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Bishop 30 Solutions

6585 Hwy 431 S, Suite E #215
Hampton Cove AL , 35763
(256) 513-2280

Plethora of Knowledge

Noell and Kelly are amazing instructors and I feel like I've learned so much from every class I've taken, Would highly recommend their classes!

Valuable life skills

Kelly and Noel are awesome!!! The training they provide builds confidence and also teaches you the do's and don'ts of firearm safety. I have taken 3 training classes and everyone of them was informative and fun. I have learned alot and look forward to taken another class. Thanks so much guys!!!! You provide a necessary and priceless service.

Very Helpful!

I wanted to take this class to feel more comfortable with the guns that are in the house. And I absolutely do now, because of this class!

Concealed Carry

OMH, I am so glad I took this course. I cannot quit talking about how much I learned about my rights and my responsibilities as a conceal carry permit holder. I feel more confident about being in a situation where I have to make a quick decision whether to use deadly force. I’ve never really given thought to the post shooting events but this course takes you through the entire process. Expert attorney Greg Hopkins provided great feedback after each shoot/no shoot scenarios. I would highly recommend this class. Knowledge is power. I would like to take another class utilizing the virtual training videos!

Top notch!

The instructors were very knowledgeable and gave good information. They take the time to make sure you understand the information and help you put it into practice on the range! They are encouraging and positive and walk you through everything. Great experience!

Very informative!

I took my 16 year old daughter to the self defense course. I have been looking for a course like this for several years as I have 2 daughters. I was, also, interested for myself as well. We really enjoyed it! Granted, I do not have the knowledge that Noel does, but it really helps for a teen to hear this valuable information from someone other than a parent and especially someone that is as qualified as he is. I highly recommend this course, especially for females of any age.

Handgun 101

I have HATED guns from the age of 7 on because I witnessed a precious family member be murdered. Now, 39 yrs later, I decided that it was time to put hatred aside and become familiar with guns. I am so grateful that I found this class! The instructor and his wife were professional, friendly and compassionate. I felt welcomed, safe and protected in this structured environment, which was the only way I was gonna pick up a weapon. I definitely recommend this class and any other that they offer to anyone! Thank You Mr and Mrs Bishop for seeing the bigger picture! You guys Rock!!

Handgun 101

Very friendly and patient. Very helpful teaching techniques.

Handgun 101

It was very informative! I didn't know how to properly give up the digits and now I do. The class definitely helped me feel more confident handling handguns.

handgun 101

Great class, very informative. I feel confident in loading, unloading, and firing my gun now. I look forward to continuing onto my next class.

Handgun 101

From someone who knows nothing about guns prior to this class, the instructors were very informative and made me feel very comfortable with the guns. I'm no longer scared to carry or use my handgun.

Handgun 101

Great class for beginners. Not overwhelming loved being able to shoot the various weapons and choose the best one for me.

Handgun 101

Loved it! Gained confidence and great information. Thank you!

Concealed Carry

Fantastic class. I learned not only a few strong points but weak points were identified, corrected, and practiced throughout the evening with a noticeable result at the end of the class. Taught several skills that I could work on and improve at home. Thank you so much looking forward to the next class

Advanced Pistol 1

This was the fourth training class I’ve taken with Bishop 30 Solutions. Noell, Kelly and his team of trainers are fantastic. This particular class established key foundational skills that will serve me well in many potential situations. As a female, it is typically not easy to feel comfortable in a gun class. That is NOT the case with Bishop 30 Solutions. Every class has been professionally and patiently conducted. I never felt intimidated or overwhelmed. I have a healthy respect for my gun now, but I am no longer afraid of it. I enjoy going to the range and continuing to hone my skills. I highly recommend Bishop 30 Solutions.

Handgun 101

Very friendly and competent instructions.

Handgun 101

Great course all hand gun owners must take this course. Very informative and hand-on.

Handgun 101

Appreciated the reason to select weapon given situation. Enjoyed it and practicing the shots.