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Really helpful tips from Eloïse at the Jobs Expo presentation in Cork this evening. Fantastic insight into exactly how to present yourself to recruiters via your CV.

Social Media Client Support

I booked the One-to-One 'Get CV, Cover letter & Interview Ready!' career consultation pack with helpcv managed by Eloise. I was looking for a career change and wanted my applications to be more marketable. She helped me a great deal in writing a cv and cover letter that highlight my experience differently and sell me more for marketing roles. Her tips for interviews were also helpful in finding what/how to highlight the relevant experience.

Client Support Specialist

Excellent service! Eloïse is high qualified and passionate about what she does. She is the best Career Coach ever! After attending her events I felt full of positive energies and ready to think differently. Her advice makes the difference.I strongly recommend her to improve Cvs and Cover Letters.

Client Support Advisor

Eloise is a wonderful person and a professional Career Coach. In a short time I had the opportunity to work with Eloise I learned a lot from her. Events and meetings organised by Eloise and Helpcv are very helpful for job seekers.

Client Support Team Lead

Eloise transformed my CV wonderfully! She is very agile in identifying your potentials and reflect it on the CV. Thank you

Client Support Advisor

If you are looking to improve your professional profile and your ability to conduct job interviews, I definitely recommend you the services of Eloise.

Totally dedicated to help people achieve their job targets, she was the perfect Consultant for me. Thanks to her knowledge about CV, cover letters and job interviews, I became quickly a more efficient job-seeker. Saving a lot of time, I have a much better replies rate from recruiters and I gained a great confidence in my ability to conduct job interviews thanks to her advices and training.

She is dynamic, reliable, friendly, knowledgeable and will always be available to help you.

Project Support Coordinator

I recently hired Eloise to help me rework my CV, and got called for an exciting interview soon afterward! She quickly identified problem-areas in my materials, and presented me with creative, professional solutions that I would never have been able to come up with on my own.She has a wide range of expertise, and knows how to present anyone's experience in the best possible light. Her services are top quality, and her fee is very reasonable. I would (and have!) recommend her to anyone looking for professional guidance or career counseling.

Sales Director Assistant

I contacted Eloïse to help me regarding a project of professional development which was a big career change for me. She helped me all long to update my CV, gave me a better perspective of my professional career and makes me realized about what was the best job fit for me. Eloïse did find the right words to encourage me and pushed me in the right direction for me to make the right choices. She is passionate, involved and the concept of "giving-up" doesn't exist for her!

Tax Credit Consultant

When I decided to move to UK, hoping that my dreams would come to pass, Eloise embraced my goal. She was there to help, motivate myself, listening to my struggles and was helping me to improve my confidence in my skills, in myself. By reviewing my CV and thanks to our phone conversations, Eloise helped me to get my first interviews with some UK companies. Now, I live in London and my career is where I wanted it to be thanks to the work done with Eloise. Thanks a lot for your presence, you helped a dream come true.

Quality Management Specialist

After being unemployed for 1 year, I was not sure anymore if I could find a job that I would love. Eloïse helped me to put things into perspective, to highlight my skills built throughout my career, so that I could have a better understanding of my accomplishments. Then I started to have a better idea on how to move forward. So we worked on my CV and she helped me to introduce myself during interviews. What I liked the most is that she really cares about me. The best part is that some advices that she gave me, I still use them now in the actual company that I work for.

Sales and Administrative Assistant

I have asked for Eloise's help after weeks and weeks of silence from employers to whom I had sent my application. Eloise has reworked on my CV and showed me the points I have to develop. I have also created a website I want to use as a bonus to my regular CV but I want a professionnal opinion to know if the present site is relevant or not. I can now develop my communication through those two means and rely on her to get objective advices.

Sales Associate

Eloïse has helped me tremendously by demonstrating how to give my CV a face-lift. Through this process it has initiated potential questions the interviewer could ask and prepared me on how to answer. It also highlighted skills that I thought were unimportant. Eloïse has the drive, passion and motivation to see a task carried through to completion, making her a commendable life coach. I was a satisfied with her services and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking advice and direction.

Client Service Advisor

Lorsque j étais à la recherche d un emploi, Éloïse m a aidé à élaborer mon CV, à mettre en évidence les points importants de mon expérience professionnelle. Les conseils qu'elle m a apporté en la matière, m'a permis de mettre en avant mes atouts professionnels et de valoriser ainsi mon CV.
Mon CV a été mieux structuré et a eu un impact positif dans ma recherche d emploi. Elle m'a aidé a préparer mes entretiens, suivi et conseillé durant toute ma recherche. Son expérience et son professionnalisme m'ont grandement aidé. Après plusieurs entretiens, j ai pu finalement être embauché dans une agence de communication.

Financial Controller

I definitely recommend the services of Eloise. Her knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping my professional profile on track during my career progression. I feel confident in recommending Eloise’s services not only to young professionals but also to more mature professionals who want to progress in their careers. She is not only experienced on the job field but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss your concerns and respond to questions. 

A note of appreciation for the good service that I received.