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Lyon for AZ

P.O. Box 8405
Catalina AZ

She will be an awesome representative for us!

Colonel Lyon will be a voice of reason in our Phoenix centric legislature. She will hold the constituents of this LD near and dear to her heart and will represent them honestly and with passion. She has the values that protect women in society, rich or poor. She will fight for basic human rights and be a voice for the underprivileged. Colonel Lyon has demonstrated great leadership in her military career and she will not be bullied into positions that don't help the constituents of her District. I have met Hollace Lyon several times and she is most personable. She will be an awesome representative for us.

Truly Exceptional Candidate

It is rare to have the opportunity to support a truly exceptional candidate for the Arizona House seat.  Holly Lyon presents such an opportunity.  She is smart and honest and cares about the people in our district.

Stonewall Dems Endorse

Just wanted to make sure Holly knew that Stonewall Dems have endorsed her again this election. 

Wholehearted Support

I want to lend my wholehearted support to Hollace Lyon

Holly supports issues for all our family members

Holly supports issues for all our family members.  Our grandchildren in the AZ educational system with a pledge of quality education at all levels.  Their parents who need continued economic growth to protect and enhance their careers. As grandparents we support her emphasis on ethics in government and fiscal responsibility.  

She's the best candidate for our future!

We support Hollace for our new LD 11 rep because she is an outstanding candidate who is ready to serve our District by changing Arizona for the better. Her values are our values--supporting voter rights, investing in quality education, and protecting the environment. She's the best candidate for our future!

I trust Holly and want to see her representing us in the state legislature!

We need more good people like Holly to run for public office. Her ethics and integrity are sorely needed in the AZ state legislature. And her strength. Holly is so strong -- she'll stand up for what's best for the greater good against those who want to use public resources for their own personal gain. I trust Holly, and I want to see her representing all of us in the state legislature!

Lyon is Ready to Lead the Way to Change in AZ

endorse Hollace Lyon for the AZ House Legislative District 11 election.  We have found her to be a respected, experienced,
focused, principled, and consensus building leader in our community.  Her leadership, budgeting, and strategic planning
experience in her 26 years with the Air Force, prepared her well for consulting
on a border security and immigration project in AZ.  Her record is one of tackling tough issues,
building unity, and getting quality results, be it a neighborhood issue to one of
national security. Join us in supporting and electing Hollace Lyon to the AZ


and Anne Dossey


Outstanding Job!

Holly will do an outstanding job representing us in Phoenix .

Great integrity and grit!

We really need an LD11 representative that is truly representative of our area.  Holly is a fantastic person, knowledgeable, with great integrity and grit, who knows the constituents of this area.  She will be fair and inclusive. 

Patient and listens respectfully

I have known & observed Holly since her retirement from the U.S. Air Force as Colonel.  Unlike many retirees, myself included, who relish the time allowed for putting one's feet up and inhaling pleasure of free time, Holly found additional ways to serve.  I have watched her lead Democratic Club meetings with patience, respectful listening, humor and well researched information.  I have watched at gatherings to support her candidacy as she answers questions thoughtfully, knowledgeably and without being defensive.  Her criticism is without vitriol and she readily expresses appreciation for assistance and compromise.  To observe Holly is to see the possibility of hope as opposed to the the politics now subverting integrity & hope.

Strongly endorse Col. Lyon

I'm a member of a Gold Star family.  My brother was killed in Vietnam.  I strongly endorse Col. Lyon in her bid to make Arizona a better place for veterans, for women, and for families.

Exactly what Arizona needs

Were there an "In Search Of" want ad for State Representative with stated qualifications such as: honest, intuitive, incisive, listener, ability to compromise, well informed and a caring advocate for all, one would not need to look further than Hollace Lyon.  Holly is exactly what Arizona needs.

Outstanding Candidate!

Endorsing Holly Lyon is easy.  She is so knowledgeable and pragmatic about all issues.  I apreciate how she can explain both the issues and how to addres the problems so all of us can understand.  Holly is an outstanding candidate!

Councilman Says Yes

Holly Lyon is the most integral person that I know. She's caring considerate, compassionate, loyal, and the best candidate for the House in any District any where in Arizona. I look forward to calling her Representative.

A Voice for the People

Hollace Lyon is a voice for the people. As our Arizona Representative from LD11, Hollace will "work for change." She is an intelligent, creative and hardworking individual who will fight for Arizona's Education, Arizona's Economy, Arizona's Environment and Arizona's Ethics (the Four E's). She deserves your VOTE.  Hollace definitely has ours. 

Emeritus Professor of Radiology, Mayo Clinic

Hollace Lyon is a leader. She has the knowledge, character
and career experience to be an effective advocate for LD-11 in the Arizona
legislature. She will listen to all sides, and make decisions that give us the greatest value for our tax dollars. She recognizes the important investment we need to make in
education and infrastructure to train our work force, attract businesses and
grow our economy. She will be an advocate for the environment and effective
management of our natural resources for the benefit of future generations. 

Arizona needs Hollace Lyon!

We need an honest and transparent leader who works on behalf of her constituents.  Colonel Lyon has proven leadership skills that will enable her to reach out to representatives from across the state and across the aisle.  Colonel Lyon believes in investing in our future (think education and infrastructure), protecting and preserving our resources and protecting our liberties.  She has my vote.  Please join me.