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Kernersville North Carolina , 27284
United States

Testimonial #7

I really enjoy the platinum series therapy i like the fact that there are no harsh chemicals in it i was shocked at how well my acne started to disappear/also makes my beard grow fuller and has a killer smell i would highly suggest with anyone out there that cant find a great acne product.

Hairstylist / Barber Stylist

I'm usually very hesitant to use new products because my skin is so sensitive. I have tried everything there is and nothing has worked. I decided to try the Cryptotherapy cream and it was amazing!! I had a bad allergic reaction to latex gloves and within 24hrs the cream healed it and was almost gone! It took away the redness/swelling/itching. I also used it on my face (I have very oily skin) and it felt so much smother and healthier the next morning. I highly recommend this product!!

Barber Stylist

This product is amazing!!! its versatile, smells good and is truly effective i had dry skin and bumps all over my neck and i applied this stuff and BOOM in two days it all cleared up so as i always say when i look better i feel better and you contributed to a part of my happiness so this is my way of saying THANK YOU! I've happliy subscribed to this fine product and recommend this to anyone who want quality and most importantly results. Once again thanks!!!!

Barber Stylist Great Product!

Hair& skin therapy is such a great product ! It is literally a miracle worker for the skin ! Me as a barber accept this product because it’s not just a product it is a cure for the skin. I would get bald fades and i would get bumps from irritation and i would apply the hair and skin on there and it soothes the irritation and takes down the bumps. It’s truly great !

Director Operator

Great Product, Great Staff 

Customer Service Rep. Fedex Kinkos

I purchased H&S Platinum Series Therapy and it has stop my dandruff and made hair beautiful and soft. I use the product everyday! H&S really produces superior product!