The best MD I have been to in 60 years. 23 Aug 2016

The best MD I have been to in 60 years, the real deal in finding nutrition and diet and medical help on an individual basis. Much better than the mass produced one size fits all treatment that passes for medical treatment often these days.

Doctor actually listened 23 Aug 2016

Doctor actually listened to me instead of passing me along to another doctor. I've seen 5 doctors for my health issues and Dr. Hohenwarter took care of the majority of my iproblems in one visit. I feel like a new person now.

Great doctor and staff! 23 Aug 2016

Dr Hohenwarter is smart and very knowledgeable. His Assistant Shannon is fabulous and great to work with! Very sweet. I highly recommend this office to anyone!

A really special Doctor. 23 Aug 2016

A really special Doctor.  I use him to maximize health but I know he treats a lot of sick people too. Yes, he sells supplements but I dare you to find them cheaper.  Gets you to look at things in ways you would not otherwise.  Doesn't take my insurance but I don't even care; it's worth it.

Testimonial #15 04 May 2016

Dr.H spent a lot of time with me, and answered all my questions.  I appreciated it!

No more inhalers! 20 Apr 2016

I am 54 years old and was diagnosed with asthma a year and a half ago. I was prescibed high doses of prednisone and oral steroid inhalers. Much to my dismay these dugs never really took the persistent coughing away. My first appointment with Dr. Adrian was February 19, 2016. To my abslute delightment my asthma is gone! I attribute the recovery to the supplements and dietary changes that Dr. Adian suggested.  

supliments 20 Feb 2016
Best supliments and prices I've been able to find. I am very sure I no longer have to try and figure out what supliments are better than others only to find out I wasn't really getting the highest quality products let alone the best prices. Through Dr. Adrian I know I'm getting the highest quality

Osteoperosis improvement 16 Nov 2015

I started working with Dr. Adrian in February of 2011. I had severe Osteoperosis with a t-score of -4.0. Other Doctors wanted me to give myself an injection of some horrific medicine every day. I began using Bio-identical hormones and a regime of supplements at the direction of Dr. Adrian and today I no longer have Osteoperosis! My t-score is -2.2 which is in the moderate Osteopenia range. I am extremely happy with my results and very grateful that I found Dr. Adrian. 

Alternative for Psoriasis & Cholesterol 02 Nov 2015

I came to Dr H for my psoriasis. I cojuldn't take conventional meds - they didn't help. I started with Lecithin and Turmeric. Since starting that - I alsmost fell over at my results. My cholesterol was back to normal - all of it! My psoriasis is completely under control. I have no joint pain what so ever. I am 79 years old and thrilled with this! 

first time patient 29 Oct 2015

Had Vitamin C IV therapy and was very pleased with the ease and simplicity of the treatment. Dr. Adrian's office is very welcoming and the IV room had lazyboy chair that reclined that made my experience that much more pleasureable and easy. I would def recommend anyone looking for IV Therapy to consider Dr. Adrian Hohenwarter.