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Very Thorough Job

Mike Pecunes did a fantastic & very thorough job inspecting a home that we are working towards purchasing. He was very knowledgeable and didn't mind climbing high or creeping in low spaces to see the overall condition of the home. He sent a very detailed report the same day in which he conducted the inspection. It listed all the repairs that were needed and helpful maintenance tips for the home. Thanks, Mike, for a job well done !!!! Debra & John

Derek Wowed Us!

Derek performed our inspection and we could not have been more impressed by his professionalism, enthusiasm and knowledge. Aside from an engaging, informative process, he made it truly enjoyable. Top-notch and exemplary in every way!

Thorough Job!

Very pleased with Alex and the inspection he performed on our new home. Alex arrived early, was kind and courteous and more than willing to explain and share his knowledge. We were thoroughly impressed with the drone capabilities for viewing our roof. Overall we walked away with a great feeling about Homechek and the inspection they completed. This is our 2nd time using Homecheck - very pleased!

Excellent service!

I will definitely be recommending HomeChek to anyone who needs an inspection. Our inspector, Tate, was incredibly friendly, patient, and thorough. When he completed the inspection, he walked us through the entire house. He didn't make us feel rushed. He explained everything. He even answered questions I didn't think to ask! Thank you!

Great job Matt!

Matt Hodges did a great job! He was very efficient, explained things so we would understand and made the whole home inspection experience enjoyable! We learned many things from him!

Professional Inspection

Derek was great! He took his time to walk me through every room in the house and pointed out all the locations of shut off valves, points of concern and possible fixes, and answered every question I asked. I would highly recommend this company and more specifically, Derek, as an inspector in your next home purchase.

Great Inspector and Professional - Thanks Derek!!!

Derek Nickol was a phenomenal inspector. He was very professional and most importantly was really knowledgeable. He walked us through every step of the room and explained in detail everything which he inspected in our new Hanover, PA (to be home). He made the inspection visit comfortable and cozy as if it was his home. Every question I asked he had an answer and I asked a lot...sorry Derek! I would highly recommend HomeCheck and you would be lucky if you got Derek assigned. This was a winner for sure!

Thorough and informative

Tate was fantastic. He did his thing and allowed me to ask questions which were answered well. He explained his findings and made a few recommendations for things to make our new home better. I feel very comfortable knowing what I know after Tate’s inspection and highly recommend Homechek to anyone looking to buy a house. The inspection gives you a peace of mind so that you are not blindsided by costly repairs....if there are any, Homechek will likely point these things out so you can plan accordingly. Thanks Tate!!!!


We had Tate come out from homechek to do a home inspection on our potential new home. Tate was thorough and professional went out of his way to explain things to me that I did not understand nor maybe would have questioned. I am a former home inspector in the state of MD and I was impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail. We would just like to thank homechek and Tate for better informing us on our potential purchase homechek is awesome thank you Tate

Awesome Job!

Homechek did a quick and thorough inspection revealing several items I would never have uncovered on my own. Highly recommended.


Quick, professional service- Highly recommend Homechek


Thorough is the only way I can describe my experience. Would highly recommend.

Matt Hodges, Professionalism Exemplified

Courteous, thorough, patient, informative, knowledgeable and a real down to earth guy. Matt is the guy you want next to you when all ---- breaks loose. I wish there was some program where he remains available to answer questions or even his professional suggestions as a new buyer becomes aquainted with their property. A true professional in a world of wannabees. Thanks Matt.

Inspector Matt Hodges

I am a first-time home buyer and I greatly appreciated Matt's explanations. He was very helpful and thorough. His inspection made me feel more prepared for the maintenance involved with home ownership. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise, Matt!


Tate was professional and thorough. Walked us through the whole property at the end and explained all items

Home Inspection

Derek was great he explained everything in great detail but in a way I'd understand. He also provided a ton of information and advice. Thank you so much for such great service!

AWESOME, recommend to everyone

Derek did our inspection very thorough, professional, explained everything that I ( a blonde..) understood, his detailed report was extremely fast and detailed, price was also great, had a great sense of humor and even though it was an inspection, I still consider it as a good time, thank you again, Derek, keep it up

Fine tooth comb

Tate was extremely professional and thorough. He explained everything in depth and made it easy to understand. He left no stone unturned. I will always use Homechek.