A really special Doctor. 23 Aug 2016

A really special Doctor.  I use him to maximize health but I know he treats a lot of sick people too. Yes, he sells supplements but I dare you to find them cheaper.  Gets you to look at things in ways you would not otherwise.  Doesn't take my insurance but I don't even care; it's worth it.

Testimonial #15 04 May 2016

Dr.H spent a lot of time with me, and answered all my questions.  I appreciated it!

No more inhalers! 20 Apr 2016

I am 54 years old and was diagnosed with asthma a year and a half ago. I was prescibed high doses of prednisone and oral steroid inhalers. Much to my dismay these dugs never really took the persistent coughing away. My first appointment with Dr. Adrian was February 19, 2016. To my abslute delightment my asthma is gone! I attribute the recovery to the supplements and dietary changes that Dr. Adian suggested.  

supliments 20 Feb 2016
Best supliments and prices I've been able to find. I am very sure I no longer have to try and figure out what supliments are better than others only to find out I wasn't really getting the highest quality products let alone the best prices. Through Dr. Adrian I know I'm getting the highest quality

Osteoperosis improvement 16 Nov 2015

I started working with Dr. Adrian in February of 2011. I had severe Osteoperosis with a t-score of -4.0. Other Doctors wanted me to give myself an injection of some horrific medicine every day. I began using Bio-identical hormones and a regime of supplements at the direction of Dr. Adrian and today I no longer have Osteoperosis! My t-score is -2.2 which is in the moderate Osteopenia range. I am extremely happy with my results and very grateful that I found Dr. Adrian. 

Alternative for Psoriasis & Cholesterol 02 Nov 2015

I came to Dr H for my psoriasis. I cojuldn't take conventional meds - they didn't help. I started with Lecithin and Turmeric. Since starting that - I alsmost fell over at my results. My cholesterol was back to normal - all of it! My psoriasis is completely under control. I have no joint pain what so ever. I am 79 years old and thrilled with this! 

first time patient 29 Oct 2015

Had Vitamin C IV therapy and was very pleased with the ease and simplicity of the treatment. Dr. Adrian's office is very welcoming and the IV room had lazyboy chair that reclined that made my experience that much more pleasureable and easy. I would def recommend anyone looking for IV Therapy to consider Dr. Adrian Hohenwarter.

Special doctor, and coming from a doctor! 21 Oct 2015

Adrian is a special doctor. Being a physician myself, I know the importance of maximizing health as the key to long term well-being. My health issues are minor, and Dr H is the best person, in my opinion, to keep them that way!  He is a huge difference maker.

Benefits of Alternative Therapies & Parkinson's Disease 08 Oct 2015

I am a 61 yr old female diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD) in 2005, symptoms started in 2001.  I am doing remarkably well with the disease, maybe due to its unilateral nature, being active physically and mentally, and the alternative treatments I receive from Dr. Adrian Hohenwarter!   

I met Dr. Adrian in 2009.  I was very depressed because medical doctors gave me no hope.  Dr. Adrian and I sat down and he came up with a plan to help improve my quality of life!  He even gave me a list of supplements to replace depleted nutrients in my brain.  

I have always been active,  but after his treatments I had more energy and I was full of life again!  I didn't know, back then, if this was the right thing to do, but I had faith in Dr. Adrian.  Now eight years later, it is very hard to tell that I even had Parkinson's disease!   My Parkinson's symptoms are noticeably reduced after the IV treatments of Chelation and Glutathione!  I feel the Chelation I've received has cleared the metals from my brain, a result of working in a chemical plant for many years!   My eyesight is almost 20/20, after wearing glasses since I was ten years old. Now,  I don't even need to wear glasses!  I believe this to be the result of Chelation therapy received over a period of eight years.

 Just two weeks ago I was evaluated by a research scientist at a major clinic in PA.   She said some patients loose their sense of smell within a few years of being diagnosed.  She was very amazed I still had mine!   She said I didn't even look like I had PD and it was remarkable how my bowels and kidneys still work so good!  I told her about the alternative medicine that I am getting and how the Glutathione and Chelation have improved and stabilized my Parkinson's disease!  She was so amazed that the disease hadn't progressed in all those years!  She said she has never seen a patient progress so slowly.

The Glutathione has many benefits for PD patients!  Since PD patients don't produce the adequate amount of Glutathione, this is the closest thing to it!    

I want to tell you how normal my life has become thanks to him!  He really has changed my quality of life!  I play competitive tennis, have an at-home-based sewing business, and work at two school districts.  All of these things keep me very balanced and I have few side effects from unwanted medicines.  I'm not advocating the removal of medication because every PD patient is different.   Of course, I still take Dopamine!

I hope I've helped you see you can have life after Parkinson's thru alternative medicines and keeping active!  

Chelation Therapy Success Story 18 Aug 2015

Several years ago my mother's blood pressure was extremely high.  Other doctors had her on seven different medications for heart and blood pressure.  None of the medications were bringing her any relief.  Dr. Adrian started her on chelation therapy.  She had 20 treatments.  Somewhere around her 9th or 10th treatment her blood pressure began to come down.  My husband charted it as it came down to normal.  She got off of all the medications and lived three years longer passing away from a different health problem.