the feeling of being my true authentic self. Learning to keep each other safe, supported and how to fully communicate was probably my biggest take-away. Thank you... Namaste

Insightful and Inspiring!

Michael and Freyja's audio program for Creating Deeper Intimacy and Trust in Relationships was insightful and inspiring. It gives one keys to understanding what is key in building a quality relationship, the seasons and archetypes to embrace within relationship, and how to focus on trust and authenticity. I found it helpful on my path of healing my relationship. It opened both me, and my partner to new ways of focusing and improving our connection. Thanks, Michael and Freyja!

Deep, Powerful...Profound!

Freyja and Michael are masterful compassionate caring healers. The work is deep, powerful...profound! I shed so many layers of trapped emotional memories, from this life and genetic lineage. Then I was able to reach equally high levels of orgasmic pleasure, really feeling my self, knowing the power available in orgasm.

My Goddess Awakens...

I believe there are no accidents! I believe everything happens for a reason. I learned about Explosive Sexual Healing (ESH) almost 5 years ago. In fact, I was very interested in experiencing this healing process when the Rodes still lived in California. As time went by, I became more and more aware of my personal need for G-spot healing - how my past traumas were interfering with my present moment! I just didn’t know how I was going to pull it all off, or how I could have this type of healing improve my marriage. As fate would have, I learned that my good friend Freyja was trained as an ESH practitioner by the Rodes. I talked to my husband, and he agreed to do the healing retreats with me! I’m so grateful to him for this. While working out the mechanics to attend the retreats, my husband and I came to a breaking point in our marriage. We had been married for 28 years and loved each other, but we found ourselves drifting apart. We had a huge fight one night, one of those “dark nights of the soul”. I knew and so did my husband, that it was time to take back our power. Time to remove the “stuff” that was between us. Time to heal our selves. Time to be the people we knew we were meant to be. To be love. The next morning, I called Freyja, crying my eyes out. Telling her my husband and I HAVE TO START OUR HEALING RIGHT NOW! We have to let the universe see that we are moving forward, I told her, and I couldn’t take any more. Freyja and Michael put their move/packing for Costa Rica on hold and we had our first healing retreat in Florida. My husband and I literally moved mountains to get to Florida, and from the moment I walked into their healing room, miracles began to happen. Healing, releasing, and more healing! I felt like time stood still, yet I lived a lifetime. I lived a lifetime of healing. After the first week, my husband and I both came to realize that this was an individual healing process. We were not there to “save” our marriage. We were there to learn to love ourselves. I was there to remember me, to remember to LOVE me. I could almost write an entire book about the healing that happened in the next two retreats, both for myself and for my husband. Every moment, in the healing sessions and outside the sessions, healing was happening. This type of healing is an individually, personally tailored process, since we all have our own unique life experiences - our own traumas. The biggest miracle that I experienced was my personal healing, but as a wonderful bonus, we healed our marriage together! I am so blessed, I am so grateful. I have learned so much! Everything happens, and happened, for a reason. There are no accidents… I want to thank Freyja and Michael for holding the space and supporting me in my healing process, and for supporting my husband’s healing process, too. I know I did the work, and created the miracles in my life, but I’m feeling so much love and gratitude for their powerful roles. If anyone would like more details on my healing retreat, I would be more than happy to share. I STRONGLY recommend THIS type of healing. When you know it’s time to heal, their retreats seriously get down to business. It doesn’t take years, it happens in a moment! This has been my experience. Also, Costa Rica provided the perfect environment for healing. It’s like a magical spot of heaven created just for mine/ours/your healing - beautiful beyond words. It was so perfect. Whether you are single, or in a committed relationship, you owe it to yourself and those you love to feel the freedom from past trauma, and the joy of activating the Goddess or Sacred Warrior, to feel what it feels like to live life on purpose, know what it feels like to be pure LOVE!

Inanna Sanctuary Rocks!

