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Pont and Pierce

9 School St
Honeybourne Worcestershire
07411 271000

Daschund can’t get enough

A superb product, my little Daschund can't get enough of them! even brought my sister a pack for her Staffie to see how she likes them. Well worth it!

Perfect crunch

Wilson my golden retriever loved these healthy natural treats, the size and crunch is perfect he actually had to chew (which is unusual for him). Will definitely be ordering more :)

Amazing treats

Absolutely amazing dog treats my dog loves them so much! Would highly recommend these. Definitely worth it!

Perfect treats for my dog❣️

Nelle absolutely loved the treats❣️ They were just perfect!! Also these treats are very affordable! I absolutely recommend these treats for any dog!!❤️ They were packed in a pouch that can be sealed again so the treats stay fresh. You can also choose from three delicious spices. Treats are made of nutritionally beneficial ingredients so they are also good for your dog health!!

Loved by my dogs and 1st class service

I feed my dogs a raw diet so I was looking for some healthy treats too. These natural treats were absolutely loved by my dogs. Also received first class service so happy dogs and happy me!! Highly recommend trying them.

Doglet can’t get enough

My little doglet just can't get enough of these! So nice to have treats that she likes and are good for her too. Keep up the good work :)

Tibetan terriers and Gerbils

We got samples, our tibetanterriers liked them, our old pekingese didn't (she is very picky eater) I even gave some to our gerbils and they loved these treats

Lilly's Home Pet Sitting Services

As a pet sitter I am trusted to look after a huge variety of fur babies of all shapes and sizes. 
They are truly spoilt rotten when they come for their holidays with my partner and I. 
When it comes to rewarding good behavior or any excuse for a treat there is no other brand I would be happier to give them than the delicious nutritious Pont & Pierce a tasty treat with no hidden horrors.  
I highly recommend!!! 

Testimonial #26

Zora, the dog, loves them. They are very crunchy and come in a very easy to carry reusable package. The best thing is that they smell so good I finally can carry dog treats in my pocket without a bag.


Thank you so much for the wonderfully healthy treats , my two dogs absolutely love them

Super tasty treats

My 2 small dogs loved these treats; perfect size for them and I love the fact that they are healthy!

Lab and Sprocker tested

Lab tested and sprocker approved! My dogs absolutely obsessed with these, great to find healthy treats from such lovely people. New staple in our household!


Wonderful treats


Excellent product, both dogs really enjoyed them

My two dogs loved them!


I didn't get to try them so don't know what they are like but my two dogs loved them! One particular over keen Vizsla wanting more and more. Shall be ordering.

Pointers love them!

Our pointers love the Pont & Pierce treats and as we start to switch to fresh, natural dog foods the treats offer a healthy and natural way to reward our dogs. They love them and would love to see the brand doing fresh dog food too.

Harvey's review

Harvey, our 4 and a half month old lab absolutely loves your treats. It's so refreshing to give him homemade treats rather than shop bought branded ones. He enjoyed them and they have a good crunch! 10/10 thanks!!

Wonderful smell, great crunch

The wonderful smell of these treats as the packet opens is delicious. Great crunch when our dog eats them and he certainly loves them. Good quality and full of goodness for our 4 legged boy. We've given some of the treats to friends dogs too who all gave positive feedback too. All the woofs loved them! Thank you P&P