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Bug Out / Survival Bag & Evasion

I attended the Bug Out Bag/Evasion Course Feb, 2018.
I have already implemented learning from the course. The course is worth every $.
Many of the skills taught will be priceless in an emergency situation. 
I will attend more courses for sure.

Bug Out/Survival Bag & Evasion

The "Bug Out/Survival Bag and Evasion Course" by Bishop 30 Solutions covers everything from what to pack, what not to pack, how to dress, how to sustain yourself (water/food), shelter, navigation, how to keep your gear dry while crossing water, and even making fire without using a lighter.
It was a great course. I learned a whole lot. I sure hope I never NEED these skills, but having them will be priceless if the time ever comes.
I cannot recommend it enough. It was informative and fun. If you take it, you will like it too!

Home Defense Course

My husband and I consider ourselves to be very proactive when it comes to self- and home defense. We own quite an array of firearms, and my husband worked in law enforcement for a brief period of time. We have frequently discussed a few “what if” scenarios, such as “What if someone breaks into the house while we’re asleep?” or “What do we do if we come home and find an unwelcome guest already in the house?” But we never really had a definitive plan for these scenarios.

 Noell Bishop’s Home Defense course was a very informative lesson for us both. The course covers a number of crucial situations and how to implement specific tactics in order to stay alive in the event of a home intruder. This is not just someone telling you, “Always keep your doors locked,” or “Keep the safety on until you’re ready to shoot.” It’s not about that. It is literally about implementing the necessary tactics to survive the worst day of your life. You’ll go over a spectrum of topics, including basic firearm safety practices (which we skipped over because we are both very well versed in that subject), choosing the appropriate holster for your specific purposes (concealment, quick access, etc.), and exactly what to do in the event of a home intruder. We learned how to properly negotiate certain “obstacles” in our home, such as corners, doorways, staircases, etc. This portion was especially informative for me, and it was eye-opening to see how poorly some of these tactics are demonstrated in movies and TV. It was also eye-opening when we realized just how many blind spots our home has, but you learn in this course how to make that work to your advantage in the event of a home intruder. We also learned how to disarm an armed intruder, as well as establishing proper distance for drawing a weapon on said intruder.

 We went over specific procedures for a few different scenarios. What if there’s a home intruder while we’re asleep? What if there’s a home intruder when we have children asleep in their beds? What if the children don’t wake up when they’re supposed to? What should your child do in the event of an attempted kidnapping? How do you handle the intruder when you see him? What if you have the intruder at gun point but don’t have a phone within reach to call for help? How do you handle yourself when law enforcement arrives? What if it’s just your drunken neighbor that accidentally stumbled into the wrong house? We now have plans in place to handle all of these scenarios.

What to expect:

This course takes place in your home, as the Bishops will give you guidance in developing a plan of action. It will be a few hours in length, but it’s only a few hours of your life, and it could mean the difference between being a victim and being in control over the situation. This is all very practical information that you will absolutely need to know in the event of a home intruder. This is not just “Call 9-1-1.”  The tactics you will learn in this course are practical application that will prepare you to keep yourself and your family alive in this situation, while remaining within the confines of the law.


I think if you are wanting to join special forces or even just the regular military mr.bishop would be a incredible person to go to if you wanted to know some more for when you go to boot camp

Home Defense

I work in Federal Law Enforcement, so I understand the concepts Bishop 30 Solutions teaches.  My family does not and when I try to tell them about these concepts they look at me as an overprotective husband and father.  Bishop 30 Solutions did an excellent job of helping my family understand the importance of home protection and having a plan when stuff goes bad.  It was also nice that they presented all of the information from a male and female perspective. Thank you Bishop 30 Solutions. 

Active Shooter & Bug Out Bag

     After taking the home defense class, I knew I wanted to learn more from Noell and Kelly. This past weekend I was able to take both their active shooter and bug-out bag class.

     Right off the bat, they told me that the active shooter class was designed more so for groups of people. This is mainly because they created several exercises/scenarios for multiple people aimed at learning how to approach an active shooter situation as a team and the various roles one can play within that team. Even though we didn't play out the scenarios, they still walked me through what each exercise entailed which was very helpful. Their lecture was also supplemented with videos for what to do and what not to do examples. Both Noell and Kelly are so good at breaking down these uncomfortable topics to help create an internal and intuitive set of guidelines anyone can practice and then instinctively follow if an active shooter situation presented itself. I'd recommend this class to anyone, regardless of experience level with training because of the approach Noell and Kelly take in their teaching style. They intend to make their students capable of teaching the material so that they can take control of a situation and teach others when needed. I'd especially recommend this class/invaluable info to businesses, schools or any group of people who regularly find themselves together. 
     I've been interested in being more prepared for any potential disaster for better protect my family over the past 4-5 years. Anyone interested in prepping has most likely heard of a bug-out bag as there is a wealth of information in books and on the internet about them. Being one of those people who thought I knew quite a bit about bug-out bags and having put several together myself already for various situations, I couldn't believe how much I learned in the bug-out bag class. Once again, Noell and Kelly do such a great job of breaking everything down and explaining the purpose for every item in a bag and it's function. They discuss and demonstrate the multiple functions of many common items and skills that can replace items that most think are essential. Furthermore, we then went outside to  practice those skills! Easily one of my favorite classes I've ever taken. They supplement this class with very useful handouts and personal suggestions that can apply to the either the person, skills and/or environment. True experts who are always tailoring their class to their audience to provide the best experience. I can't wait to take advantage of everything else Bishop 30 Solutions has to offer!

