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Howling Hill Kennels LLC

11347 Eskridges Lane
Catlett VA , 20119

Winston and Hunter

Hey guys, Happy New Year! I hope are well! Do you have any appointments available for Sunday afternoon, for a visit to look at the males, from Gunner’s litter? We are the proud owners of Winston & Hunter, who both came from you. Looking forward to hearing back.


Hi Emma, Just wanted to check in and let you know Hazel is doing beautifully. She's settling in nicely, had her vet check today and looks wonderful. I'm attaching some pictures so you can see how she's doing. Hope her sisters have been picked up and are doing well in their forever homes.


Our Banjo turned 4 today. We love him as a family member. Thanks Howling Hill Kennels.


We got our Sofie on July 26, 2018. She has been a absolute joy and so funny! I couldn’t have ask for a better friend!


Hello from Diesel. He's doing great, and thank you for our little love. Would love to maybe add a playmate for him one day. He is adjusting great. Wanted all to know that our vet even remarked on what a great pug he is. Thank you again!

Ketchikan Jack is finally in Alaska

Here are some fun photos.  He's seems to be doing great.  Shivered at first. :) He took a lot of photos in Washington Dulles and SEATAC with his adoring fans according to Holly. LOL Thank you both again for bringing such joy to our lives, and a very Merry and blessed Christmas to you!


hope you guys r doing new pup geisha is so adorable.I am thinking if getting another in the spring or before the school yr ends.I want a play mate for I'll be contacting u soon.merry Christmas to u and your hubby.susan


Good Morning, Our family got a little guy from you Sept 2017, from Lucky and Bandits June 23, 2017 litter. He is such a joy and a cuddler and we love him so much that we decided we would like another:) Is it possible to get another puppy from the next litter from Lucky and Bandit? I know they recently had one and it will be awhile before they have another. I'm attaching a couple pics of our little guy, Xander. Thanks So Much and I hope you have a blessed holiday season! ~Meghan~


We love Banner so much! He is so handsome, friendly and full of energy. We will definitely be looking to add another Boston from Howling Hill to our family in the future.


I am interested in being added to the wait list for a Boston Terrier female. My daughter and I purchased a Boston Terrier puppy from you about 5.5 years ago and he has been the light of our lives. We are looking forward to doing business with you again. This is Yoda and we couldn’t love him any more if we tried. He is one of Bozo’s puppies.


Good Morning! We just wanted to let you know how much we love Dickens! He's SUCH a good little boy! We have him on a schedule so his day is predictable for him. He, knock on wood, is sleeping from 10 pm til 6:30 am without tinkling in his crate at night. He is using pee pee pads in the kitchen is is learning that is the spot to go. We have not let our puggle and Dickens play together yet as the first time we tried it, Bella pounced on him and he yelped. She is getting more used to having him in her world and out vet assures us they'll be fine as soon as Dickens gets a bit bigger. Speaking of our vet, she adores Dickens and gave him a clean bill of health and said he was a fine example of a little pug. She was most appreciative of your shot and worming records. She tested a stool sample and he has no worms or other critters in there! He has a tiny eye drainage, so our vet put him on eye drops twice a day til it clears up. He is a JOY, and we are so happy that he's OURS!! Thanks for taking such good care of him for us! Warmest regards, Candy 


He is getting big! Looks great & we spoil the heck out of him! Great boy!!🤗 He’s finntheboston1 on Instagram The Shreves

Bark Starr

Bark Starr is giving us so much love. He is adjusted quickly to his new home. About 12 weeks in this picture. He is cuddly, smart-- goes to the front door and sits when he has to go potty. He has always slept through the night! Greg and I are so grateful for the care Emma and Alvin give to raising these precious puppies.

My boys! Nacho and Bruno

They are healthy and happy 😃 they are family! Love Howling Hill Kennels!


Winston! Big name for such a little guy!

Most ethical breeder

As we embark a second purchase from Alvin and Emma, my daughter and I had the opportunity to spend the day socializing with all the pups. It provided a first hand glimpse of how deeply they care about each and every puppy. I’m in awe of the time and care they provide. Truly a hands on and family atmosphere in which they provide to each family and of course the puppies. They are extremely cognizant in screening families for their beloved pups. If you’re looking for a “Puppy Mill,” you need to find another kennel. They take note of those who purchase to ensure their beloved puppies are going to a sound, safe and loving home. Howling Kennel is both outstanding, accommodating to all future owners. Simply lovely people to work with! Hence the reason puppies are purchased so quickly! Thank you so much for all you do.


Our 2nd baby Boston- we love him! He has already gone potty outside 2xs! Playing & very social. They were super nice at Howling! Thank u!❤️

Sofie Belle

This sweet precious little girl has brought so much joy and laughter back into our lives! Sofie came home with us on July 26. We love her so much. Each day brings a new adventure. She gobbles her food, hates her leash, chews everything in sight yo include daddy’s slippers! I’m so glad we found Emma and Alvin. They were great to work with and so kind to let us visit! As soon as we fully retire we’ll be back for another pug! Thank you!