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Howling Hill Kennels LLC

11347 Eskridges Lane
Catlett VA , 20119

My boys! Nacho and Bruno

They are healthy and happy 😃 they are family! Love Howling Hill Kennels!


Winston! Big name for such a little guy!

Most ethical breeder

As we embark a second purchase from Alvin and Emma, my daughter and I had the opportunity to spend the day socializing with all the pups. It provided a first hand glimpse of how deeply they care about each and every puppy. I’m in awe of the time and care they provide. Truly a hands on and family atmosphere in which they provide to each family and of course the puppies. They are extremely cognizant in screening families for their beloved pups. If you’re looking for a “Puppy Mill,” you need to find another kennel. They take note of those who purchase to ensure their beloved puppies are going to a sound, safe and loving home. Howling Kennel is both outstanding, accommodating to all future owners. Simply lovely people to work with! Hence the reason puppies are purchased so quickly! Thank you so much for all you do.


Our 2nd baby Boston- we love him! He has already gone potty outside 2xs! Playing & very social. They were super nice at Howling! Thank u!❤️

Sofie Belle

This sweet precious little girl has brought so much joy and laughter back into our lives! Sofie came home with us on July 26. We love her so much. Each day brings a new adventure. She gobbles her food, hates her leash, chews everything in sight yo include daddy’s slippers! I’m so glad we found Emma and Alvin. They were great to work with and so kind to let us visit! As soon as we fully retire we’ll be back for another pug! Thank you!


I just wanted to send you a few pictures of PJ (Princess Jasmine), the sole female puppy from the February 23rd Booty and Gunner litter. She is such a sweetheart! She loves everyone and wants to be friends with every dog we meet. PJ knows sit and stay, and we’re working very hard on heel (she likes to lead the walks). I could not be more blessed to wake up to her cuddles every day. Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy!!
Laura Kelly

Stellar Breeder

Our beautiful Charlotte! If you are considering bringing a new addition to your family—Howling Kennel is stellar. The effort Emma and Alvin put into breeding is extremely extensive. We’ve used other breeders in the past however, we would never consider another. Currently adding a new addition to our family. Yes, there is a wait list, but I strongly urge one to hang tight... Clearly, there is a wait list for a reason! Highly respected breeders and strong ethics. We adore you both and thank you for our beautiful girl! In closing, this is a stellar breeder. Lynne and Nicholas Griffin


(add on from HHK that Lynn emailed us. I think everyone should be able to chuckle with the Griffins) ...

Just a note; and forgive me for rambling—but she oddly swims, goes into the beach with a life jacket and rides a little surf board when we’re at our beach house. She’s been videotaped by on lookers who just laugh hysterically! I should start a blog or YouTube on her! Our lab and her best buddy is getting old and starting to show his age.  I fear she won’t do well if anything happens to him as she needs a companion for sure.


We just love our beloved Charlotte! Ready for a new friend for her!

Good morning! We are so thankful for our beloved Charlotte! Amazing character, stunning Pug and ready for a sibling! You were just amazing to work with during a difficult time after loosing our senior Pug. Would never dream of using another breeder.

Leo Riley Gotcha Day

July 20th is Leo's 5th anniversary Gotcha day. He's a great boy! THANKS!

Captain Rex

Hello. Just wanted to share another photo of the Captain. He’s a total joy and a wonderful friend. Thank you so much.

Della Mae

This is our Della Mae Crim we got her September 9,2015 we love her so mych

So Much Love!

We brought Joey home 09/10/2016. We will be celebrating his 2nd birthday 7/16. Thank you Howling Hills for your kindness during the buying process. Joey has brought so much joy to my daughter and I. We may come back for a black one!


Hi Emma,

We are in love with our Boston “Charlie”. He was from the litter of Cola and Dipstick last year 2017. Charlie and I have done 18 classes of obedience training and we earned the “Canine Good Citizenship” from the AKC. Part of the training was to take him to pet friendly stores for socialization. I’ve  met so many wonderful people because of Charlie. I have highly recommended Howling Hills Kennel to people who have stopped us, loved on Charlie, and asked where he was purchased. Charlie has brought so much laughter into our home. He is my constant companion! We would love to have a playmate for Charlie. Please put us on the list for another Boston. We would like a puppy with mostly black markings. It doesn’t matter female or male. We understand it will be next year for a puppy.

Sincerely,  the Nelsons

Absolute joy

Hi Alvin and Emma— Just wanted to update you on “Stinger Male #2.”  He is absolutely a joy. He easily transitioned into our house. We had been forewarned that Pugs are hard to housebreak— he has had his moments but 9 times out of 10 he makes it outside. At 13 weeks he was already heading to the door when he had to go out. Most importantly he is just a sweet puppy. We couldn’t be more happy to add him into our family. You do great work!
Thank you,The Willens


This is Judah at about 9 weeks--one week after we got him from Howling Hill.  He is now just about 3 months old and doing great!  We love him so much.  He has a middle name now--Maccabee!  Such a big name for a little pug.  This is our second pug from Emma and Alvin and we are overjoyed to have such beautiful, healthy dogs.  

Black Pug

We love our pug Winston. Great place to get your puppy from. Everything was smooth and easy. He was worth the wait.


We got our beloved Mojo back in November of 2015 from Howling Hills and we love him to death!


Alvin and Emma-Thank you so much for our sweet Roxie! She is lovable, sweet, spunky and full of energy. Everything all rolled into one adorable pug. We couldn’t ask for more. You guys are amazing!