Kyle S. / Guam

The BEST training I never knew I needed!

Thanks to Bishop 30 Solutions for coming over and offering us a truly personal Home Defense Course. You took time to think of all the scenarios that we may encounter AND helped us put a Home Defense plan in place!!! Everyone needs this course! Additionally, I think we should take a refresher course every 6 months - a year!!

Thanks, Noell!

I am a college student in the States and I am of course paranoid about an active shooter situation occuring on my campus. I have taken other shooter courses before, but nothing so hands-on and in-depth as what Noell taught us. Most courses are boring, low budget videos that don't really show what it could be like in this kind of situation, followed by some Q&A and always the same ender: "don't worry, this probably will never happen." Noell said that too, but didn't want to take the chance that we would be unprepared just in case it were to ever happen. We did demonstrations with actual weapons, disarming techniques (with fake weapons), how to use the objects that could be found in a classroom as weapons against the shooter, and generally just how to stay safe. I now have the skills to protect myself and my campus in the event of an active shooter coming to my college and I feel confident that I would be okay, thanks to this training. Thanks, Noell!

Thank you!

Thank you so much to Bishop 30 Solutions for providing me and my wife with an extremely interesting, thorough and interactive home defense class. Having recently moved to Guam, I wanted to learn about what considerations I should be making to best protect our home. Being in the military and having an interest in preparedness, I had a little bit of a background in home and self defense but this was all brand new to my wife. Noell and Kelly went above and beyond to meet our unique needs, take time to answer all our questions and make us both feel very comfortable the entire time. Starting with safety and the basics, they both provided a foundation for the skills and scenarios we would be practicing later. My favorite part of the class was when they helped us develop plans to respond to threats and then had us act out and practice the plan numerous times. Taking it a step further, Noell then made several individualized plans for us in response to my wife's questions about what to do when I wasn't home or when we have children in the future. This was not part of the original agenda but they never hesitated to modify training in response to our questions and concerns. They both also did an excellent job of discussed their thought processes when developing defense plans so we could apply them to future homes or any environment we may find ourselves in when a threat presents. This class would be extremely beneficial to any family regardless of size, background, existing skill sets, or location/neighborhood. The lessons my wife and I learned in this class will be something we keep with us for the rest of our lives.

Home Defense

Thanks for coming to my home to conduct your Home Defense seminar. The information and presentation became immediately relevant in the home, and with the family, I'd be defending present. Your training left me with increased confidence in my abilities and much to practice. I Highly recommend this course to the family who wishes to take proactive charge in their own safety and defense. Thank you again. God Bless America.

Home Defense

My spouse and I took a 2-hour beginner Home Defense course with Noell earlier this year. We are new home owners with no children. We live in a college-town neighborhood that gets frequent non-violent home breakins, especially around the holidays. I'll be the first to say neither one of us are huge fans of guns and we don't currently own them. However, Noell really tailored the course for our needs and explained the basics of gun safety and strategies for best protecting our home and each other in the event of a break in or other safety crisis. Noell was professional, patient, and incredibly knowledgable. We were able to ask tons of questions, and I feel much more confident with about knowing what to do and how to do it if we should need to use these skills in the future. So glad Noell shared his expertise with us!

Home Defense

Bishop 30 Solutions taught me the correct way to defend not only my home but myself and my family. Before Noell went through his home defense course with my family I thought I had some knowledge on what to do if an intruder(s) were to invade my home. After learning the correct ways I feel 100% more confident. He taught us skills with weapons and self defense that made us all feel comfortable. If I ever move I will have him back to teach me the best way to defend my home (again and again) Bishop Solutions is incredible!

Never felt safer

Thank you for giving me the skills to protect my family in the event of an intrusion. You have made me feel more secure in my own home!

Home Defense

  I am a retired Air Force colonel.  While in the military I maintained my firearm proficiency, so that when I retired I was confident I could handle most any home intrusion situation. That is until talked to the owner and founder of Bishop30Solutions. He convinced me that just maybe I was not as prepared as I thought I was.  I signed up for their Home Defense course. Noell spent over four hours in my house teaching me what I needed to do to protect me and my family using the firearms I own. He tailored the course to my situation and taught me many ways to defeat any threat in my home. Nothing in or out of the military taught me skills and techniques that I learned in just four hours with Noell.  

     If you are concerned about home defense/intrusion I highly recommend the Bishop30Solutions Home Defense Course.


Single Mom of 3

I am a single mom of 3 kids and Noell Bishop taught me the basics of how to protect my kids and myself.  There are many things you think you know about when it comes to protecting yourselves if someone ever broke into your house and tried to harm you or your family.  I thought I had an idea, but I quickly learned during Noell’s Home Defense Course, that I didn’t have a clue.

However, Noell was able to show me techniques of how to quickly look around a wall or doorframe without making myself a target.  He also taught me, based on the lay-out of my house, how to quickly get to my kid’s bedrooms without putting myself in grave danger.  He also suggested the best place in each child’s room where they could safely hide, if necessary.  He even also taught me how to potentially disarm someone, if it ultimately came down to that being a last resort.

Noell showed me very simple things that I could do to better protect my kids and myself should someone break into our house.  With Noell’s knowledge of various tactics, his demonstrations of how to safely “clear” my house, and his endless patience with making me repeat actions over and over to ensure I fully understood and felt comfortable with the moves all made me feel more capable of being able to ultimately protect my home, my kids and myself. I would highly recommend that everyone participate in Noell’s Home Defense Course.  Believe me, you’ll be amazed at what he can teach you and you’ll be thankful for it afterwards!