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Bishop 30 Solutions

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CCW Virtual Training

Even though I have had a CCW permit for many years, the tragic and senseless shootings that have occurred in the recent past made me realize that 1) my chances of being involved in a defensive shooting episode had increased dramatically and 2) I really didn’t know jack about my legal liabilities and responsibilities if that happened. I decided to take the virtual CCW course to see if I could get answers to at least some of my questions. The class not only did that, but answered some I didn’t know I had and made me realize that I needed to know more. Carrying a gun is easy; knowing when and how to use it responsibly and legally is a whole different level. I would go so far as to say that, if you carry a gun to exercise your rights as a citizen of the United States and don’t get training on how to do so responsibly and conscientiously, you are giving the anti-gun people ammunition to shoot down those rights. This Virtual CCW class was toward gaining that knowledge. I have already signed up for their CCW Range course and will likely take others to continue my education as a gun owner and knowledgeable CCW carrier. Great job Noel, Kelly and Greg! Keep up the good work, please.

Sorry I Missed It!

I waited a long time for this and a few days before the event, something urgent came up and I was unable to go. I am so upset. I am out the $110.00, but I hope another opportunity comes along!

Stop the Bleed

Chris did a great job of bringing his EMT experience to the course and working with the various experience levels of the students. Many thanks and I look forward to sending my wife and 'tween' daughter to a future session.

Handgun 101 and Selection

I was so pleased with the Ladies Only 101 Handgun Selection course. Excellent instruction by all, both in the classroom and on the range. Noell and Kelly were very helpful, approachable and eager to answer my many questions. I hope to be back in class again soon!

Awesome experience

I have taken two classes with Bishop 30 solutions and highly recommend Noel and his Wife Kelly for any type of gun class. They are patient, knowledgeable, and ready to encourage and help with whatever level you may be with using a gun. Super excited for the next class.... Ms. Wick:)

On 20 Oct 2019, I took the Bishop30 "Concealed Carry Range" Course. I learned, and had the opportunity to actually execute on the range, many personal protection techniques I had not previously learned in the USMC (I should say here that I retired almost 35 years ago). For each technique the class first watched, the dry-fired, then live fired (twice) ourselves. I learned that just because I might have some background with firearms from previous experience, this didn't automatically qualify me to carry today with professional level capability. I very highly recommend Bishop30 Solutions to anyone looking to be more comfortable with their own personal protection capabilities.

Ladies Handgun 101

Learned so much during this class! Great staff and awesome range!

Fist time visit and impressions:

Very kind staff that puts you first looking foward to continuing to the next class

Stop the bleed

Excellent class, obviously not as fun as their firearms based training, however the class teaches an eminently more practical skill set. This was not the forst class I have taken from Bishop30 and it definitely won't be the last. As always very professional instruction using real world experiences. Not just someone "teaching a manual".

I just finished Concealed Carry Course, Fantastic..really enjoyed the class. Packed full of pertinent information on gun safety and legal do's and don'ts. Thank you Noell and Team for the hands on training and taking the time to make the course "Fun". I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

Conceal Carry Range Ladies - Awesome class!

Awesome class, Noell is so thorough and helps make you feel comfortable. He is very attentive to safety, which is especially good for someone like me who is extremely new to handling firearms. The way he teaches helps you understand and practice a little at a time, and as you add on each bit more, you are practicing the techniques and it becomes more and more comfortable and natural.  It's amazing how much material we covered and how comfortable I felt with it.  I definitely gained needed confidence in this class, and I look forward to attending more classes in the future.  It's obvious that Noell has a heart for civilian training and truly cares about his students and makes sure that we understand what he's teaching.

Ladies 101 Gun Safety

I took this class last week & it was so great! While it was lot of information, it was all very necessary & information that I needed, being a person that was brand new at all of this. Noel, Kelly, & the other trainers were extremely patient & spent tons of time helping us one on one. Plan to take more classes in the future!

I’d only fired a handgun (and rifle) one time with the help of my Marine brother before this class. I am by no means a marksman. I think my target speaks for the class. Thankful for what Bishop 30 Solutions teaches. This was a handgun 101 class. I feel so much more comfortable about buying my own pistol now. Thank you!

Ladies 101 gun safety

I took this class due to my severe fear of guns. Noell, Kelly and Jimmy were all very encouraging, and patient while we were in the range shooting. They talked me through my fear. I recommend Bishop 30 to anyone wanting to learn to shoot. They were so very thorough in the classroom. I will definitely refer frie ds to them and will take future classes.

I have been involved in multiple trainings with Bishop 30, both classroom instruction and live range instruction. The training is very applicable and useful, and is delivered professionally and sincerely. Noell and his staff will teach you a lot and are very helpful. They're procedures keep everyone safe at the range. The practice you get at the range with his class gives you way more than if you went to the range on your own. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time shooter, his classes will benefit you.

Highly recommended

Just in two classes, I’ve seen vast improvements in my skill and competency as a shooter. I’m always trying to better myself in this hobby I love. These two guys are amazingly talented and make these classes fun yet super informative. I’m definitely taking more classes love the atmosphere and the drills. You can’t beat it.

Excellant course offerings and superior training staff. The skills are fantastic and bring home the fact that the training is the beginning. It takes a lot of practice to establish sound muscle memory.

Fantastic training for someone with a busy schedule.

Noell and Jimmy are extremely knowledgable and professional. They tailor their instruction to your learning style and proficiency level. They both bring valuable insight from their real world experiences applying the techniques they teach. If you follow their instruction and practice the drills they show you, you will see leaps and bounds in your proficiency level. I will be taking more classes.