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Figgins Dental Hygiene Care

1460 Hammond Street
Bangor Maine , 04401
United States

Personalized dental care

Aleshia really takes the time to listen to her patient's needs and explain everything that she is doing and why. There are no rush jobs here! You are the focus - you even get to choose the music that you listen to! She is patient and thorough and does everything possible to make you as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Her prices are incredibly competitive (if not cheaper than all other options) and she provides the best dental service and cleaning in the area. I'll never go anywhere else!


Aleshia is calm, patient, thorough, and sensitive to any sign of increased anxiety.  She has worked slowly and calmly to dispel my 40+ year history of phobia and anxiety of dental work, while providing constant support and encouragement.  When I needed an additional procedure, she ensured that she referred me to a provider who would also meet my needs.  She treats me as a person, not just a patient.  I trust her.