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GEOARM Security

1133 Old Okeechobee Rd.
West Palm Beach FL , 33401
United States

Much Applauds to the Geoarm Team

I just can't say enough thanks to the team at Geoarm for setting up my existing system over the phone. My system had a few troubled spots on it, that the previous company must have programmed incorrectly. This was not a problem for the guys at Geoarm and they cleared it all up. Much thanks for the help today.

Ralph is Awesome

Many thanks for the support team and specifically Ralph!


Setting up an appointment was easy and the call occurred on-time. Ralph walked me through everything I needed to do to change my monitoring configuration over to GEOARM.  Then we helped me again, a month or so later, when we converted my system from Landline monitoring to Cellular.  He even remotely diagnosed two programming issues while we were on the phone.


All my interactions have been zero stress and easy thus far.  



Superb Technical Help From Joe at GeoArm!

Joe spent about an hour on the phone with me checking my programming, adding a key fob, and thoroughly testing the Lynx Plus alarm system.  It's very comforting to know that by the end of the conversation everything was working well.


Thanks Joe, for your patience and expertise!

Cellular Alarm Monitoring Service Review

I have a Honeywell Vista 20p with a GSMV4G cellular module already. GEOARM was able to activate my system and provide me with tech support remotley over the phone what a wonderful service!


I have been use Geoarm security for a few years they are nice and respondable.

The Best Alarm Company!!!

I needed to switch my alarm monitoring on the same day. I was panicking as my current alarm company was closed with no warning & leaving me unprotected as of midnight tonight. Within 3 hours of my first call, they were able to accomodate me. Mind you that I'm overly paranoid, and a previous victim of a break in, who is confined to a wheelchair. It feels wonderful to be safe in my own home again. Thank you GEOARM alarm company and to both Gentleman that I spoke with in customer service & programming, you were both very patient.  Without you both I would not have slept nor left the house until next wednesday. You are both a god send.  I will be telling everyone about your company & how you both took care of me.  Thank you and have a wonderful day. . 

Great company with excellent customer service and great pricing

Best alarm company ever.  I myself am a former installer from years ago, and I installed my own system in my house.  After the switch to voice over ip the traditional telephone line monitoring was no longer sufficient.  I contacted Geoarm since they had the best pricing (only $15 a month) for cellular monitoring.  I was honestly skeptical of the price and thought there were going to be some kind of hidden fees (another company quoted about $180 in setup fees).  I ordered a Telguard TG1 express, they shipped it out immediately.  Unfortunately a neighbor of mine stole the package, but Geoarm helped me deal with the postal service, they even offered to ship out a new one no charge (postal service got it back in the end).  They offered me great customer service while dealing with the postal service, I was assured that one way or the other things would be taken care of.  So it took a bit of time to get started, but it wasn't Geoarm's fault in the least.  After installing the Telguard, they called me and had me set off my alarm a couple of times and then let me know I was ready to go.  The next day I accidentally set it off and they called very quickly, a lot faster than my old alarm company.  They only charged a $1 activation fee, and $15 for the month to get started.  Don't waste your money with the other guys like ADT and Brinks, Geoarm is the way to go.

Excellent so far

I needed a daily test timer to make sure my telephone was online, because I am away for half the year. With Geoarm it was no problem and they knew what I was talking about. I have had one alarm triggered and they called right away, so I am very please with them. Thanks Geoarm.

Highly recommended for business or home security.

GEOARM was very helpful in walking me through the setup and helping me install and program the security system over the phone. They have thoroughly exceeded my greatest of expectations."

Simply Outstanding Technical Support!

The tech support that I received at GEOARM Security was absolutely fantastic. I called around the competition prior to signing up, and found there expertise second to none.

The Future of Alarm Monitoring Has Arrived!

"Trustworthy with the least expensive alarm monitoring cost and no contract sold me on GEOARM."