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Adhocratic HR

4202 North EMS Blvd, #180-1
Greenfield IN , 46140

Director of Operations Mactac North America

"Jess is a consummate HR professional who truly cares for the people she works with and understands what it means to partner with a business leadership team. She played a pivotal hands-on role in organizing our team and helping us get a handle on our biggest issue: turnover, reducing it from over 50% to single digits using a creative and thoughtful approach to do so. Any organization dealing with HR and related challenges could benefit from Jess' knowledge and expertise to develop a plan for success."

President, Optimized Results

"Jess is an incredibly conscientious, diligent, and knowledgeable HR professional. Her integrity, compassion, and loyalty are beyond compare. Jess mixes her strategic mind with a strong ethos and plenty of heart to create a winning combination. Any organization would be lucky to have her taking care of their HR business and more."

Vice President, G4S Secure Solutions

"I had the pleasure of working with Jess during her time at G4S Secure Solutions. Jess quickly displayed her high level of professionalism, work ethic, and superior knowledge of all matters relating to human resources."

CEO, JM Designs

"Jess was instrumental in bringing me to Comlux to build a world-class design department. She managed an onboarding and employee enrollment process that was superior to any other company I have worked with. She always handled issues professionally and with the best interest of all parties involved."

Chief Operating Officer, ALC

"Jess learned our business very quickly and worked frequent 12+ hour days setting up our HR Department while simultaneously auditing our records and ensuring we were in compliance. Additionally, she would take time to listen to both the employees and the leadership equitably and make recommendations that were clear and effective. I could not imagine recommending a stronger HR resource than Jess for your business needs."

Vice President of Operations at Volunteers of America

"Jess was the HR Director when I needed her the most. I am absolutely positive without her advice and direction, her knowledge and experience, I would not be in the upper management position I am today. If you need someone who can take your employees to a higher level, I absolutely recommend Jess."

Financial Planner

"I am happy to endorse Jess. We have worked together over the past six years managing workplace health care. Jess is diligent in following the government regulated laws pertaining to DOT guidelines, OSHA recordkeeping, workers compensation cases and managing recordables. 

Jess is very ambitious and well-organized. She grew the HR department while more than doubling the size of the company's employment count."

I highly recommend Jess as she would be an asset to any company seeking a highly skilled, knowledgeable and confident HR leader."