I knew something had to change in my life. Talking to Freyja and Michael made me really think about how my life wasn't going the way I wanted, and the success in personal relationships, career and finding a place in my new community of Sarasota was slow in coming. I decided to work with them and do the program in December of 2016. The changes are noticeable and specific. First, I have to say that the professionalism, the connection made by Freyja and Michael to me as a client is unsurpassed. I knew SOMETHING had to change in my life, and I got on their table In January of 2017. Heading what felt like old snake skins, and removing blocks that didn't serve my purpose was incredible. The second retreat uncovered a trauma from a past life that was the major holdback for me currently. It was connected to my feet, and the fact that I was born clubfooted. I had casts put on my feet as a baby to correct them, but the underlying cause of them was the biggest reason I never was able to do and achieve some of the things I so wanted to do. I cried on and off for three days after it was exposed. My life, I feel has done a 180 degree turn. I now am starting a wonderful new job and have created more healthy boundaries I never realized I needed with everyone around me, communicating and knowing I will be heard and respected. . I have even learned to say no to those I love, knowing It is healthier for everyone. Thank you for everything, Michael and Freyja, and I so wish you happiness, success and lots of love in Costa Rica!

Transformed My Life!

As I pause to take a moment and reflect on my healing experience, I struggle to find words that will do justice to the miracle of transformation. The words that follow are my best attempt of expressing gratitude. Prior to my Integrative Orgasmic Healing experience, I would reluctantly start my day, drag myself through my morning routine, and drive myself to work, secretly longing for a random careless act of another motorist to claim my life and spare me the agony of a meaningless existence. I reached that point where I lost my will to live and desired the grave. With the guidance of Michael and Freyja, I was able to transform my life. I was able to identify injuries from long ago that were getting in the way of me living the life I truly wanted. Through their patience and persistence, I was able to heal my life on multiple levels, clearing the distortion left by guilt and shame. I was able to see what a meaningful, purpose-filled life looked like, without expectation or judgment. Who's life did I see? Was it Mahatma Gandhi? Jesus the Christ? Mother Theresa? Nope. It was MINE! My life has meaning, value, and a perfect purpose. Michael and Freyja, thank you for creating a space to support healing and transformation. This world is blessed because of you both.

Life is SO different now!


Integrative Orgasmic Healing helped me to see what my higher self wanted for me during this be strong enough to build a life on my own and to stop giving my power away to others. Michael and Freyja helped me to see how hard I've been on myself and to let that go because it's no longer serving me. They also showed me how to love and trust myself so I can build the life of my dreams.


Integrative Orgasmic Healing was the most amazing and transformational modality I have ever experienced. There is nothing like it on the planet at this time! Over the 63 years I have been in this body on earth I have accumulated enormous amounts of pain, trauma, grief, anger, and fear. With the guidance of Michael and Freyja, I released layers and layers of these stored memories and experiences. I rebirthed my powerful Goddess within! This was the hardest work I have ever done but clearly the most important and life changing. The joy and freedom I experience daily is priceless! Love and gratitude for the gifts Michael and Freyja shared with me. Thank you!

So Thankful!

I just happened upon this beautiful couple & their life altering God-send therapy. I feel so blessed to have been a part of the work that they are doing. I have had chronic pain for 15 years & have been constantly searching for healing. I've always known that it was going to end & there was an answer! I went to an Integrative Orgasmic Healing intro & knew I needed to do it even though I truly didn't WANT to. Michael & Freyja are so giving and really do create a safe supportive space for their clients. The week after I did my first sessions I finally got my answer to my 15 year problem!!! Additionally, I have fully recovered my sense of self worth & knowing that the universe abundantly supports me. I'm now in the process of doing what I need to for my health & I am so grateful to the Inanna's for doing this work & making it their life's purpose. It may seem uncomfortable or vulnerable for the client but it's such a blessing that they are willing to unconditionally love others & give so freely of themselves for the healing & awakening of others. We are lucky that they even do this. I cannot thank them enough!


