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Need To Know Home Inspections Ltd.

3505 e 22nd ave
Vancouver BC , v5m2z5

As a woman purchasing a home, it was important that the inspector I dealt with could speak to me on terms I understood. Dealing with a woman home inspector made all the difference because i didn't feel intimidated to ask questions. Not only did she find items that strata would have to fix taking the worry away from us, she explained things in a way that made the purchasing decision easier. She's got a great smile too! Bonus points!!

Thank you Trina for your help with our recent home purchase. I appreciated your ability to explain things in terms I could understand.  You kept the safety of my family and my kids as a top priority and you let us know not only of potential issues with the home but also potential safety concerns for my kids. 

Your thorough evaluation of the first property saved us from purchasing a home with an on going water issue that would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars. Your very detailed report for that property gave us the confidence to walk away from a potentially bad investment.

We were so pleased with your thorough and detailed evaluation of the first property, that we entrusted you with our next potential purchase. You were able to let us know about all of the small issues and who to get to fix those. You also discovered a wall that had some moisture issues and because of that we were able to have that addressed by the seller. I also received a report recently letting us know that all of the appliances are recall free. Because of your thorough inspection, were able to purchase this property with confidence.

Thank you for all of your help and your attention to detail. I appreciate the time you took to, not only do the inspections, but also to walk us through explaining everything in laymen's terms.  You put together a very detailed report that I could understand complete with pictures.  You were confident, accurate, and thorough.

Thank you again for your attention to detail. We look forward to recommending you to our family and friends.