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Need To Know Home Inspections Ltd.

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Condo inspectionI'm so glad I booked Trina for my pre purchase condo inspection. She was highly recommended through my agent. Nothing but great things to say. Super informative, extremely thorough, and showed a real passion for what she does. It's clear she truely cares about her customers and their need to be fully informed about their real estate desision. She stayed around to answer every question I had and even went over all the strata minutes, as well as went out of her way do her homework on the area and building prior to coming. Highly recommend to anyone needing an inspection. Thanks Trina!

Home InspectionsSimply put, Trina is one of the best inspection I have ever seen! From the first moment you meet her, you can feel her pure enthusiasm to her profession. Each client that have used her services thoroughly enjoyed her professionalism and attention to details to provide the ultimate inspection. She cares about her clients and she is willing to to do the extra miles to attend to their needs. I highly recommend anyone to consider her for your home inspection. I promise that you own’t be disappointed and that you will recommend her to your circle of influence, friends and family

Highly Recommended!!!Trina came to me through a recommendation from my realtor, I was given a few companies to choose from but the moment I heard that the inspector was a woman I didn't hesitate for a moment. And I wasn't disappointed, it is very obvious from the moment I met Trina that she loves her job. Trina isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and what I really appreciated, she shared her knowledge and went into detail in plain language about what she was seeing throughout the inspection. The place I purchased was overloaded with furniture which made it difficult for Trina to do a full inspection in many of the rooms, so she offered to come back once I moved in to check the areas she couldn't get access to during the initial inspection just to be sure, and she stuck to her word! I moved in during the summer but once winter rolled around the heat stopped working, so when I reached out to Trina she immediately came over to look into the issue on her own time and at no extra cost! It's this kind of service that sets her apart from the others. Trina is extremely knowledgable and trustworthy. She is very thorough in her inspections, detailed in her review with her clients and is highly aware that even the small details matter! I will never use another inspector! Thank you Trina!

Trina did the pre-inspection for our house and she really went above and beyond! Not only did she arrive early to take a look around the property, she also stayed late because we had to wait to get into the rental suite - and all on her wedding anniversary, as it turned out! Trina was thorough and knowledgeable, patient and generous with her explanations, and very personable and professional. In fact, the sellers of the property were so impressed with what they overheard that one of them went outside in his socks to get her card. She highlighted areas of concern and answered all of our questions. In addition, she came for a follow-up visit after we had taken possession, and gave us a bunch more useful information-- quite helpful, given that we are first-time owners and given how much of a whirlwind the bidding process had been. We recommend Trina and Need To Know Home Inspections to anyone who needs their home inspected!  

We were first time condo buyers and decided to buy in an older building, which of course had us a bit nervous and we knew the inspection would be KEY in this big purchase. Trina was EXCELLENT. She was on time, very thorough and also very informative -she took the time to go over everything with us and answer our many questions. Loved that her follow up was all online - it made is so simple and easy to reference. I definitely recommend her to anyone - she is professional, caring and efficient! Thanks Trina!
Date Mar 16, 2015 ~ Katie Johannson from Vancouver ~ Vancouver ~ Responded Mar 17 2015

This is a letter I sent to Trina after working with her in the process of buying a house. Trina is a fantastic resource and was invaluable in our search. You realize very quickly she is working for you, and has your best interests at heart, which to be honest, is not always the case with home inspectors - Hi Trina, Both Sandy and I want to thank you for the OUTSTANDING job you've done for us in the past two months, pre-inspecting and inspecting homes. We were unbelievably impressed with your diligence, professionalism, thoroughness and objectivity. Your written report was excellent, and you definitely went above and beyond the call of duty, doing the followup! We both learned a lot from you during the inspections, and we have no hesitation giving you our highest recommendation. You were a real bright spot in our search for a home, and we will definitely use you again if we ever have need of a house inspection (as well as recommending you to any of our friends)! It was a pleasure working with you. Sandy is sending a check in the mail, and please feel free to use us as a reference with future clients if we can be of any assistance in that way... Thank you again, Dale

Trina was a great home inspector ! She was extremely thorough in checking every nook and cranny in the house but also able to zero in on the big important areas where an owner would neglect, such as the roof, the stucco siding, the attic/ crawl space, etc. She gave us a great walk around of the house and pointed out all the issues we needed to know. The inspection was over 4 hours and she worked very hard. We felt very confident about the report, which was very detailed. We highly recommend this company.

Had to remove subjects on home purchase and needed the house inspection done ASAP. My realtor recommend this company. They were very thorough and presented an excellent detailed report. Furthermore the follow up service was first rate. I would not hesitate to recommend them

Thank you Trina for your help with our recent home purchase. I appreciated your ability to explain things in terms I could understand.  You kept the safety of my family and my kids as a top priority and you let us know not only of potential issues with the home but also potential safety concerns for my kids. 

Your thorough evaluation of the first property saved us from purchasing a home with an on going water issue that would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars. Your very detailed report for that property gave us the confidence to walk away from a potentially bad investment.

We were so pleased with your thorough and detailed evaluation of the first property, that we entrusted you with our next potential purchase. You were able to let us know about all of the small issues and who to get to fix those. You also discovered a wall that had some moisture issues and because of that we were able to have that addressed by the seller. I also received a report recently letting us know that all of the appliances are recall free. Because of your thorough inspection, were able to purchase this property with confidence.

Thank you for all of your help and your attention to detail. I appreciate the time you took to, not only do the inspections, but also to walk us through explaining everything in laymen's terms.  You put together a very detailed report that I could understand complete with pictures.  You were confident, accurate, and thorough.

Thank you again for your attention to detail. We look forward to recommending you to our family and friends. 

As a woman purchasing a home, it was important that the inspector I dealt with could speak to me on terms I understood. Dealing with a woman home inspector made all the difference because i didn't feel intimidated to ask questions. Not only did she find items that strata would have to fix taking the worry away from us, she explained things in a way that made the purchasing decision easier. She's got a great smile too! Bonus points!!