This experience was so mind-blowingly transformational I hardly know where to start. When Freyja first told me that this is the most powerful healing modality she had ever encountered, I was intrigued, but doubtful. As a healer and teacher myself, I have encountered a lot of powerful modalities, but this blew them all away. These beautiful people created such a safe and nurturing space that I was able access and heal parts of myself that I never knew existed. I connected with my inner Goddess to an extent that went far beyond anything I had ever achieved. For anyone considering this life-changing experience, all I can say is YES!!!

So Much Gratitude!

I have searched my whole adult life for better ways to live my life. Working with Freyja and Michael has been the most powerful and enlightening experience I have ever had. If you are looking for that final piece of your puzzle....this is it. I was in need of healing deep felt grief from the loss of my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie who was 32 years old. I needed help with trauma from female surgeries that left me with physical pain and communication problems in my marriage. I recieved healing in many other areas of my life. I was coached in a safe environment that made me feel cared for and loved. This is a very personal and sacred experience for people that are 100% committed to healing mind and body. My husband and I highly recommend Inanna Sanctuary. Freyja and Michael are dedicated professionals. I feel alive again with a greater purpose and the courage to move forward. There is no turning back!

Trust, Commit, Surrender!

I admit I was a big skeptic when I first was presented with this as potential way for me to overcome my fears, deal with (and let go of) repressed memories thatwere holding me back from realizing my true potential. Did I let my skepticism stop me? by all means, NO! And that's the 1st step we all need to take in order to begin the process of healing. The byproduct is nothing other than Unconditional Love for yourself and all others.

The theme here is Trust, Commit, Surrender... I had to ponder that a bit and understand what it means to me... took me some time, but here goes:


Trust that your doubts are normal

Trust that your frustration is warranted

Trust that your fears will be faced

Trust that it will be all worth it in the end



Commit to yourself

Commit to the process

Commit to changing for the better

Commit to Life through Unconditional Love


Surrender to a power that is unfathomable

Surrender your preconceived notions of right and wrong

Surrender your fear in exchange for Self-Worth

Surrender and be free to Co-Create


The Result?  

Unconditional Self-Love

A renewed feeling of Unconditional Love for others (outside of your circle of friends/family)

Exponentially Increased Self-Confidence to pursue your dream and manifest it into reality (as Co-Creator)

Thank you, Michael & Freyja, for your energy, love, and service to this amazing process! 

- Namaste


My sessions with Michael and Freyja Inanna were so powerfully tranformative and deeply nurturing. I highly recommend working with them, but only if you're ready to change everything

Ease and Clarity

Michael and Freyja are skilled practitioners. They worked together in a way that allowed me to feel safe and let go. During my sessions with them they helped me to see where I was still holding on to fear, anger, and sadness. When I struggled to let go they stayed present with me and did not let me give up on myself. In the most firm yet gentle way they helped me let go of emotions that I had been holding me back for a long time. With their guidance I was then able to go deep into my pleasure and begin the process of creating more of what I desire in my life. I continue to experience more ease and clarity in my life and look forward to more sessions with them.

Peace and Focus, Finally!

Michael and Freyja are so powerful together. Their energy flows so effortlessly and they know just how to bring out all your anchors and blocks. I felt safe releasing the anger that I had stored inside of me because the space they hold is so open and nurturing. When I got off the table, I was at peace finally.  After years and years of anxiety and my mind racing to every different possible thought, I can finally sit in peace and focus clearly.  It feels absolutely amazing and I'm now fully in my power. Thank you, from every ounce of my mind, body and soul!

Beyond Powerfully Transformative!

My experience of Integrative Orgasmic Healing through Freyja and Michael was beyond powerfully transformative, I was able to dive deeper within myself than I have ever previously been able to go to release and heal past wounds (including past life!) I credit this to the absolute safety and trust I felt in their presence and facilitation. Freyja's intuitive energy work and card readings were epically inspiring and Michael's gentle yet strong guidance was exactly what I needed to restore my trust in male practitioners. I absolutely could not recommend them more highly. I am forever grateful to this incredible couple!