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The Hookah Lab Brickell

29 Southeast 6th Street
Miami Florida , 33131
United States

Let me start with I'm a hookah enthusiast, and when I hear there's a new hookah spot I won't mind driving just to give it a try. That place been popping on my Instagram page for couple of weeks and finally did the drive to brickell to give it a try. 

It's situated on the outside of the Friends Market Bistro. Only outdoor smoking for hookah. You can either park on the street or get valet parking. 

Customer Service. 
I was welcomed by the lengendary hookah maker Anton who ask me about my preference or more about what I like to smoke. I smelled some mix that I never imagine that could work but somehow did.    
During the whole session Anton was attentive and also gave us a little history about the whole hookah set. Most hookah place that I go to , I don't usually get small convo with the staff but this time I did and I enjoyed it. 

So first I went with Lime,melon, and watermelon. Hookah took probably 15 mins to make. Since it's also a restaurant I decided to order some bites.  SMOOTHEST hookah in miami award should definitely goes to them. First puff you could feel the flavors, the mixture was something else. Last puff you still felt the flavors. Very relaxing. My hookah session was just amazingly flavorful.  During that time, the charcoal was being replaced every 20-30mins. Hookah was a little pricey 40 dollars but for that all greatness it's worth it plus you get a free refill which you can always change flavors. 

Definitely I would recommend this place and I will be back soon.

That was a really amazing experience here! One of the most fabulous hookah I tried before, and I had its lot. Smooth cloudy plenty choice. I was so enthusiastic and excited here. I loving it. Definitely best hookah place in Miami. It's worth it for 100%

The hookah lab is the definition of PREMIUM hookah. Wow From the hookah to the hose to the tobacco. Very smooth and cloudy. Love it!!

I came to Friends market for a quick meal found out they now have this kind popup hookah bar serving hookahs. I’m a big fan of shisha and couldn’t resist ordering my favorite gummy bears from Fumari. They had a big variety of shisha to choose from. Hookah guy replaced charcoals several times so my hookah was smooth and thick all the time. Loved the place!

This hookah bar located in the most beautiful area of Miami - Brickell. They are associated with Friends cafe, so if you want food or drinks you should order from the cafe and the hookah is made by the Hookah Lab people. There is no music outside, but I needed some piece after work so It was a perfect setup for me to just sit and relax. The hookah guy was very helpful and introduced me to all the new flavors they had. My hookah was ready in around 10 minutes. A glass of wine cost me $7 and hookah was $40. Nothing fancy in this place, but their hookah worth the money. Perhaps I would visit Hookah Lab again.

Absolutely lovely! I’m a great fan of hookah and it’s really hard to find a decent one in Miami. Luckily, we’ve discovered that cute spot! Hookah was delicious and flavorful, also long lasting! Friendly staff was making sure we felt completely satisfied and comfortable all the way. I highly recommend that spot to all hookah lovers!

This Hookah experience was awesome. The hookahs are very modern and clean, which I can’t say about others places. Their staff was cool and nice. Yeah, there are no flavors for tobacco on the menu, but I just told them what I want and they made it even better then I was expecting. Yeah, you have to wait for hookah some time, but it’s like everywhere, if Hookah was made fast - what kind of Hookah is that?! For sure I would recommend this place, it’s so hard to find GOOD Hookahs in Miami... So this is my favorite now.

This hookah bar is located in great area of Miami with lots of attractions and shops. If you didnt have a chance to have food, they are partnered with Friends Market & Bistro so you can order a great meal. They equipment they use is not just ordinary hookahs. They made of crystal glass and wood. They have plenty of shishas flavors to choose from. My hookah was very smooth and lasted for almost hour and a half. My hookah master Anton told me the whole story on how hookah smoking has evolutioned though the years. I suggest everyone to check this hookah spot out.

Coolest hookah bar in the city of Miami. Their shisha flavors have a great variety. I went with the Serbetli Summertime mixed with something minty and was amazed by how smooth my hookah was. I wish I could rate them higher than just 5 stars!

I have been to hookah bar in wyndwood a week ago and tonight I accidently came across another hookah place on Brickell Miami that belongs to the same owner. I could not refuse myself to heal my peace of mind again. In general it was the highest up quality product and my hookah was lasting about two hours keeping the taste and cloudness all the time. Ten I see guys it was worth a shot!!!

My girlfriend and discovered the Hookah Lab looking for a nice hookah bar in Miami, and this place was perfect! Friendly staff, intimate patio atmosphere. Excellent prices and quality hookah. Our coals were replaced frequently which has been an issue with other places that have hookah.

One of the most satisfying hookah bars I have ever been to. The hookahs here are always smooth and hookah lasts longer than everywhere else in Miami. Not sure if that's good or bad but they don't have music. But as hookah allowed outside only, I always enjoy the white noise of nighttime Brickell.

So I just moved to the Brickell area and I came across this great spot behind the City Center. Friends Market Place. Chillin with some of the best hookah and an amazing view of the city! Grabbed a bottle of bubblies and enjoyed the vibe! I’ll be back for sure!! Check out how unique this hookah is

I was looking for a good hookah for a while. I was amazed by the quality of it . Since I moved to Florida this is the first time I've had such great experience.

I noticed that The Hookah Lab had a second location that was closer to where I live so this past weekend some friends and I stopped by to check out the atmosphere. This pop up is located in a great area with plenty of space and attraction. Located across from the Brickell City Center mall, this location makes it more convenient to walk over after shopping or exiting from the metro mover near by. If you didn't get a chance to eat, it's partnered with the local cafe "Friends" - where you can grab big or small bites, drinks, and even listen to live music. On a sunny day they have big umbrella to keep you covered & there was a consistent breeze throughout the day. Our server Andrei was super nice & well knowledgeable about selecting a flavor that right for you. They have plenty of different flavors for you to choose from and they allow you to mix whatever your tastebuds are craving. I also noticed the equipment used wasn't just your ordinary hookah. Real wood shaft with a thick glass base allowing your shisha to offer true flavor with each pull without flavor being absorbed and blended from others prior to you. Our Shisha lasted about 2 hours as Andrei came around often to switch out the coal. He mentioned that the coal was a natural coconut blend adding additional taste and a smooth smoke throughout. So...if you need a place to go with "Friends"....I highly suggest the Hookah Lab.

The widest variety of shisha and the friendliest staff. Every time I come here, I get the exceptional customer service and always new flavors of hookah to try. The hookah guy Andrei is remarkably educated about his craft. I believe it's the only spot in Brickell nowadays to get a proper hookah.